Sunday, 4 September 2011

Hairy Memoires

It is Sunday evening in South Africa, I have no Chocolate or Cappuccino and I’m taking a “break” from Motherhood and Wifedom for a minute.
I was just sitting here reminiscing back in time… thinking of all the weird and wonderful hairdo’s that I have had. And it hit me – as a human race we sure do know how to make ourselves look dumb@$$.

Across race and age we are walking around with the weirdest hairdo’s…and thinking we look HAWT. Heck, there are so many photos of bad hairdos on Google – somebody is posting these pictures and either ROTFLTAO* or thinking… “I am one HOTFOX baybay yeah…”

Well, I decided to post a few of the funnier ones that I saw – prepare thyself. If you don’t at least snigger then you are a cold hearted fool. Just kidding. They are silly though.

Looking at this and other black and white photos, I realised that since the dawn of time, people have been making hair style booboo’s. Check this one out… Nice necklace though.

"Is the pearl detail a bit much? D'you think? Are you sure?"
Firstly, I think that the celebrities are partly to blame… or their stylists. Either way, it’s all funny as hell! I remember being a little girl and seeing my Mother with hair exactly like this and thinking "Whoa, Mom is so pretty!" - Some may argue that this is niceer than the modern look (sleek, layered, coloured)

"Wish I'd used more volumizing spray..."

Some big hair is ART. I get it – but it still looks awesomely cool and wickedly funny!

I have no words (-.-)
My best are the 80’s photos, I can just imagine the process of getting ready to go out every day… they say men are Metrosexual NOW? Imagine hugging your 80’s Mullet-man and smelling hairspray… mmm.

"Make sure you get the light bouncing, nay, shimmying off of my curls"
Remember I mentioned Celebritites?...  Imagine sitting behind this at the movies?

"Oh sorry. You cant see the movie screen?? Well the Get the __ out."
Ok. We all know that white men can’t jump. Dance. Sing well, or belong to hiphop Gangs (unless you are Italian, and Mafia inclined, in which case you are the BEST at being Gansgta – we wont argue with you, or do you any favours) Now, this guy challenged that norm and well…proved my point. Yo Yo Afro. He must've had fun though!

"Say You. Say Me. Say it together. Naturally."
I have no comment for this next picture. All I know is, he's "available and looking".

"I can make yau'lls world spin. Give a bruther'a chance."
I apologise in advance and, for the record, I feel really dirty just looking at this.

"I love you here...and I love you there..."

You see, we like to think that the bad hair days are behind us, that the 80's caged and contained the badness of our wild and untamed hair. But, most of the awful hairdo's online are current. Eish. Nay man.

Have you ever had a REALLY bad hairdo? (I know I sure have!) Well then, tell me about it.... 

Sandy Bigara

*Roll On The Floor Laughing Their Asses Off

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  1. That yo yo afro man! Wow wee that is really funny!!!


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