Saturday, 13 August 2011

SUM41 Gig a No-Go at Wavehouse Gateway

¤Were you cold?
¤Did you stand in the rain waiting to hear your fave band?
¤Were you at the "Concert That Didn't Happen"?
¤Did you travel from JHB or CT to get there... Only to freeze your @$$ off and be told "NOT HAPPENING"...?

People on Facebook are swearing at SUM41, but as a performer who played a gig myself last night - I opened for TONI ROWLAND - we got rained on, sang with wet
equipment and were blown around on stage by strong winds... But we still did our gig.

Are you mad? Angry? Sad? Well then get onto and tweet them - @WavehouseDurban @zebraandgiraffe @Sum41and @TheLaEls.

Word is that the stage was very wet, equipment was soaked, there were strong winds, the LCD screen was unstable and threatening to topple onto the stage... and Wavehouse management deemed it too dangerous to play. The bands are not happy but say "Next time Durban"

Sorry guys, but it really *was* awful weather for outdoor gigs, I froze on stage. Maybe next time xx

Sandy Bigara
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