Thursday, 11 August 2011

My Advice: A Cold Girlfriend And a Troubled Teen Love Affair

NOTE: I tried to be kind, I even designed a soft friendly banner... I had to scrap that idea. This is the new banner... I just cant help myself - if you are causing your own heartache I will tell you! Just remember: there is always a way to solve a situation. It will take work, dedication and sometimes...walking away.

"My girlfriend is acting very strangely, she has stopped sms'ing me and calls once a week. It's been about two weeks now and if I see her she acts cold towards me. I don't know what has happened? Should I try to work it out or just leave her?

Broken Hearted Lover"
Dear Broken Hearted Lover,
You're an idiot.
Have you stopped calling and sms'ing her as well? The chances are that YOU have stopped trying and now only notice that SHE has stopped also. If you really truly love this girl then make a damn effort. Call her, sms her, arrive at her house and take her...
somewhere lovely. You don't have to spend a cent. Go for a walk. Share an ice-cream or a plate of chips. SPEND TIME AND EFFORT on her and you will see very quickly if her heart is still in it. Don't be a fool, be the man and chase her. Show her you care.

PS. If you try this more than three times and she's just not biting the hook then… you're stalking her. Stop that. Get a hobby.
Best of luck!

"I am 15 and a half and still live at home with my mom and dad. I want to date my boyfriend who is 18 and my parents won't let me. I'm thinking of running away to get them to see my feelings. I am old enough to know what I want.

Sweet Almost-Sixteen"
Dear Sweet Almost-Sixteen,
I hear you and I know that right now you feel that you are in love. But, mark my words, if you were MY sixteen year old you would get yourself a smacked bottom very quickly. Firstly, your boyfriend is too old for you. Why is an 18 year old running after a 15 year old? You may be half way to sixteen but darling, you are still fifteen for six months. Rather find a boyfriend closer to your age group – say sixteen or seventeen.

Secondly, you are still a child. You may think otherwise but you really have no idea how the world works – not yet anyway. Your parents have watched you grow and have your best interests at heart. They were sixteen once. Listen to them. Even if it makes your ears bleed.

Lastly, don't run away. Your mom already pays for all of your clothes, and your leg waxing. Also, you are a Blackberry user. In 30 days you will be dirty, hairylegged and without BB subscription. You will run back home. Save yourself the heartache.

PS. You have a beautiful home, a Mother who loves you and a pretty good life. Don't mess it up over a guy. Not worth it. Focus on school and on being fifteen.

If you would like my straight up no nonsense advice email :

Sandy Bigara

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