Thursday, 15 September 2011

Indulge Yourself with Hannah's Decadent Delights

If you are online today, and live in Durban, KZN or, in the UK - please go to the following Facebook fan page and 'LIKE' it.


I have known Hannah Sampson Edy for over a decade, she is an incredible person - a loving wife and mother to three gorgeous children - and she still finds time to create stunning sewn designs, and bakes up a storm! She is a creative all-rounder and plays classical piano as well, hearing her sing is a real treat :o)

Her baked and sewn creations display her 'all round' talent - her work is described as 'classy' and after viewing her: cakes, tarts, cheesecakes, brownies,baby buntings, cushions, sleep-time doudou's and even her fantastic design: a blanket that clips onto the front of your pram (so that your baby can sleep peacefully and/or not get sunburned/wind blown) and doesn't blow away! No more pinning and tucking blankets that flap all over the place! - I am seriously impressed!

Hannah does hold Open Days for her Indulgent Delights range and if you 'like' the page you can find out when the next open day will be.

If you have a look through the Fan page's Photo Albums, you will see an array of scrumptious goodies that are made-to-order. Her prices are fair considering what you get... Wouldn't mind sinking my teeth into a gorgeous White Chocolate Brownie right now... Nyom!

Let's support our local artists!

Sandy Bigara

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