Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Wheat Free Sulk Time :o(

Please Note: I have since been sent this amazing website link : www.wheat-free.org check it out if you think you may suffer from wheat intolerance. It's more serious than I thought!

I dont usually sulk. I rant. But by Jove here is a sulk. Enjoy it - Eeyore style.

"I got my curves because of this stuff here..."

"Wheat-free is the bee's knees."

I tell myself this about 50 times a day as I enter my second wheat-free week. Not really. I swear a lot though.

My face has slimmed, my belt is one notch tighter, I don't feel bloated or uncomfortable, I'm not craving food 24/7... Wheat. It's everywhere. It's in everything. It's so damn yummy.

Is there anyone out there who is also gluten intolerant?

I can't eat:
Corn (Niknaks, Big Corn Bites, Dorito's, Sweetcorn)
Maize (Phutu, Porridge)
Wheat (Bread, Rolls, sauces, Wraps/Roti's, Bunnychow, Samoosa)
Malt (Maltabela, Milo, Horlicks)
Semolina (Whatever the hell semolina is found in)

Bread: it's evil.

How do I possibly carry on? Do I cook separate meals for myself and my family indefinitely? Or, do we all embrace the wheat free lifestyle? Cooking time has doubled and if I look at the price of the different flour and pasta options I am shocked! *sigh*

Since I jumped off the 'wheat wagon' I have lost weight for sure, but there have been other side effects - my hair has 'settled' and is shiny, my constant hunger pains and food cravings have disappeared, and my allergies (Sinus headaches, Rhinitis, Throat pains) have all but disappeared. My Doctor is amazed.

*sigh again* Well I'm off to eat a potato and some lentil bredie while my family lushious-ly pour theirs over soft white uPhutu :o( I need a chocolate. Stat.

Sandy 'wheatless' Bigara
(The blonde sulking in the wheat-free corner)

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  1. Ooh today was HARD. I sang at a Kids party...EVERY. THING. WAS. WHEAT!!!! :( *sigh* I push onward though because it means health for me. Gotta do it!

    - Sandy Bigara


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