Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Facebook Photo Competition

Looks like I'm beating my cheating (googling) husband at a photo competition... :o) (we've both entered)

Go to www.facebook.com, Go to THE LENS AFFAIR and ask to join, then vote for my Glass of Water on rainbow background photo... Please!!! :o)

Today is the last day :o)

Sandy Bigara
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  1. Don't go to the group to vote, it takes 2 days to do background checks of new members and by then the competition will be over. Nope not worth it. Not at all even if it is a stunningly clever photo. Besides it's not really a rainbow colour background because it's missing the short wave length colours AND the actual link for the group is: http://m.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_167003226659454&_rdr. Also the picture of the naked woman in the shower with her hand up against the glass (my picture) is a much better picture to vote for, yes it is.


  2. Oh Sands you are so crafty!!! That is just one of the hundred thousand million things I like about you :)
    From your husband


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