Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Exhausted Rambling Hyper-Links

Trying to recover from zero hours sleep - a teething Toddler and Virus filled coughing kid: just reading links on friends walls and thought I'd share some of the links with you.

I apologise in advance for the ugly looking hyper-links! I'm doing this from my phone and I'm exhausted. I have a music student coming over in an hour for rehearsals (We are providing Sound and Entertainment for Reach for a Dream tomorrow) and I have an unplugged acoustic gig on Saturday that I have to prep for!! Not to mention the three live children's shows happening Thursday morning as well...

They're random, and rambling. Enjoy.

1: Typhoon Death Toll - Sad that there are even more deaths and destruction!
[ ]

2: Radiation Deterioration Discovery - Reading this article, I realised one thing. I am not a scientist.
[ ]

3: Fire Halted By Son Coming Home For Lunch - Reading the article I realised that I know the family very well!
[ ]

4: World Cup Rugby - I have zero interest in Sport and personally felt that the 2010 Fifa World Cup Soccer was a farce, let's hope that SA does us proud this year as well.
[ ]

5: Braaiday - (Rebecca Black "Friday" Parody) »Barbeque«
[ ]

Have a great day

Sandy Bigara
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