Saturday, 13 August 2011

Shoes That Elves Don't Even Want

Do I hear you all gagging?
I felt dizzy, faint, ill... and then he took the shoe off.

Here is the post that caused a stir: (can't for the life of me think why...even caught the abysmal glare of an internet Troll from Japan... and that was just glorious fun...)

Ok, so what the hell is up with all of these pointy assed shoes? I'm not entirely sure.

Firstly, what man in his right mind wants to EXTEND his feet by as much as 10cm into a rapidly thinning point? Is it so that he can 'be the man' and kill cockroaches? Even ones that hide in corners? I think so.

Perhaps it is so that he can fool us all into believing that he possesses some otherworldly longer toe that he uses to.........gah! I can't even be bothered to think up a use for such a thing.

Thirdly, what is wrong with women?!? Somewhere, somehow, women are barely looking up from typing on their Blackberry's when asked,
"How does this look baby? Should I get them?" And are merely replying,
"Yes. Yes. Looks good. They're fine. Just get them."

This must be. This MUST be. Unless, as I am noticing the horrifying amount of men wearing 'skinny jeans', (OMG!! My eyes bleed!!! Put the Skinny's *away* with the lycra cycling tights, white knit vests and your green speedo!) Unless, Women actually *like* these Pants... and shoes... Or, I am past it. I am *not* past it. I will never surrender to the awful ugliness of the pointed leather work shoe.

Now before you get emo on me, and saw off the tips of your R800 DH Pointy toed elf boots, just listen. Wear them, take photos. That way in a year when Fashionista's the world over stop hallucinating and realise what they've done... You'll have some 'funny' photos of yourself. Like the photo's of you with a mullet when you were 13. Go ahead. Tag me.

In the meantime, my husband (who values my friendship and so will *not* go down the elvin booted path) can not find a single store that sells good old fashioned square toe'd leather office shoes... *sigh*

Sandy Bigara 


  1. Isnt That a dogs Name ?

  2. Oh !! same same ................

  3. Gizelle !!!! Guess who ?

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Like I said !!!! Same Same !!

  6. Nope !! Try Again....... jumping Gazelles !!

  7. Now I am laughing :) Thank you for putting a smile on my face :) Haha :) Gazelle Awards forever! Eish. Car accident and annoying troll in one day is too much..

  8. Hey, at least I bumped up visits to your site eh?
    :) :)

  9. If that makes you feel warm and fuzzy then cool. But you are not getting a Gazelle Award. That is reserved for Rin Rin only and free flying Gazelles everywhere. You are a wet blanket and a nasty virus.

  10. :D
    That's the spirit.

    PS. I'm a girl

  11. Oh, and I am sorry about the car accident. You don't need shit like this when you've got more serious things to worry about.
    Hope everything is ok.

    I'll stop posting now.


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