Saturday, 27 August 2011

Blasphemy and Swearing in Kids DVD's

let us entertain your kid's! 
When did it become 'OK' to allow blasphemy in Children's DVD's? Look, I understand, big producers like Disney have been promoting Witchcraft and Spells etc since their first days post Mickey Mouse. So we can't really expect them to look down on something
as small as swearing and sexual innuendo's. But Blasphemy? In MY books, It's not on.

For example:
While watching RIO today with my daughter, I overheard the female bird call out:

"Oh my GOD!!"

I ask one very serious and straight faced question - Why is it ok to say "Oh my God!" and teach Children that using God's name in vain is cool to do?

Another question, is it God in general that they are blaspheming against? or is it the 'Biblical' God directly? And if so, then why?

Is it really that hard to say "Oh my gosh!" ?? No. No it isn't.

In a few other child friendly 'family movies' I have heard other swear words as well. In the scene in 'How To Train Your Dragon' where Astrid loses to Hiccup, she has a tantrum and drops the F-bomb. I've listened to it closely a few times, if its not the F-bomb then it's most definitely 'Trucking' 'Mucking' 'Ducking' or 'Tucking'... Although I'm pretty sure it's the F-bomb. Why was that left in, after the final edit?

As a parent I am trying to teach my children to have class, to watch what they say, to honour God. The main children's entertainers via DVD are falling short here.

Just my two cents,

Sandy Bigara
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  1. May I ask why any film maker should cater to your particular set of beliefs?
    I don't believe in this fairy tale god of yours, but I wouldn't attempt to stop you from expressing your belief in him.
    And to say that "oh my god" is blasphemy seems to be a bit of a reach. It is commonly used vernacular, and not really out of place in today's world.
    I also find it amusing that you consider blasphemy to be morally worse than sexual content. Not that surprising actually. The ten commandments, purportedly the paragon of human morality, are mostly concerned with placating a childishly egotistic god, so insecure that he commands everyone to worship him and him alone.

    It seems we have far more serious problems in our world than protecting the ego of an ego-maniacal, tyrannical, and defensive imaginary god.


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