Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Dear Anonymous

This response is to a troll who harassed me over a Fashion post about Pointy Shoes. As a result I changed my commenting permissions and in the end, the troll revealed their name and apologised.


Dear Anonymous,

Seeing as I know first-hand what a mission it is to actually post a comment on blogger - I commend your effort. Choosing a profile, typing a comment, reading and re-typing a blasted captcha all so that you could have your say.

Good on you.

Your comment:
"You obviously have no idea of what is aesthetically pleasing, or any sense of style. This comes through in both your inane drivel, and your appalling fashion sense."

Just love it. So succinct.

Unfortunately, there are a few issues with your comment. As an artist, designer and woman. I have a very clear understanding of what is aesthetically pleasing or not - the gag reflex that rises in my throat each time I look at one of these elongated elvin rejects is sign enough that they are, in fact, NOT aesthetically pleasing. One day when you finally give your 6 pairs away you will receive hate-mail from the poor guys who find that they, in turn, cannot turn around comfortably in narrow passageways while at work.

Style is that which leaves the wearer looking 'Trendy' and 'Attractive' (please re-read the gag-reflex portion of the above paragraph) Now, most women like to enjoy having their men look 'attractive' - these shoes are not fulfilling this purpose. I have yet to hear of ONE woman who actually likes these shoes. Imagine trying to slow dance? May as well just step on up and dance it all out while riding the boats. Also, there should be guidelines - short legged med with paunches wearing skinny work pants and elf boots look utterly ridiculous.

Inane drivel - fortunately for me I happen
to know the specific monetary value of my 'drivel' I happen to be paid quite well to write 'drivel'. Per A4 page Times New Roman 12pt 1 1/2line spacing I am paid quite handsomely, and have received numerous compliments about my humour and character. So if my free and fun expression upsets you, the just slap a little swastika on your long elf shoes and start a campaign. Do it. Email me a picture of it.

Fashion sense - you got me there. I am anti-fashion. The fashion industry while filled with hardworking designers and promoters is a business - no more no less - a business. Profit is the bottom line. There have been countless 'Fashionable Pieces' in history that have been utterly ridiculous. I'm too bored with this rebuttal to quote any.

Anyway, if you wish to respond, include your name Anonymous. That way we can mention you in person when we laugh at your ridiculous obsession with pointy little elfin boots.

Sandy Bigara

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