Friday, 30 September 2011

eBooks and Paperbacks: It's Book Launch Month!

My Novel, Thorngate is now available as an ebook, either from lulu or from myself personally.

Click on the following links:
eBook - (epub)

Paperback Novel -

I have made some changes to the book's blog, and added more photo's to the photo gallery :o)

The invitations are rolling out and the emailed/hand delivered/posted envelopes mean only one thing: it's all actually happening!!

I hope that all of YOU are following your dreams - NEVER give up.

Sandy Bigara

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Microsoft Sam Makes a Move...

Hope this is readable! Too funny :o)

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Racial Hatred and Feeling Homeless

My heart aches at the anger, racism and hatred that is so firmly directed at the white minority in South Africa.

This blanket of anger and resentment has settled over the youth and young adults like a disease. If only that anger could become determination - to study hard and finish school. To work hard, and smart. To work towards an economically viable and trusted (investors) receptacle for International funding... But no. It's easier to hate the white man. To stare me down whenever I am in your presence, to see the blank rage there. Directed at me. Because I am white.

Standing in my own suburb, waiting for a soft-serve with my giggling little girl (3.5yrs) who swings joyfully on the silver balustrade, and asks the tall african gentleman,
"Hello there! Why have you got a cheetah's tail on your head?"
To which he simply clicks his tongue at her innocence, and looks away, leaving her heart sore and confused - instead of sharing his fascinating inheritance with her. Standing in my own suburb, their suburb too. Waiting in line for my small order, I am stared at, hard. Unblinking stares directed at me, at us. When I smile or acknowledge the connection the look intensifies and I am afraid. I am afraid, 3 kilometres from my home.

Xenophobia, Genocide, Race Hatred, Misconceptions, Ignorance. These are the enemy.
"Robbing from the rich to give to the poor"
It won't work. It can't work. Because then everyone will be poor.
"Give a man a fish... He will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish... and he will have food for life."

I understand that it is hard - there are so so so so many poor Black South Africans. So many. But even if every White, Indian, Coloured or Asian South African handed over the total sum of their wealth and left... There would *still* not be enough to go around. And who would share it? The minute wealth is in anybody's hands: corruption sets in. You know it's true.

What South Africa needs is:
--Lower salaries for people in power - their annual earnings could sponsor the school fees of many, many government school learners. (R600 a year per child)
--A fully funded independent task team to expose corruption at *every* level of government, at within the Medical and Educational sectors (ghost teachers, medical aid fraud)
--Free education at government schools.
--Free basic health care - Clinics/Government Hospitals.
--Job creation - within airports, easily acquired tenders, malls, smme's, larger companies.

These are just some of the things that could be done to raise the standard of living across the board. This new africanised romanticised "Robinhood hand-me-down" mentality is dangerous.
The masses are not being looked after.
The elderly are not being cared for.
Widows and orphans are not being sheltered.
People are not working - or even trying to get work.
They feel hopeless.
They are misled by Politicians or Media to have hope in the fanciful pipe-dream of shared wealth and land...

There are simply too many people. Too many people without a Matric. Too many people dreaming of a better life (via ancyl's vision of economic anarchy and hinted-at multicultural genocide) and, too many people *not* seeing a way to get out of the situation. It is very bleak indeed.

But, we are a very young Democracy. We have proven to the world that we can work as a team, that we can raise the standard. I just hope that we have the tenacity to stick it out for a while longer - give the next generation of 1994 babies a chance to raise the bar. We are flogging a young horse, expecting to ride a trained racehorse before we have even put a saddle on it for the first time.

I have taught for many years, my past students now range in age from 15 to 25 years old. I am friends with them on Facebook and see them growing, voicing opinions and preparing for life. I see hope in *them* they are focussed and hard-working. They are mixed race, mixed gender and mixed religion... And they are the future. I just hope that they are strong enough to pull families from poverty, create jobs, stifle this latent rage and motivate for positive change in South Africa. Or else we are all doomed.

I am just tired of being afraid, being made to apologise for the skin on my back. Being made to feel hopeless, sad, not welcome. Surely this is *my* country too? It's not. Apparently. Even though I am a third and fifth generation South African.

There is nowhere on earth that I can call home, and I am not welcome here, anymore.

Sandy Bigara

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

ELEnin - Should we be afraid?

The following link is very interesting,
I caution people to not believe every hyped-up Youtube video on the subject.

Watch the web for global Volcano eruptions, Earthquakes, Typhoons, Cyclones, Tsunamis and other anomalies like Mass animal deaths.

I don't know if this is the beginning of the end, but I do know that it is a time for introspection and loving one another.

Think about what is truly important to you.

Here is the link:

Sandy Bigara

The Photo is taken from:

Recipe: Chicken & Date Pan, On Jacket Potato

Double-Click on the Picture to see the comments :)

Chicken & Date Pan, On Jacket Potato
A splash of Olive Oil
2x Chicken breasts - roughly diced
1x Medium sized onion chopped finely
1/2 Chicken stock cube
1x Carrot - cubed into half cms
1x 5cm of English cucumber cut into half cm cubes
3 Dates pitted and chopped
Half tub of fresh cream (add more if needed)
1 Tbspoon of Royco's Chicken a la king cooking powder.
3 x Medium sized jacket potatoes washed.
1. Add onion, olive oil and chicken breast to the pan, fry up until chicken is tender and onion is soft. Add chicken stock cube and mix to break it up.

2. Add carrot, cucumber and date mix - stir up on a high heat until vegetables look done (stir fry style).

3. Lower the heat and add fresh cream, add a tablespoon of Royco's Chicken a la king (it makes the cream thicken and gives the sauce a great buttery flavour)
Royco's website:

4. Allow it to simmer for a few minutes, stirring constantly, then lower the heat until time to serve.

5. Place clean potatoes (jacket potatoes - in their skins) into a microwave safe dish, fill it 1cm with water, prick the potatoes and cook on high for 4 minutes. Turn over and check the softness, cook for another 4 minutes on high.

6. Remove the potatoes from the microwave safe dish, break them open (stack them, slice them or even mash them) and sprinkle a little cheese onto them, spoon the hot chicken mixture on top, garnish and serve.
This was a firm hit with my family - even the little kids ate all of their supper!

Hope you enjoy it!

Sandy Bigara

Monday, 19 September 2011

Update: First Motivational Talk

Don't forget to check out:

And email:

...For YOUR own copy of my Novel: Thorngate. Do it before ELEnin arrives ;o) hee hee!

I have posted photo's in the Photo Gallery section of the book's blog. There's a cute one of my little daughter with the first book copies there as well - so cute!

Good News! Half of our book launch has been paid for by a generous fan! Now to organise it all beautifully!

I am giving my first motivational talk, and book reading, at a high school tomorrow, hopefully the students will purchase the book!

Have a great day,

Sandy Bigara

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Mothers And Daughters UK

I have spotted a wonderful find... One of my favourite people on the PLANET has turned her incredible mind towards something fabulous, fashionable and new!

The lady in question? - Cristine Dyer. An awesomely talented lady with 'itchy fingers' for creating something beautiful!

Cristine has a great eye for detail and has a knack for making her home/s look tasteful and chic. Her list of available products is growing and she will 'make to order' as well. I just wish that I lived closer!
The following is taken from the blog:

"I began this business due to "itchy fingers" and looking for a way to start supporting my family more. Currently, a stay-at-home mom to two beautiful children, I wanted to create something that would be accessible to both mothers and their daughters. I find myself often online, shopping for my children and my husband and rarely including something for myself. Mothers and Daughters creates an opportunity for you to shop for your daughters/babies and then pick up something for yourself. Or for you to pick up a "can't go wrong" gift for your mother/grandmother/aunt/friend.
If you would like to place an order, please use the Contact Me page or alternatively search for me on Facebook. Items will be available on eBay by 19 September 2011.
I am constantly sourcing items and playing with new ideas, so please bookmark this page and come back regularly to see what is new!
There will be a lovely range of Christmas items arriving at the end of October!!!
Please allow max 2 days for dispatch.
All prices are excluding postage.
Please note, due to UK Health and Safety, I am currently waiting for the Cosmetic Safety Assessment Package, which allows me to legally manufacture and sell bath bombs, melts and lip balms within the EU. I will then be joining the Guild of Craft Soap and Toiletry Makers. Both of these, ensure you that you are buying from a legal seller within the United Kingdom. - Cristine Dyer"


Cristine's contact details are on the Mothers & Daughters blog:
Please go to the Facebook Fan Page link (above) and click 'like' - Beautiful gorgeous things for all of us!

The blog site's address is:
- (pc/mac)

I hope that you find something lovely to buy if you are in the UK :o)

Have a great day,

Sandy Bigara

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Indulge Yourself with Hannah's Decadent Delights

If you are online today, and live in Durban, KZN or, in the UK - please go to the following Facebook fan page and 'LIKE' it.


I have known Hannah Sampson Edy for over a decade, she is an incredible person - a loving wife and mother to three gorgeous children - and she still finds time to create stunning sewn designs, and bakes up a storm! She is a creative all-rounder and plays classical piano as well, hearing her sing is a real treat :o)

Her baked and sewn creations display her 'all round' talent - her work is described as 'classy' and after viewing her: cakes, tarts, cheesecakes, brownies,baby buntings, cushions, sleep-time doudou's and even her fantastic design: a blanket that clips onto the front of your pram (so that your baby can sleep peacefully and/or not get sunburned/wind blown) and doesn't blow away! No more pinning and tucking blankets that flap all over the place! - I am seriously impressed!

Hannah does hold Open Days for her Indulgent Delights range and if you 'like' the page you can find out when the next open day will be.

If you have a look through the Fan page's Photo Albums, you will see an array of scrumptious goodies that are made-to-order. Her prices are fair considering what you get... Wouldn't mind sinking my teeth into a gorgeous White Chocolate Brownie right now... Nyom!

Let's support our local artists!

Sandy Bigara

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

This Is For You

You know who you are, this is for you.

It is only when you're at your lowest, that you realise who is truly behind you. Treat your loved ones with care, be respectful, honest and upright in your dealings with others.

Don't let another squash you, don't let anyone rain on your parade, we're all made with purpose so shine on regardless.

Those who try to still your flame: burn on.

Those who pull you back, clip your wings: fly on.

You are a survivor, living with intent. You know who you are - you're reading this and thinking: yes!

You know that you are not living up to your full potential, but the prospect of actually 'making it' is terrifying: GO FOR IT.

I hope that you succeed.

Sandy Bigara

Monday, 12 September 2011

Frankie Beagle: Stunning South African Talent

Join Frankie's Fan Page on Facebook!
Frankie Beagle Fan Page
Stage Name
I asked Frankie where she found the inspiration for her stage name; the answer was quite simple… Frankie used to perform under her maiden name: Frances Charlton, but found that she was leaning more towards an edgier name for herself. The answer was right under her nose… her nick name is “Frankie” and her married surname is “Beagle”… Voila! Frankie Beagle. Gorgeous!

Home Turf
Frankie and her supportive husband Jordan hail from Gauteng or, Jozi as she lovingly calls it. \

1. What topic do you find crops up again and again in your song writing?
Celebrating the delighfully humourous imperfection in ourselves, love and humanity. Oh, stars also come up a lot…

Favourite Performance Venue
In Jozi – Shepstone Gardens and The Bioscope are Frankie’s fave’s as for Durban, she has played at Splashy Fen and loved it!

Give Thanks
I asked Frankie about people who have encouraged her and motivated her, supported and uplifted her – she answered instantly:

Jennifer Fergusson - “I am a HUGE fan, she is favourite SA artist” Jennifer and Frankie did a gig together at the beginning of the year and Frankie really loved the experience.

Shotgun Tori – for being so incredibly supportive.

Song Writing Groups/Clubs/Classes - in Jozi, for the influences and motivation of the song writing community.

2. Who is the love of your life? And how did you meet?...
Jordan, he lured me into what would be my first photographic darkroom at 19 and taught me how to...print :o)

Style / Influences
Folk, RnB are her musical influences.
Artists who have inspired her are: Nina Simone, Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor, Ane Brun.
Her music is also influenced by Art Movies.

This is noticeable when listening to her album “The Sound” her lyrics and musical direction are superb, artistic and tasteful. Just stunning.

3. If you could go on a wild crazy adventure, what would you do? And where would it all take place...?
Travelling up Africa and playing music in the most unexpected or rural places with a troup of songwriter friends… Or selling everything and doing volunteer work around the world.

I asked Frankie what her most embarrassing moment was on stage… after a good laugh she remembered a time when she forgot her lyrics mid-song and swore in front of the crowd!

She also added “But that was along time ago!”

The Voice of an Angel
Contact Us
0823265831 or 0835606996

4. What instrument would you love to learn to play? And why?...

Piano. My mother was an outstanding pianist and teacher she tried to teach me but I was stubborn & lacked discipline & focus. Stupidly, I thought guitar would be easier.  Guitar is the perfect traveller's instrument but piano is such a widely expressive & old instrument that has been woven into almost all music we hear, making it so accessible to the heart's ear. Maybe I will still learn.
Ultimate Goal
Touring overseas. Building an overseas fan base and getting into festivals in South Africa and Abroad.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

The N-Word and the K-Word

Please note: this is an OPINION piece and this is my humble opinion. I am sick to death of the Media glamorizing certain words or actions to reap online clicks or paper sales. I read an article yesterday – the person in the limelight is a well known and much loved celeb. After an altercation he in now without work and "shamed" it's utter rubbish! Politicians say the most awful racist things constantly and nothing is done. One word said in anger makes a half page highlight. It's not right.
It amazes me that in our modern age we are not really concerned with things like over-sexualized television content during "family hour" and teenage promiscuity, drug use, child trafficking, corrupt politicians and gang violence – hell, it hardly makes "news" anymore. But if someone 'non-black' in the USA says the N-word (despite the fact that most young trendy African Americans use it in their every day conversations, and have no real history, hurt or resentment linked to it at all see: then it is a MAJOR news story with the 'culprit' head in hands – ashamed and remorseful and begging forgiveness.  

In South Africa there is the K-word.
It is an ugly word.
I get it.
It is as offensive to Black people as "Kill the Boer" sung by Julius Malema, and "Mshini wam" (bring me my machine gun) by President Jacob Zuma, are to Whites.
I am the product of an abusive home situation and I was sworn at violently every day till I was 13. That doesn't mean that every time I hear a swear word I have a melt down. They are just words to me. The sentiment behind the words has more effect on me than the *actual* word itself.

If a nasty word is said in drunkenness or in anger – it really doesn't get any deeper than that – it's carelessness. No need to "go deep" and try to "figure out why I said it" – you had a beer or two, it affects your tongue. Have you all read the statistics about how your mental capacity is affected by alcohol?

"The cerebral cortex and alcohol
The cerebral cortex processes information from your senses, processes thoughts, initiates the majority of voluntary muscle movements and has some control over lower-order brain centres. In the cerebral cortex, alcohol can:

  • Affect thought processes, leading to potentially poor judgement.
  • Depresses inhibition, leading one to become more talkative and more confident.
  • Blunts the senses and increases the threshold for pain."

Case in point:
A South African celebrity who has worked incredibly hard to entertain us for over 20 years has now "fallen from grace"

Picture the scene:
Some men are drinking at a team build, they are known for enjoying a few too many beers. The one guy owes the other guy a lot of money, has not paid back a cent. Mr Borrower has recently bought a car and a house despite owing money to Mr Money Lender. Mr Borrower is now harassing the tipsy Mr Money Lender and pretending that they are bosom buddies (Mr ML is famous – who wouldn't?) After a repeated harassment and altercation, the money lender is so enraged that he spits out the worst insult that he can think of: the K-word.

And boy oh boy does it cause a ruckus.

Mr Money Lender quits his job/s and sits in his home in shame. The nation looks on in mock horror as verbalised tut-tut's ring out.
Not really.
The average man-on-the-street has more to worry about than the K-word. The man on the street is trying to survive, trying to earn a living. This was a private spat that was dragged into the media because of one word. If Mr Money Lender had said "F---off stupid twat!" we wouldn't be hearing about it now would we. (?)

My husband posted something online last night:

"It takes just one act of stupidity to destroy ninety nine good deeds"

And this is true here, I think.  

We can take three lessons from this situation:
1. Stop drinking so much.
2. Don't lend money to anyone.
3. Think of a new insult to throw.
Now, this poor Mr Money Lender is supposedly broken hearted and spending time deep in thought as to WHY he called out this god-awful word… While Mr Borrower STILL owes him a lot of money and is now hanging onto the sympathy vote so that he doesn't have to repay Mr ML.

I think that this world is SERIOUSLY skewed.

Children are exposed to violence, sexually explicit material, women are abused every day, men are treated badly by the mothers of their children… there is SO much wrong going on and no one gives a rats… but say those two magical words K- and F- and voila! Media presence! Ratings go up! The shame! Front page news! Vilification! *sigh*

How do YOU feel about these two words? I don't want a History lesson – we know where they come from and the ugliness that went with them – I want to know NOW – are YOU affected by these words? Are they just being glamorized by the media? Do they truly make the user into a vile monster? or just someone who didn't think before they spoke…


Sandy Bigara

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Tara and Steve Fataar and Friends!

Awesome evening of live music @ The German Club. Come and support:


-- The German Club. 7 Barham Road, Westville

-- Bookings: 0312660836.

-- Cash bar and food available

-- R60.00 pp

-- 6:30 - 11:30pm


Sandy Bigara
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Friday, 9 September 2011

Pinotage On Tap: Diemersfontein Wines

Here we go- hope it's clear!
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TODAY: Pinotage On Tap - Don't Forget!

(at Piggly Wiggly)

10 September 2011

-R210.00 Fan Ticket (Ticket only)
-R625.00 Fanatic Ticket (Ticket & 6 bottles of Diemersfontein Pinotage)
Tickets available at Computicket

Bands: Gerald Clark, Plush

Shuttle Services:

Eves Airport Corporate Executive Shuttles

Rates & Collection Points:
- Nandos at Gateway
- La Lucia Mall
Rates: R200 pp one way, R375 pp return

To book at Eves Airport Corp Exec Shuttles, contact Evelyn / Naren @ 083 303 3340 / 082 463 2636 or email

Durban City Tours

Rates & Collection Points:
- La Lucia Mall 10h30
- Pietermaritzburg, Parklane Spar 13h00
Rates: R145 pp (return) from La Lucia, R105 pp (return) from Pietermaritzburg

To book at Durban City Tours contact Pascal at


Granny Mouse Country House 
Offering an exclusive stay at their 5 star Country House & Spa.
2 Nights accommodation for 2 people sharing, including dinner, bed & breakfast
Including :
Your tickets to Pinotage on Tap
Half hour Indian head massage
Transport to and from Pinotage on Tap festival (all day)
R5 250.00 per couple
To book: 033 234 4071

Midmar Dam Self Catering
Offering self catering and camping accommodation
Pinotage on Tap Special offer - get 20% discount on the rates below
R280 per person per night, self caterin
All accommodation rates quoted are inclusive of gate entry fee, community levy and emergency rescue levy. Therefore only day visitors will pay a gate entry fee.
Rustic cabins R190 per person sleeps 4 pax. Minimum cost R380
Camping sites R70pppn without plug points
Camping sites R75pppn with plug points
Please note a key deposit of R200 is payable on arrival.

To book: contact Central reservations at 033 845 1000 - Remember to use the booking code POT2011 to receive your discount!
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Catherine Krog's Murder: What It Taught Me

Catherine Krog's murder on Thursday shocked us all to the core. But it was a suddenly very public exposure of a serious injustice. The Judicial and Social system let down Catherine, Bella and yes, even Bella's Mother and Ex. Evidence supports how both adults were pushed to their limits - and one of the adults snapped.

Beyond reason.
Beyond any rationale.
Beyond hope.

Catherine's life was snuffed out too soon, smothered in heartbroken seething rage and insanity. Little Bella will have to bear the truth and live out her life with the knowledge of her parent's feuding, I just hope and pray that she is raised with strong sense of self worth and that she will understand that above all else, her Mother loved her, till death.

I was told details of the murder suicide but decided not to publish them out of respect to Catherine and Bella. Some things are best kept private and I'm saddened to see the media having a field day with this story. Sensationalism sells it seems - we accept this. Perhaps that is why I am a blogger and not a journo.

In life, when we choose a partner, and then have children with that partner it can be an incredibly heartbreaking and disturbing mess when things don't work out. Men steal their children, Women refuse access, Men threaten, Women manipulate: we are awful to one another. There will never be a clear cut answer, I only implore:

-Be WISE in your choices.
-Be KIND in your actions.
-Be TRUTHFUL in your relationships.

I also offer my sympathy to Catherine's family - also to her Mother. When a Mother and Daughter don't see eye to eye there is always SO much hurt and anger, words unsaid. Words twisted by the media.

I hope that the countless people affected by Cat's death find comfort. I know that it has affected me deeply, I am hugging my children tighter, squeezing my husband's hand. Using Catherine's sad passing as a lesson to love as fiercely as she did.

Sandy Bigara

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Catherine Krog Murder: Wear PINK

The basis of this blog is doing the rounds via social networking - let's take it a 'peaceful' step further:

Catherine Krog was murdered this morning by her ex, in front of Bella, Catherine's 2.5 year old daughter.

The ex then killed himself.

This tragedy has left a little girl without her Mummy and has robbed the world of a COURAGEOUS angel.

The justice system let Catherine and Bella down. Wear PINK tomorrow if you to are fed up with being let down by our SA Justice System.

We can make a difference. we need to do it together.

RIP Catherine

Now here's the 'further' part:

Post a Picture of yourself wearing PINK or even better of you and your colleagues etc tomorrow, whether it is on your bbm Profile, Linkdin, Netlog, Who'swho, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter - let's clog the 'net with PINK for Cat!

Sandy Bigara

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Breaking News: Catherine Krog Murdered By Clinton Walley: Thursday Sep 8th

I am so shocked and saddened. I have cried for over an hour - so completely appalled and angry that this has happened. Our Judicial system is flawed beyond measure and this act of horror is just a drop in the ocean of wrongdoing. Rapists walk free, killers are given bail, even convicted paedophiles walk the shopping aisles in complete anonymity.

Catherine Krog has overcome so much to give her little girl Bella a good start - she has run a successful company, provided motherly love, comfort and a solid fun filled life for her little girl.

This morning her ex Clinton Walley shot her dead, and then shot himself fatally: leaving their daughter without parents. It is not clear whether little Bella witnessed the shooting or was unaware of the tragedy.

The following is a good article about the time when Clinton kidnapped Bella. Catherine won over the hearts of the nation's mother's with her pleas for help - we all rejoiced with her when she was reunited with her baby girl after 11 days of worry:
[ ]

Images of Catherine Krog alive and well, how we will remember her:
[ ]

Catherine wrote on her Facebook wall this week "My only fear is that I won't be remembered as being courageous..." Well, Cath, you were one of the toughest, strongest, most stubbornly courageous ladies I've ever met. We will remember you that way.

Sandy Bigara
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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Exhausted Rambling Hyper-Links

Trying to recover from zero hours sleep - a teething Toddler and Virus filled coughing kid: just reading links on friends walls and thought I'd share some of the links with you.

I apologise in advance for the ugly looking hyper-links! I'm doing this from my phone and I'm exhausted. I have a music student coming over in an hour for rehearsals (We are providing Sound and Entertainment for Reach for a Dream tomorrow) and I have an unplugged acoustic gig on Saturday that I have to prep for!! Not to mention the three live children's shows happening Thursday morning as well...

They're random, and rambling. Enjoy.

1: Typhoon Death Toll - Sad that there are even more deaths and destruction!
[ ]

2: Radiation Deterioration Discovery - Reading this article, I realised one thing. I am not a scientist.
[ ]

3: Fire Halted By Son Coming Home For Lunch - Reading the article I realised that I know the family very well!
[ ]

4: World Cup Rugby - I have zero interest in Sport and personally felt that the 2010 Fifa World Cup Soccer was a farce, let's hope that SA does us proud this year as well.
[ ]

5: Braaiday - (Rebecca Black "Friday" Parody) »Barbeque«
[ ]

Have a great day

Sandy Bigara
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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Hairy Memoires

It is Sunday evening in South Africa, I have no Chocolate or Cappuccino and I’m taking a “break” from Motherhood and Wifedom for a minute.
I was just sitting here reminiscing back in time… thinking of all the weird and wonderful hairdo’s that I have had. And it hit me – as a human race we sure do know how to make ourselves look dumb@$$.

Across race and age we are walking around with the weirdest hairdo’s…and thinking we look HAWT. Heck, there are so many photos of bad hairdos on Google – somebody is posting these pictures and either ROTFLTAO* or thinking… “I am one HOTFOX baybay yeah…”

Well, I decided to post a few of the funnier ones that I saw – prepare thyself. If you don’t at least snigger then you are a cold hearted fool. Just kidding. They are silly though.

Looking at this and other black and white photos, I realised that since the dawn of time, people have been making hair style booboo’s. Check this one out… Nice necklace though.

"Is the pearl detail a bit much? D'you think? Are you sure?"
Firstly, I think that the celebrities are partly to blame… or their stylists. Either way, it’s all funny as hell! I remember being a little girl and seeing my Mother with hair exactly like this and thinking "Whoa, Mom is so pretty!" - Some may argue that this is niceer than the modern look (sleek, layered, coloured)

"Wish I'd used more volumizing spray..."

Some big hair is ART. I get it – but it still looks awesomely cool and wickedly funny!

I have no words (-.-)
My best are the 80’s photos, I can just imagine the process of getting ready to go out every day… they say men are Metrosexual NOW? Imagine hugging your 80’s Mullet-man and smelling hairspray… mmm.

"Make sure you get the light bouncing, nay, shimmying off of my curls"
Remember I mentioned Celebritites?...  Imagine sitting behind this at the movies?

"Oh sorry. You cant see the movie screen?? Well the Get the __ out."
Ok. We all know that white men can’t jump. Dance. Sing well, or belong to hiphop Gangs (unless you are Italian, and Mafia inclined, in which case you are the BEST at being Gansgta – we wont argue with you, or do you any favours) Now, this guy challenged that norm and well…proved my point. Yo Yo Afro. He must've had fun though!

"Say You. Say Me. Say it together. Naturally."
I have no comment for this next picture. All I know is, he's "available and looking".

"I can make yau'lls world spin. Give a bruther'a chance."
I apologise in advance and, for the record, I feel really dirty just looking at this.

"I love you here...and I love you there..."

You see, we like to think that the bad hair days are behind us, that the 80's caged and contained the badness of our wild and untamed hair. But, most of the awful hairdo's online are current. Eish. Nay man.

Have you ever had a REALLY bad hairdo? (I know I sure have!) Well then, tell me about it.... 

Sandy Bigara

*Roll On The Floor Laughing Their Asses Off

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Urgent: Oil Spill at Blouberg Capetown

-Sea Shepherd South Africa-

Urgent call to ALL CAPETONIANS.

Oil spill at Blouberg.

Volunteers needed to look for birds and other animals that might be able to be saved.

Gather tomorrow morning 9AM opposite Kentucky in the Tourism Office parking area.

Bring Boxes, towels, buckets, spades, gloves, rubber boots, HUGE sponges (old mattress style for mopping up)!!!!

Sourced from Tasha Mentasti.


Please help if you can!

Sandy Bigara
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Why My Doctor Laughed At Me

It's embarrassing.

My Doctor practically fell off his chair.

I have spent the entire week in agony with what I thought was the start of an ear infection. Well. It wasn't.

I'll start at the beginning, last Friday I was hungry and happy - not a good combo for me. When we fetched our daughter from school, my mother - the Principal there - gave me a tub of chocolate Nesquik as a gift. We jumped in the car and sped off home because we were due to watch Barney live at the Durban ICC... In the car I decided that I just *couldn't wait* until we got home... cracked open the tub and dumped a whole stack of Nesquik powder into my mouth (more than could comfortably fit in there... Don't judge!) And as I was about to eat it, my Husband and child made me laugh. The result was, like, a sneeze/choke/laugh/chocolate powder explosion. The entire lot of dry chocolate powder in my mouth exploded into my sinus, and shot out of my nose *attractive* and within minutes I had a chocolate raging sinus migraine. I was man-down for the rest of the evening... Medicine, darkness, blinding pain.

The next morning I had a blocked ear and a sore throat, on the right hand side. I gave it a few days and it got worse. Eventually last night (Friday) I *folded* and agreed to see the Doctor. He had a gap open so my Husband bundle the four of us into the car and raced off to the Doctor.

Turns out that I sprained my neck when I sneezed/choked/laughed/chocolate powder exploded. Not only that. When I sneezed/choked/laughed/chocolate powder exploded a whole stack of Nesquik powder shot up into my Eustachion tube/canal and into my inner ear.


All that for Chocolate powder!?! Damn right.

Anyway, the Nesquik molecules attract water and so my ear drum is bulging. How embarrassing!! Haha!

*sigh* ever done something stupid? Tell me about it :o)

Sandy Bigara
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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Results Of Our Abortion Poll

POLL: Would you have an ABORTION?

If I felt I needed too


No way!


Yes I would


God would hate me


Talent and Skill: Do We Need Education?

Dancing With Happy Children...Nothing Better!

Please Note: I am talking about the ARTS industry. If you think I'm suggesting that some guy (who is passionate right down to his last nucleus about molecular physics) should practice science without studying… then, ya. M'kay. Talkin' bout the ARTS here ppl! Focus! :o)

Ok,... I have had this debate many times. Is it enough to have raw talent? Is acquired skill more valuable? Does educating kill initiative and innovation? After doing two years of Theology; and realising that I was way too flamboyant for that line of work, I did most of my Music Grades (I enjoyed that a lot) and also attended two years of Music Theory and Practical (I went a bit mad, wore cow hide painted shoes, blue stockings, dyed my hair purple and wrote reams of Latin choral pieces - until my Mother thought she'd lost me for good) in all it was an interesting time in my life – I was as expressively dramatic on the outside as I felt inwardly. These days I dress as a business woman in the Arts should dress, and it doesn't suppress or crush who I AM on the inside.
I have however, had the unpleasant opportunity of working with individuals "in power" who seemed destined to "kill my mojo" or push me down (ever worked with one of those?) they were in a position to enhance me, encourage and motivate but no, they chose the dark path of egotistical doom.

 I have had the incredibly humbling and *fan-friggin-tastic* opportunity of hanging out with, and getting to know, some of South Africa's finest artists. Some of them are hidden gems, others have toured the globe, but their sheer determination and passion for what they do has blown me away. Some of them have studied extensively; they have a passion for backing up their skill with knowledge… other's have just "been in the game" for so long that their skill is unquestionable. I find myself thinking – in these instances, does one actually *have* to study? (I am talking Arts here – dance, drama and performance in general)
I am a case in point: Yes, I did two years of fantastic Drama at Theology College. I then did two years of Music and Theory of Music. Now, I find myself – 12 years later – on the other side of a very busy business launch.
Since 2008 my little theatrical company Paw Paw Productions SA has performed for well over three hundred and fifty thousand (350,000) children and counting. I have had some of KZN's top actors work for me, bringing my scripts and characters to life. I have worked as hard as I could to get this baby off the ground.
But I never studied Drama.

Does that make me a bad Playwright?
Does that make me an awful Director?
Maybe :o(
But I have a skill, and I am passionate, I am willing to learn, I listen when people offer advice or correction, I understand and feel when I am in the presence of someone greater than I am.
Isn't that education?
Today I watched a very dear lady – Portia Chiliza, an Actress who has brought much life to some of my plays, and an incredibly talented Actress, Mpume Mthombeni, well known for her powerful characterisation and ability to interpret any script. I sat and watched these two dynamic individuals act out a very serious play that we are doing – the Road Show launches tomorrow. The play is called THE GAME and tackles the very serious issue of Child Trafficking and Human Slavery. The content is hard to handle. The acting is heart breakingly real.

I sat there with my one year old wriggling on my lap, and marvelled at the combination of Skill and Education that was before me. Whether through Technikon, University or just LIFE – these women were able to bring something to the forefront. In their field they possess SKILL and TALENT.
*sigh* I don't know.

Hope you all don't mind me being honest here! Today my authority as a professional was challenged. I had to decide right there and then if I was REALLY confident in myself, in what I do and in what I stand for – professionalism and honouring my actors and my clients across the board.

Time for a chocolate… but none in the house!

Sandy Bigara
*In the Photo are Nomonde and Chantall from SOCCER STAR 2010