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Frankie Beagle: Stunning South African Talent

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Stage Name
I asked Frankie where she found the inspiration for her stage name; the answer was quite simple… Frankie used to perform under her maiden name: Frances Charlton, but found that she was leaning more towards an edgier name for herself. The answer was right under her nose… her nick name is “Frankie” and her married surname is “Beagle”… Voila! Frankie Beagle. Gorgeous!

Home Turf
Frankie and her supportive husband Jordan hail from Gauteng or, Jozi as she lovingly calls it. \

1. What topic do you find crops up again and again in your song writing?
Celebrating the delighfully humourous imperfection in ourselves, love and humanity. Oh, stars also come up a lot…

Favourite Performance Venue
In Jozi – Shepstone Gardens and The Bioscope are Frankie’s fave’s as for Durban, she has played at Splashy Fen and loved it!

Give Thanks
I asked Frankie about people who have encouraged her and motivated her, supported and uplifted her – she answered instantly:

Jennifer Fergusson - “I am a HUGE fan, she is favourite SA artist” Jennifer and Frankie did a gig together at the beginning of the year and Frankie really loved the experience.

Shotgun Tori – for being so incredibly supportive.

Song Writing Groups/Clubs/Classes - in Jozi, for the influences and motivation of the song writing community.

2. Who is the love of your life? And how did you meet?...
Jordan, he lured me into what would be my first photographic darkroom at 19 and taught me how to...print :o)

Style / Influences
Folk, RnB are her musical influences.
Artists who have inspired her are: Nina Simone, Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor, Ane Brun.
Her music is also influenced by Art Movies.

This is noticeable when listening to her album “The Sound” her lyrics and musical direction are superb, artistic and tasteful. Just stunning.

3. If you could go on a wild crazy adventure, what would you do? And where would it all take place...?
Travelling up Africa and playing music in the most unexpected or rural places with a troup of songwriter friends… Or selling everything and doing volunteer work around the world.

I asked Frankie what her most embarrassing moment was on stage… after a good laugh she remembered a time when she forgot her lyrics mid-song and swore in front of the crowd!

She also added “But that was along time ago!”

The Voice of an Angel
Contact Us
0823265831 or 0835606996

4. What instrument would you love to learn to play? And why?...

Piano. My mother was an outstanding pianist and teacher she tried to teach me but I was stubborn & lacked discipline & focus. Stupidly, I thought guitar would be easier.  Guitar is the perfect traveller's instrument but piano is such a widely expressive & old instrument that has been woven into almost all music we hear, making it so accessible to the heart's ear. Maybe I will still learn.
Ultimate Goal
Touring overseas. Building an overseas fan base and getting into festivals in South Africa and Abroad.

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  1. I love Frankie's music. Her lyrics speak to me on a deep level, I hope she continues to write and play... and more than anything I wish for her to tour in America!!


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