Sunday, 28 August 2011

Irene has been downgraded to a "Tropical Storm"

Update: Irene has been downgraded to a "Tropical Storm" but has left a wake of destruction behind her. 4 million are without electricity, many on the word of weather officials, spent a lot of money stocking up on food and supplies for a "two week at least" lock down due to evacuation, flooding and destruction of power lines, sewerage concerns etc. Now the question is being asked "What do we do now? We have all this stuff..." - There are calls for people to donate the extra supplies to shelters and church ministries.  

Live news feed via cnn:


Tweets this morning:

Death Toll-
@hyam2126: Live blog: Death toll now at 21, Irene no longer tropical storm: [cnn-ireport-uploader topic=646284]Are you ther...

People are questioning 'how' weather authorities got it all wrong?-
@GINman2: Irene Weakened More Than Most Hurricanes: Forecasters admited misjudging the storm's struc...

Photo's of the destruction-
@nydailynews: Flood photo: Paddling up 9th Street, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn:

@oboelady: Irene leaves damaging and deadly floods, rushing waters #cnn tragic

And has obviously caused some 'joking' to break out-
@WiseMona: funny x"@ModernFarmette: Dead on, love it. RT @HarveysPoint Hurricane Irene has now been downgraded to an Irish summer...."

Interesting fact-
@romana1977: RT @JimCantore: If #Irene is retired (hard to believe it wouldn't be) it will make the 7th "I" named storm in the last 11 years. #hurricane #tropics


Let me know if you have been affected by the Storm/Hurricane at all.

Sandy Bigara
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