Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Government Websites and IT Guys

I am not going to rant. I am not going to rant.
I am trying to sort out the issue of registering my Domestic Worker (for the second time as they now don't seem to have registered her the first time well over 4 years ago)
I decided to go to the Government website to show my maid the process … I clicked on about 3 of the required informative links to read up on the process, where to go, how to register etc… and the above image is what I found on 3 of the 3 pages…

sorry what? That's 3 out of 3 … yes. It is. Not ranting yet....

This is a plea.
PLEASE update your website dear Governmental Websitey Guys in the IT basement. In my experience of running and setting up a business, and now going through the process of immigration, almost 90% of the time, information that I have copy/pasted from your site has been wrong, and has actually cost me time AND money.
For example, on one of the Gov websites, we read up on how to apply for criminal record check. We duly printed the instructions, went to the local chemist, sat for our hideously ugly ID photos and trotted off to the police station. Only to be told that we DIDN'T need any photos. So why is it on there IT guys? Stop playing online gambling and do your job. ShilverShandsh Poker can wait. Just saying. Ok so I'm ranting a bit… just a little.
I have a feeling that ALL Government websites the world over are like this – I am not saying "typical!!" as some of you might be thinking as you sip your cappuccinos (Mine ran out today. So, …obviously ALL of you now have hot frothy cappu's in hand - in my mind.)


I'm done. I think that life on Mars would be less complicated!

Sandy Bigara

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