Monday, 8 August 2011

School Statistics Shocker

I read these startling statistics in The Mercury Online today :

[SOUTH AFRICA- KwaZulu Natal]

A Report released by the Basic Education Department last month revealed that out of:
- 5 931 schools in the province,
- 4 732 did not have libraries,
- 5 212 lacked laboratories,
- 4 939 were without science laboratories,
- 1 580 were not connected to power,
- 2 834 used pit latrines and,
- 320 did not have internet connections

What is wrong with this picture? Where is the money going? Why are private companies and individuals getting on board?

I believe that even the 'have-nots' are able to get involved, volunteering time to clean up the schools, volunteering specialised service, (cleaning roofs, setting up toilets, polyfillering and painting walls, cooking hot lunches) hand on action does not have to cost money. If each neighbourhood 'adopted' the schools nearest to them (I'm talking specific neighbours adopting the school of their choice, nearest to them) stick with me here. Then surely there would be improvement?

In my field of work I have stepped over broken ground, performed near open sewers, seen the devastation and ruin in the KZN schools - but I have also witnessed the sheer will and tenacity of the teachers and principals. They all say the same thing: Parents don't pay. Parents don't support. Parents don't attend. Parents don't care.

I have seen schools that are situated literally two blocks way from one another, and yet they are in two very different 'places' economically speaking. The difference is definitely in the attitude and drive of the school's Principal and Staff. They have chosen to break the 'hand-me-down' mentality, have stopped waiting for the dysfunctional municipality to 'come to the rescue' and are working incredibly hard to build up their schools.

How can YOU or YOUR business get involved? Make an effort, pay for a sign board if you know of a school that doesn't have one (we have at least 70 schools on our database that have asked for SIGNAGE - just ask us - it will cost roughly about R2000 per sign) buy some colourful paint and deliver it to a school outside of your comfort zone - or drop it off with us in Durban North and we'll get it to a school with bare concrete walls... MAKE A CHANGE. Read the statistics above and find a place to assist. We have the schools - call us, email us and DO something (even if you are overseas you can assist through us).

I hope to feedback on this issue.

Sandy Bigara
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