Sunday, 7 August 2011

My Romance Novel - NOW ON SALE

Here it is! My very FIRST HISTORICAL ROMANCE NOVEL... The first of the Thorngate Trilogy!

A beautifully scripted Historical Saga, written by a second-generation Author from South Africa, following the lives and loves of a family, spanning generations, the story reveals that the strength of a woman is only known when she is tested greatly. The first of three installments, Thorngate is a pocket-sized love story of classic proportions...a "can't put down" read, followed by "Thorngate: Esme's Child"

This book, the first of three installments, took me 10 years to finish, writing whenever I could find a spare moment, three books - one incredible family saga.

I lost the entire manuscript to a trojan virus last May... but babycakes, I didnt give up! I spent a week on tranquilizers and then dove right back in. My previewers have loved it and I KNOW that you will too. I will release the second novel at the end of November... in time for Christmas stockings : )

It is selling for a limited time only for $9.50... thats R66.00... The price will be going up at the end of the week so come on! Yay! - Click here to order!


"Impossible to put down…this steady paced story of life, loss and love ignites deepest passions; and strums the hearts strings from the first page to the last…"
Tanya van Agthoven Marais
Greenbox Productions and Artist Management

"A lovely story, charming characters, full of insight the relationships of the characters are woven together beautifully. An unexpected gem of a book"
Francis Martin Doherty-Bigara
Flexithink Quality Consulting

"I could not put the book down. I can't wait to see your book in print! So honoured and proud to have been able to read the whole story!"
Belinda Hellerle
A Cut Above The Rest – Designer Wedding and Corporate Stationary

"Captivating from the very first word, by chapter two couldn't put it down… I'M LOVING IT! It's really easy reading and I'm hooked!"
Leilani-Jeannette Truter
The Animal Anti-Cruelty League

Sandy Bigara


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