Thursday, 8 September 2011

Catherine Krog Murder: Wear PINK

The basis of this blog is doing the rounds via social networking - let's take it a 'peaceful' step further:

Catherine Krog was murdered this morning by her ex, in front of Bella, Catherine's 2.5 year old daughter.

The ex then killed himself.

This tragedy has left a little girl without her Mummy and has robbed the world of a COURAGEOUS angel.

The justice system let Catherine and Bella down. Wear PINK tomorrow if you to are fed up with being let down by our SA Justice System.

We can make a difference. we need to do it together.

RIP Catherine

Now here's the 'further' part:

Post a Picture of yourself wearing PINK or even better of you and your colleagues etc tomorrow, whether it is on your bbm Profile, Linkdin, Netlog, Who'swho, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter - let's clog the 'net with PINK for Cat!

Sandy Bigara

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