Sunday, 28 August 2011

Hurricane Irene Hits New York!

Sitting in my car, post-cupcake-sale, I noticed a mention of 'Irene' on the other side of the globe... WOW. I am shocked and saddened for the millions of people left displaced in New York City, Philadelphia and Boston (and other surrounds) I hope that most of you are alright, and that those who have been adversely affected will recover quickly :o(

These are a few facts that I could gather from the trending topics are #irene #HurricaneIrene.


@finkelcc: RT @twc_hurricane: Hurricane Irene: 5 AM ET, 75 mph winds, Cat 1, 959 mb, moving NNE at 18 mph.

@Liberty1960: RT @brianstelter: Govt's 5am advisory puts Irene 115 miles south of NYC, moving NNE at 18mph, w/max winds of 75 mph, down from 80mph earlier.

@smokefive: RT @cnnbrk: Nearly 3 million customers along East Coast are without power as #Irene heads north.

@NBCNewYork: Some 9,600 people spent the night in city shelters. #Irene #HurricaneIrene


For up to the minute info and a live sms feed:

Keep dry and safe please...

Sandy Bigara
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