Thursday, 8 September 2011

Breaking News: Catherine Krog Murdered By Clinton Walley: Thursday Sep 8th

I am so shocked and saddened. I have cried for over an hour - so completely appalled and angry that this has happened. Our Judicial system is flawed beyond measure and this act of horror is just a drop in the ocean of wrongdoing. Rapists walk free, killers are given bail, even convicted paedophiles walk the shopping aisles in complete anonymity.

Catherine Krog has overcome so much to give her little girl Bella a good start - she has run a successful company, provided motherly love, comfort and a solid fun filled life for her little girl.

This morning her ex Clinton Walley shot her dead, and then shot himself fatally: leaving their daughter without parents. It is not clear whether little Bella witnessed the shooting or was unaware of the tragedy.

The following is a good article about the time when Clinton kidnapped Bella. Catherine won over the hearts of the nation's mother's with her pleas for help - we all rejoiced with her when she was reunited with her baby girl after 11 days of worry:
[ ]

Images of Catherine Krog alive and well, how we will remember her:
[ ]

Catherine wrote on her Facebook wall this week "My only fear is that I won't be remembered as being courageous..." Well, Cath, you were one of the toughest, strongest, most stubbornly courageous ladies I've ever met. We will remember you that way.

Sandy Bigara
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  1. She was an inspiration. I am heartbroken for her daughter.

  2. No links to the actual story? Sounds like linkbait to me.

  3. Hi there I dont usually reply to comments but - please show some respect.

    I have a witness on the scene and have only sourced my information from reliable sources - Private investigators and personal friends of Catherine and myself.

    I have noticed recently that local papers dont seem to get their facts straight (for instance this past month when a friend of mine was knocked over fatally the reported didnt even get the street name right)

    I decided to post this article because Catherine was an incredible person. She inspired us daily with her "vooma" and hope. I am shattered. I have already received "thank you's" from friends of Catherin because the article is "tasteful" and "moving" - Cath deserves respect and love right now.

    This comment section for this article is for added info, condolences and synpathy - not bitchy hashtags.

    I will post any additional info here as i get it, as well. AND it will come from a RELIABLE source.


    Sandy Bigara

  4. LATEST INFO: Isabella did witness the shooting and is now with a neighbour in protective custody. Not sure who will take her at this stage. Catherine's boyfriend put her into Kindlewood Estate so that she would be safe from Clinton. he jumped the wall and shot her in front of Isabella and then shot himself. He tried to shoot Catherine before but the case is still pending. It was all about custody.

  5. The above comment has been verified. The source wishes to remain anonymous.

    Sandy Bigara

  6. Hi Sandy,

    5 years ago, this same thing happened to my cousin. Her and her daughter came out of a shopping mall in JHB and her ex was waiting for them in the parking lot. He shot the child, her and then himself.

    I just don't understand the system, and it's the same in England. So sad. What a waste.

  7. Death is nothing at all. It does not count.
    I have only slipped away into the next room.
    Nothing has happened.
    Everything remains exactly as it was. I am I, and you are you, and the old life that we lived so fondly together is untouched, unchanged. Whatever we were to each other, that we are still.
    Call me by my old name, speak to me in the easy way which you always used. Put no difference into your tone. Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow.
    Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes we enjoyed together. Play, smile, think of me. Pray for me.
    Let my name be the household word that it always was. Let my name be spoken without effort, without the ghost of a shadow upon it.
    Life means all that it ever meant. It is the same as it ever was. There is absolutely unbroken continuity.
    What is this death but a negligible accident?
    Why should I be out of your mind because I am out of your sight?
    I am but waiting for you, for an interval somewhere very near, just around the corner.
    All is well.
    Nothing is past, nothing is lost.
    One brief moment and all will be as it was before, only better; infinitely happier and forever."

    Henry Scott Holland

  8. Can you confirm that Clint is dead, some reports say he's in ICU?

  9. Sleeping With Angels, Living With God

    Always Loved And Never Forgotten

    Resting in Peace and Joy for all Eternity

    At rest in the arms of god

    There is no way to peace, peace is the way

    Peace is the deliberate adjustment of my life to the will of God

    Her heart was pure and filled with joy

    She passed through glory's morning gate and walked in paradise

    You shall live in the hearts of those who loved you and will thus never die or be forgotten
    specially dedicated to Catherine Krog

  10. Catherine you were a very brave and strong women! Courageous you were! You everything on with a fight and I take my hat off to you!

    We never met but yet on facebook I would always read what you and Bella were up to, how you were working hard, going to gym and putting up with your own Mother taking sides with the Clint.

    Sadly I deleted you as a friend by mistake as I loved keeping up with you and your pictures... its too late now but I will never forget you, I WILL remember you as a COURAGEOUS woman!

    May you rest in peace as you now fly high with the angels, may little Bella find someone just as special as you to look after her. I pray that she will know that you will forever be looking over her, walking by her side and be her guardian angel.

    Be at peace my facebook friend, you will never be forgotten for your bravery.

    Lots of Love
    Shelley Swart

  11. Clint Wally is dead.

  12. Well he deserves whats waiting for him! As for dear Catherine may your soul rest in Peace! May Bella grow up to be as strong & loving as your mother!

  13. Catherine may you rest in peace.

    Clint I hope you rot in hell!!!!!!

  14. So so very sad!! may you rest in peace Cath! you where just amazingly strong and faced life so bravely.... may god be with your little Bella x

  15. Can someone please tell me how he found out where she was living?? It was supposed to be top secret.Can someone please tell me how he found out where she was living?? It was supposed to be top secret.

  16. This is so sad! My heart bleeds for Bella.
    Rest in peace Cathy!

    Clinton Wally is burning in hell as we speak! I am torn apart by this. *crying*

  17. @Henry Scott Holland.....that is beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. Well said and so true in many cases not only this one.
    Thank you

  18. I befriended Catherine on facebook during the search for little Bella. They have been through so much the last year with this bastard and once again our judicial system has failed women and children. he should not have been out on bail he was a threat to society....RIP Catherine and your memory of being a wonderful mother will continue to grow in your daughter

  19. Catherine was a awesome and strong person and a devoted mother. She will be remembered always. Bella your mom will be flying with the angels and watching over you forever. Be strong Bella, you have many people behind you.

  20. Catherine, I never knew u yet I cry 2day for ur child as only a mother could! Rip and may God always be with ur child!!!

  21. My heart is filled with sadness for Catherines family. How does one explain to a child when she ask for her mommy, it is a heart breaking situation. May God give strength to the family.

  22. According to the granny, Catherines mom both parents were irresponsible and "idiots". I am not saying by any means that this poor woman deserved to die but both parents have played a role in this terrible drama neither considering the child. The mother at one time admitted to drug dealing. I hope that this granny does get custody and that this little girl can at least live a normal life. The whole thing is very sad.

  23. i knew cath, and she was an amazing person, a loving mother and only wanted the best for her child, people make mistakes and you cannot judge her on the drug thing, how many mistakes have you made, point is you never had it splashed all over the front page. Cath was making things right, people seem to forget that Clint, planned this and never toook into consideration that he would do this on front of bella, how selfish he was. The Gran has her part in this drama and it's not good. She paid bail for the Chop and look what that got Cath!!! so before you tear apart the one person who was trying to protect her child get your facts straight. Cath, is still so loved by so many of us, can we not let her rest now. She can't defend herself anymore.RIP Cath.

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  25. I too hope that she had a relationship with Christ. Maybe she turned her life around and is really flying with the angels, but if not then it's a terribly sad affair even to contemplate.

  26. By all accounts she was a vindictive woman and she has reaped what she has sown. Whilst the poor guys sitting in jail she steals his furniture and that among many other things proves that she had an evil heart. All she wanted to do was to discredit him. She did a lot of wrong to that man and drove him to the brink of insanity and she paid for it with her life.

  27. After talking with the people who have been involved from a legal standpoint, there were so many altercations between Clint and Cath - so many. Both of them were unfair to the other - the outcome was too awful for words... in a perfect world, Clint would have received proper councelling and Cat would have allowed visitation. It is still a very heartbreaking and terrible situation.

  28. I am the product of a mother who tried to spite my father by using her witchy ways into getting sole custody. Today I hate her for how she manipulated my father who died at an early age from a broken heart. She denied me the one thing I desperatly fathers love. Did she think that she could fill all the nooks and crannies of my heart with just her love?? No she soon found a boyfriend and I was pushed aside. She got all the money she wanted from my father but still refused to let him see me. People who knew him said he carried my photo in his right hand pocket next to his heart. It was all he had of me. Bella might well have led a life like me had this not have happened.....empty and sad just like my father. Women like Cathy and all the others ought to be held accountable for stealing the love of the childs father. I have no sympathy for her, only little Bella.

  29. There are two sides to every story, in one newspaper clipping, Clints own mother knew there was something wrong with him. His first wife fled the country with Clints first daughter, she was abused by clint. Clints mother even said that she wished Cathy did the same thing. If your child would be subjected to any kind of abuse would you not do anything to protect them.

    You do not know what happens behind closed doors. I know divorced parents who have shared custody, and the child is abused...

    So who's right????

    Yes in some cases women can be vindictive and cruel to keep their children from the fathers. And to them i have no sympathy and im sorry for your loss!!!!

    But who are you to judge Cathy!!

    Yes in some cases

  30. So terrible and sad. It's Christmas time. I checked my contacts to wish them well in this season of goodwill. Cat was missing. Life has been so busy and I'd not kept in touch. Didn't Facebook for a bit. Thought life was carrying on as normal for the 'Krogenator'as Cat joked about her fitness training.

    Now just found out. Didn't even see her FB tribute page.

    She was such a free spirit and fun-loving person. So driven to succeed in her new life with her daughter Isobella, who she adored completely. In life she burned so brightly. She was inspirational.

    It's so wrong her life was cut short; she was cruelly stolen from her family, the people who loved her. Words are not enough to express my heartfelt sympathy and condolences.

    A message to Cat. Cat you once jokingly said: "if friends were noses, I'd pick you!" It's the other way around. Everyone chose you as a friend because you were so kind, open and genuine to all you met. Thank you for being my friend.

    My thoughts are with you, your daughter and family and friends this Christmas and each day on. Never forgotten, always loved. xxx


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