Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Facebook Photo Competition

Looks like I'm beating my cheating (googling) husband at a photo competition... :o) (we've both entered)

Go to www.facebook.com, Go to THE LENS AFFAIR and ask to join, then vote for my Glass of Water on rainbow background photo... Please!!! :o)

Today is the last day :o)

Sandy Bigara
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Monday, 29 August 2011

Kudu Biltong and Cheddar Sauce - Wheat Free

I am on a wheat free diet (see: lifestyle) and have had to experiment with various types of flour, to find one that doesn't set off my allergies *curse them* - Rice Flour seems to be the shizz at this point, and so I'm having fun trying all of the usual sauces, fritters, flapjacks - but with Rice Flour.

On Saturday we decided to have a braai (Barbecue) and I bought a gorgeous, tender, thick Rump Steak. (I also used a store bought tenderizer/marinade called 'smokey beef' which tasted amazing!) Set the steak to soak up the marinade and decided to make a sauce.

Here it is:

Kudu Biltong and Cheddar Sauce (Rice Flour)

-100g Kudu Biltong* (chopped/cut finely)
-6 Tbsp Rice Flour (add more one spoon at a time till sauce is the thickness that you like, but watch out, rice flour continues to thicken the longer it stands, so have hot water available to add and mix in before serving)
-1/2 cup Cheddar Cheese
-Ina Paarman's Cheese Spice
-1 cup full cream milk
-1 heaped Tbsp Margerine/Butter
-1/2 tsp Rajah's Mild Curry Powder

1. Put the curry powder in a non-stick pan and heat it.

2. Add Margerine/Butter and mix till it melts, add the rice flour and Ina Paarmans spice. Mix quickly.

3. Add milk and whisk till smoothe.

4. Add cheese and mix well.

5. Add Kudu biltong and mix well (the meat flavour will instantly add such an amazing twist to this traditional cheese sauce)

6. Let the sauce settle and check to see if it needs salt.

7. Before serving add hot water to get the consistency just the way you like it!

This sauce, spooned over piping hot 'smokey beef' rump steak, fresh from the griddle was *-AMAZING-*
This dish can be served with steaming hot jacket potatoes and fresh vegetables. Marvellously more-ish :)

Let me know if you try it!

Sandy Bigara

*Kudu - an African buck, the game meat is dried, salted and eaten once it is completely dried out. The appearance is almost black, and glossy when sliced. Much like beef jerky, but much, much tastier! If you ever come to South Africa make sure you try some. It is incredible!

Photo from: international.stockfood.com
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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Irene has been downgraded to a "Tropical Storm"

Update: Irene has been downgraded to a "Tropical Storm" but has left a wake of destruction behind her. 4 million are without electricity, many on the word of weather officials, spent a lot of money stocking up on food and supplies for a "two week at least" lock down due to evacuation, flooding and destruction of power lines, sewerage concerns etc. Now the question is being asked "What do we do now? We have all this stuff..." - There are calls for people to donate the extra supplies to shelters and church ministries.  

Live news feed via cnn:


Tweets this morning:

Death Toll-
@hyam2126: Live blog: Death toll now at 21, Irene no longer tropical storm: [cnn-ireport-uploader topic=646284]Are you ther... http://t.co/R4oLKQ1

People are questioning 'how' weather authorities got it all wrong?-
@GINman2: Irene Weakened More Than Most Hurricanes: Forecasters admited misjudging the storm's struc... http://t.co/A3PQyJd http://t.co/znD9hHD

Photo's of the destruction-
@nydailynews: Flood photo: Paddling up 9th Street, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn: http://t.co/ESPXsfL

@oboelady: Irene leaves damaging and deadly floods, rushing waters #cnn http://t.co/laDBMuL tragic

And has obviously caused some 'joking' to break out-
@WiseMona: funny x"@ModernFarmette: Dead on, love it. RT @HarveysPoint Hurricane Irene has now been downgraded to an Irish summer...."

Interesting fact-
@romana1977: RT @JimCantore: If #Irene is retired (hard to believe it wouldn't be) it will make the 7th "I" named storm in the last 11 years. #hurricane #tropics


Let me know if you have been affected by the Storm/Hurricane at all.

Sandy Bigara
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Hurricane Irene Hits New York!

Sitting in my car, post-cupcake-sale, I noticed a mention of 'Irene' on the other side of the globe... WOW. I am shocked and saddened for the millions of people left displaced in New York City, Philadelphia and Boston (and other surrounds) I hope that most of you are alright, and that those who have been adversely affected will recover quickly :o(

These are a few facts that I could gather from www.twitter.com the trending topics are #irene #HurricaneIrene.


@finkelcc: RT @twc_hurricane: Hurricane Irene: 5 AM ET, 75 mph winds, Cat 1, 959 mb, moving NNE at 18 mph. http://t.co/dTlOPwM

@Liberty1960: RT @brianstelter: Govt's 5am advisory puts Irene 115 miles south of NYC, moving NNE at 18mph, w/max winds of 75 mph, down from 80mph earlier.

@smokefive: RT @cnnbrk: Nearly 3 million customers along East Coast are without power as #Irene heads north. http://t.co/Dni0ITc

@NBCNewYork: Some 9,600 people spent the night in city shelters. http://t.co/Qj5WhJx #Irene #HurricaneIrene


For up to the minute info and a live sms feed:

Keep dry and safe please...

Sandy Bigara
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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Blasphemy and Swearing in Kids DVD's

let us entertain your kid's! 
When did it become 'OK' to allow blasphemy in Children's DVD's? Look, I understand, big producers like Disney have been promoting Witchcraft and Spells etc since their first days post Mickey Mouse. So we can't really expect them to look down on something

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Profile: Casey Jeanne Fashion Designer

Recently I was lucky enough to be granted an exclusive interview with *the* ‘CASEY JEANNE’ one of this country’s leading new designers. After spending a good hour cruising through her photo albums I was amazed to see such detail and maturity in her work. Every bride wants to be a “princess for a day” and Casey-Jeanne makes that a reality. She uses gorgeous vintage style fabrics, layered with lace and finely sewn intricate detail she takes you back in time – to an era long forgotten and often longed for. Her red carpet gowns are going to become highly sought after and I look forward to the day that I see her work walking the red carpet at the Academy Awards… the Oscar’s and perhaps even on the red carpet at our Presidential Speech and the SAMA’s!  
South African Designer Casey Jeanne
I have known Case Jeanne for quite some time and I have to say; I am one proud ex-teacher! Casey Jeanne has always been ‘driven’ to give of her absolute best in everything; this is the recipe for her ultimate success I believe.

To my USA, UK and EUROPEAN readers – pass this article on, Casey Jeanne has that *something special* and deserves every great thing that is coming her way!

Sandy Bigara


"Q and A" With Casey-Jeanne

Skeletons of Romance

1.      So, Casey Jeanne, where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see the future of the “Casey Jeanne” brand going very far. I’d like to be working with top celebrities on the red carpet, along with carrying on the wedding gown line...

Sneak Peek: Out The Box Festival!

Nicola Jackman in Mafrika-kie

In 2011 the

Out the Box  Festival of
Puppetry and Visual Performance 
is going green!

UNIMA SA is working with a number of artists and key stakeholders, including COPART and GREENPOP, to raise awareness around climate change and inspire

Out The Box: La Ribot

News! If you live in South Africa - Cape Town, and if you are interested then please email Yusrah with your details and mentioned below. Should be fun!

Out The Box Festival is hosting La Ribot, a distinguished dance / physical theatre company from Switzerland.

Their piece, PARAdistinguidas requires 20 volunteers with the following criteria:

20 people; very heterogeneous group (gender, ages, tastes and colours, physical aspects, backgrounds and profiles, professions etc).
Must be in good shape and able to concentrate.
2x4hr workshop,
from 18h00 to 22h00,
the 2 days before the

Skinny Jean Pant Rant

Please note: I am NOT attacking men of all shapes and sizes, I think that it takes all kinds of body types and 'looks' to make life interesting, I am merely poking fun at a very risky fashion item that is not being worn correctly - hopefully those few who are wearing these pants will make sure that they actually look good in them?!

Also, where I mention "I just happen to like men who look like men" I am referring directly to the bootleg and bellbottom pants mentioned previously, the Hugh Jackman part is simply because he's hot.

Seriously though... if my thoughts offend you then please, go to another blog that doesn't.


I will probably be shot at dawn for stating my opinion here but… Oh my word. What is up with men and Skinny Jeans??!!?

I know who designed them.
The same man who wore a green mani-tard on International Stage and Screen.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Mobile Picture

Took this today while waiting *ages* for my meal order at Centre Court Pavillion...

For a Blackberry photo, it turned out ok I think!

Sandy Bigara
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Monday, 22 August 2011

Audition Durban: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - KickstArt

KickstArt, Durban's top theatre company, are looking for new talent to be showcased in the lavish Festive Season pantomime:

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
taking place at the
Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre
6 December - 9 January

The company is looking for a multi-talented black male actor to play the role of Zanzibar Jack, a charming reformed pirate, and the handsome Prince Valiant's comic sidekick.

Actors should be aged between 20 and 35 years, be able to sing, dance and act, speak excellent English, and handle a Jamaican accent. Previous professional stage experience is an added advantage.

Audition Venue:
Playhouse Company's Mayville Studios
(Ramsay Ave)

- Applicants should arrive from 10am to register.
- No application will be accepted after 10.30am.

Thurs 1 September

-Actors should prepare a short, light hearted piece of prose or monologue (NOT improvised, and not longer than 1minute!) with a Jamaican accent,
-and bring an up-tempo song to sing that demonstrates range and skill, with backing track (preferable) or sheet music.

Wear comfortable clothes with trainers/takkies, and be prepared to dance. No slops or bare feet.

Rehearsals will take place from 7 November, afternoons and evenings, and applicants should be wholly available during this period.

The pantomime will be directed by Steven Stead,
designed by Greg King, and stars:
Peter Court,
Bryan Hiles,
Lyle Buxton,
Georgina Mabbett
and Belinda Henwood.


Good luck!

Sandy Bigara
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Coming Soon...

Awesome Profile with local SA Designer Casey-Jeanne coming soon, as well as a sneak-peek at the 'Out The Box' festival!

Watch this space!
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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Cockroach Infestation... ?

You know that tropical South African summer is coming, when you start to *see* Cockroaches everywhere... Even when there aren't any there. You *see* them nonetheless. (I'm talking about the flying one's that fly in your windows... If you have the live-in ones then... sies! Clean your house! Jiss!)

In my case it is not cockroaches that I'm seeing but rather, imposters. In my case, my house is infested it seems, with little black, scurrying feathers. Yes. My daughter Savanna has been gallavanting around wearing my black feather boa again.

It's not funny!
I reach for my shoe!
My eyes ferret around feverishly looking for the rusty can of insect spray.
You've done it too.
Don't judge me.

And so, tomorrow after our interview with 'Tape Aids' (we may be recording my shows and novel onto CD for the blind) and before my newspaper interview (for my novel - I am SO excited) I will scramble around on all fours searching for these hybrid cockroach-feathers.

Because mark my words, one day soon there will actually *be* a cockroach, and it will most probably land up running up my trousers/pants because I don't kill it immediately.

Be warned: cockroaches are evil mastermind's and are super intelligent, don't be fooled by their size. If the A-bomb went off... THEY would still be here; and you, would be cinders. They are into fashion, they just *love* trousers/pants and will aim for YOUR trousers/pants, IF you don't end their reign of terror: with lightening quick reflexes - and the precision of a hooded viper.

I have had cockroaches run up my pants not once, not twice, nay...THRICE (That's three. Foohl.) Up. My. pant legs... I cannot describe the horror of having one of those 'things' shimmying up the bottom half of your Pj's *shivers*

In other words, I don't muck around. I get them before they can get to ME.

So, hopefully after tomorrow I will have located and dispatched ALL black feathers and will resume 'Roach Watch 2011' with peace of mind... Gah!

Sandy Bigara

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Do These Jeans Make Me Look Fat?

I love the title of this article... The scenario went something like:

Wife "Do these jeans make me look fat?"
Husband "No, love, they don't. It's your fat that makes you look fat."

Love it. No really.

I look in the mirror once in a while, while getting dressed, brushing teeth, doing hair and make-up, and it's amazing how powerful the 'mind' can be. If you think you're losing weight you will 'see it' if you feel puffy then you will look puffy (even if it's in your mind) Why is that?

I have reached the point where I have recognised that: most women are completely *insane* when it comes to weight loss, fat in general and the shape & size of our bodies.

Admit it.

We're mental about it.

We preen, pluck, starve, hide, cream, wax and tweeze ourselves until we are unrecognisable! All the while, our dear beloveds are looking on quizzically, saying
"But babe, I love you just as you are"...
And we ignore them with a pert,

Is it the media that is to blame? Is it the fact that we were made to:
"...Sit and eat that supper until the sun comes up! Eat every last bite"
"But I'm FULL?!"
"Don't you *know* how many children are *starving* out there!..."
"Well then give *them* my supper!"

And so we ate until it hurt and subsequently lost the ability to know when to say "I'm full thank you"

Am I right here? Am I on track?

We eat too much (a few bites too much, all of the time) and are being bombarded with imagery (magazines that are photo shopped) and we don't exercise enough (time constraints, safety of environment, cost of classes, cost of gym membership) and we loathe ourselves because we don't meet the grade. Isn't it sick?

I watch my daughters, Sav is three and a half, she is carefree and happy in her skin. She floats through her day concerned about whether Belle will love the Beast in time... And not about how she looks. She eats healthily and we don't make a fuss about finishing what is on her plate - she stops when she is full. Kels is one, she also eats when she needs to and stops when she is done. She runs off, and has a ball. She has no self awareness - it is liberating.
I want to be like that.
I WILL be like that.

I challenge you - whoever you are - stop criticising yourself and try to be happy 'as you are'. Accept your flaws and try to see the person you are 'outside' of your physical body.

- Eat healthily - make good choices.

- Exercise - short bursts of physical activity are just as good as slow workouts. The idea is to get moving. Go to the mall and walk from one end to the other.

- Stop speaking badly to yourself - you set the tone for your interactions with others. If you secretly treat yourself badly, don't expect others to treat you well.

- Start facilitating change in your life. Make the most of every day.

- Challenge yourself. Do something - a project - that pushes you beyond your comfort zone, something that you will have to work on. When you accomplish a challenging task you will feel exhilarated.

Have a good day,

Sandy Bigara
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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Wheat Free Sulk Time :o(

Please Note: I have since been sent this amazing website link : www.wheat-free.org check it out if you think you may suffer from wheat intolerance. It's more serious than I thought!

I dont usually sulk. I rant. But by Jove here is a sulk. Enjoy it - Eeyore style.

"I got my curves because of this stuff here..."

"Wheat-free is the bee's knees."

I tell myself this about 50 times a day as I enter my second wheat-free week. Not really. I swear a lot though.

My face has slimmed, my belt is one notch tighter, I don't feel bloated or uncomfortable, I'm not craving food 24/7... Wheat. It's everywhere. It's in everything. It's so damn yummy.

Is there anyone out there who is also gluten intolerant?

I can't eat:
Corn (Niknaks, Big Corn Bites, Dorito's, Sweetcorn)
Maize (Phutu, Porridge)
Wheat (Bread, Rolls, sauces, Wraps/Roti's, Bunnychow, Samoosa)
Malt (Maltabela, Milo, Horlicks)
Semolina (Whatever the hell semolina is found in)

Bread: it's evil.

How do I possibly carry on? Do I cook separate meals for myself and my family indefinitely? Or, do we all embrace the wheat free lifestyle? Cooking time has doubled and if I look at the price of the different flour and pasta options I am shocked! *sigh*

Since I jumped off the 'wheat wagon' I have lost weight for sure, but there have been other side effects - my hair has 'settled' and is shiny, my constant hunger pains and food cravings have disappeared, and my allergies (Sinus headaches, Rhinitis, Throat pains) have all but disappeared. My Doctor is amazed.

*sigh again* Well I'm off to eat a potato and some lentil bredie while my family lushious-ly pour theirs over soft white uPhutu :o( I need a chocolate. Stat.

Sandy 'wheatless' Bigara
(The blonde sulking in the wheat-free corner)

Look Out Here They Come!

Watch this space... I have an exclusive up close and personal interview coming up with the beautiful CASEY-JEANNE WALTERS a Durban Fashion Designer who has her eyes on the prize - her designs are out of this world! I'm hoping to include some pictures of her INCREDIBLE wedding gowns with the interview.
Out The Box Festival
I'm also excited to announce a great Information Burst from the fabulous Out The Box Festival the largest puppetry and visual performance festival in Africa!
Cant wait to share these articles with you all.
Take care and enjoy some wheat for me. Seeing as I can't...

Sandy Bigara
The photograph of the stunning Casey-Jeanne was taken by talented South African photographer Cara-Lee Gevers who is available on Facebook.
Visit her page http://www.facebook.com/notes.php?id=654046745#!/pages/CLG-Photography/172477801314 Click "like" and enjoy her magnificent photography.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Workshop on the Companies Act 2008

Please Note: This affects Non-Profit Companies operating in the Arts.



Business and Arts South Africa, in partnership with The Playhouse Company and Norton Rose will be facilitating a workshop on the Companies Act, 2008.

Associates from law firm, Norton Rose, will provide information as to the developments in the law, and how this affects Non-Profit Companies operating in the Arts.

If you are affiliated to a Non Profit Company, we would like to extend an invitation to you, or a representative of your organisation, to attend this forum.

Please note that seat reservations are on a first come first served basis as there are a limited number of places for this workshop.
Friday, 19 August 2011

The Playhouse Company - Alhambra Room
231 Anton Lembede Street (formerly Smith Street)

9:30am for 10:00am

Please RSVP to arts@playhousecompany.com or call 031 369 9460 not later than Wednesday 17 August 2011

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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Shoes That Elves Don't Even Want

Do I hear you all gagging?
I felt dizzy, faint, ill... and then he took the shoe off.

Here is the post that caused a stir: (can't for the life of me think why...even caught the abysmal glare of an internet Troll from Japan... and that was just glorious fun...)

Ok, so what the hell is up with all of these pointy assed shoes? I'm not entirely sure.

Firstly, what man in his right mind wants to EXTEND his feet by as much as 10cm into a rapidly thinning point? Is it so that he can 'be the man' and kill cockroaches? Even ones that hide in corners? I think so.

Perhaps it is so that he can fool us all into believing that he possesses some otherworldly longer toe that he uses to.........gah! I can't even be bothered to think up a use for such a thing.

Thirdly, what is wrong with women?!? Somewhere, somehow, women are barely looking up from typing on their Blackberry's when asked,
"How does this look baby? Should I get them?" And are merely replying,
"Yes. Yes. Looks good. They're fine. Just get them."

This must be. This MUST be. Unless, as I am noticing the horrifying amount of men wearing 'skinny jeans', (OMG!! My eyes bleed!!! Put the Skinny's *away* with the lycra cycling tights, white knit vests and your green speedo!) Unless, Women actually *like* these Pants... and shoes... Or, I am past it. I am *not* past it. I will never surrender to the awful ugliness of the pointed leather work shoe.

Now before you get emo on me, and saw off the tips of your R800 DH Pointy toed elf boots, just listen. Wear them, take photos. That way in a year when Fashionista's the world over stop hallucinating and realise what they've done... You'll have some 'funny' photos of yourself. Like the photo's of you with a mullet when you were 13. Go ahead. Tag me.

In the meantime, my husband (who values my friendship and so will *not* go down the elvin booted path) can not find a single store that sells good old fashioned square toe'd leather office shoes... *sigh*

Sandy Bigara 

A Picture of Strength : Teenage Pregnancy

They say that there is strength in beauty, and beauty in strength. Bear with me. I’m having a moment.
I have had the pleasure of meeting up with an old friend a few months ago, an ex-student of mine who has had an interesting change in her life. She is a teenage Mum and has weathered the storms of prejudice and judgement to bring an incredibly special little baby girl into the world. Her name is Chelsea and I wanted to honour her strength and determination with this blog post.

Now obviously teenage sex, underage sex and sex before marriage are not high on my “Things I approve of” list – but, life happens, mistakes happen, love happens. It’s what you DO about it that matters.

I still read the PRO LIFE vs ABORTION articles raging on the internet…

SUM41 Gig a No-Go at Wavehouse Gateway

¤Were you cold?
¤Did you stand in the rain waiting to hear your fave band?
¤Were you at the "Concert That Didn't Happen"?
¤Did you travel from JHB or CT to get there... Only to freeze your @$$ off and be told "NOT HAPPENING"...?

People on Facebook are swearing at SUM41, but as a performer who played a gig myself last night - I opened for TONI ROWLAND - we got rained on, sang with wet

KZN MIDLANDS! Diemersfontein’s Free-flowing Pinotage Party

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Diemersfontein (blog post: http://sandyramblings.blogspot.com/2011/07/diemersfontein-farm-worth-visiting.html )
Whilst waiting for my darling Husband to finish his wine, I chatted to a delightful lady named Dierdre Taylor who is the Marketing Manager at the Estate. She told me of a wonderful venture called PINOTAGE ON TAP. This will be their second year and from what I heard there will be a nice sized crowd attending!...

Here is the Press Release incase you havent already seen it around town:

Diemersfontein's free-flowing Pinotage party returns to Midlands, Kwa-Zulu Natal

Pinotage on Tap, the u
ltimate roving party of the SA wine calendar, will return to the Midlands KZN for the 2011 vintage launch of Diemersfontein's Original Coffee Chocolate Pinotage, on Saturday 10 September at the Piggly Wiggly farm.
On offer are the essential features that fans have come to know and love,...

A Personal View: Art

Art. A very subjective thing.

A week or so ago, I was attacked (in writing) by an internet troll with too much time on his/her/it's hands. After googling me he/she/it did 'it's' utmost to rip apart and shred everything creative that I have ever done. Now, I don't ever profess to be a fine artist, I just enjoy painting, sewing and creating arty stuff. (If you are interested I have an older, now dormant, blog with all of my paintings etc there - note: it's old. Out of date and a little ugly, but it's my history so I'll leave it in cyber space - www.talentfactory.wordpress.com )

Do you think that it is right to 'speak with utmost authority' and judge the art of others? A person who only possesses

Thursday, 11 August 2011

My Advice: A Cold Girlfriend And a Troubled Teen Love Affair

NOTE: I tried to be kind, I even designed a soft friendly banner... I had to scrap that idea. This is the new banner... I just cant help myself - if you are causing your own heartache I will tell you! Just remember: there is always a way to solve a situation. It will take work, dedication and sometimes...walking away.

"My girlfriend is acting very strangely, she has stopped sms'ing me and calls once a week. It's been about two weeks now and if I see her she acts cold towards me. I don't know what has happened? Should I try to work it out or just leave her?

Broken Hearted Lover"
Dear Broken Hearted Lover,
You're an idiot.
Have you stopped calling and sms'ing her as well? The chances are that YOU have stopped trying and now only notice that SHE has stopped also. If you really truly love this girl then make a damn effort. Call her, sms her, arrive at her house and take her...

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Thorngate Website is LIVE

For those of you who live under a rock - here it is - I have finally published my NOVEL!! !! !!
Enough exclamation marks? Yes.

I have been assigned my ISBN and the barcode on my book looks soooo purdy!
For the history of the book, reviews, sneak previews and links for purchasing the book - check out www.thorngateseries.blogspot.com
Like right now.
Thanks : )
Sandy Bigara

Government Websites and IT Guys

I am not going to rant. I am not going to rant.
I am trying to sort out the issue of registering my Domestic Worker (for the second time as they now don't seem to have registered her the first time well over 4 years ago)
I decided to go to the Government website to show my maid the process … I clicked on about 3 of the required informative links to read up on the process, where to go, how to register etc… and the above image is what I found on 3 of the 3 pages…

Monday, 8 August 2011

International Women's Day

Today in South Africa we smile proudly,
As we think back to those Women who stood up,
Stood together,
Crossing racial, area and age gaps to shout out:
Thank you to those who marched,
Who were beaten,
Jailed and worse.
We as 'Modern Women' have freedom,
Because of YOU.

Happy Women's Day everyone!

Do something special for the women, daughters, sisters in your life today - show them that you value them.

Sandy Bigara
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School Statistics Shocker

I read these startling statistics in The Mercury Online today http://www.themercury.co.za/shocking-state-of-schools-in-kzn-1.1113821 :

[SOUTH AFRICA- KwaZulu Natal]

A Report released by the Basic Education Department last month revealed that out of:
- 5 931 schools in the province,
- 4 732 did not have libraries,
- 5 212 lacked laboratories,
- 4 939 were without science laboratories,
- 1 580 were not connected to power,
- 2 834 used pit latrines and,
- 320 did not have internet connections

What is wrong with this picture? Where is the money going? Why are private companies and individuals getting on board?

I believe that even the 'have-nots' are able to get involved, volunteering time to clean up the schools, volunteering specialised service, (cleaning roofs, setting up toilets, polyfillering and painting walls, cooking hot lunches) hand on action does not have to cost money. If each neighbourhood 'adopted' the schools nearest to them (I'm talking specific neighbours adopting the school of their choice, nearest to them) stick with me here. Then surely there would be improvement?

In my field of work I have stepped over broken ground, performed near open sewers, seen the devastation and ruin in the KZN schools - but I have also witnessed the sheer will and tenacity of the teachers and principals. They all say the same thing: Parents don't pay. Parents don't support. Parents don't attend. Parents don't care.

I have seen schools that are situated literally two blocks way from one another, and yet they are in two very different 'places' economically speaking. The difference is definitely in the attitude and drive of the school's Principal and Staff. They have chosen to break the 'hand-me-down' mentality, have stopped waiting for the dysfunctional municipality to 'come to the rescue' and are working incredibly hard to build up their schools.

How can YOU or YOUR business get involved? Make an effort, pay for a sign board if you know of a school that doesn't have one (we have at least 70 schools on our database that have asked for SIGNAGE - just ask us - it will cost roughly about R2000 per sign) buy some colourful paint and deliver it to a school outside of your comfort zone - or drop it off with us in Durban North and we'll get it to a school with bare concrete walls... MAKE A CHANGE. Read the statistics above and find a place to assist. We have the schools - call us, email us and DO something (even if you are overseas you can assist through us).

I hope to feedback on this issue.

Sandy Bigara
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Sunday, 7 August 2011

My Romance Novel - NOW ON SALE

Here it is! My very FIRST HISTORICAL ROMANCE NOVEL... The first of the Thorngate Trilogy!

A beautifully scripted Historical Saga, written by a second-generation Author from South Africa, following the lives and loves of a family, spanning generations, the story reveals that the strength of a woman is only known when she is tested greatly. The first of three installments, Thorngate is a pocket-sized love story of classic proportions...a "can't put down" read, followed by "Thorngate: Esme's Child"

This book, the first of three installments, took me 10 years to finish, writing whenever I could find a spare moment, three books - one incredible family saga.

I lost the entire manuscript to a trojan virus last May... but babycakes, I didnt give up! I spent a week on tranquilizers and then dove right back in. My previewers have loved it and I KNOW that you will too. I will release the second novel at the end of November... in time for Christmas stockings : )

It is selling for a limited time only for $9.50... thats R66.00... The price will be going up at the end of the week so come on! Yay!

http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-book/thorngate/11049872 - Click here to order!


"Impossible to put down…this steady paced story of life, loss and love ignites deepest passions; and strums the hearts strings from the first page to the last…"
Tanya van Agthoven Marais
Greenbox Productions and Artist Management

"A lovely story, charming characters, full of insight the relationships of the characters are woven together beautifully. An unexpected gem of a book"
Francis Martin Doherty-Bigara
Flexithink Quality Consulting

"I could not put the book down. I can't wait to see your book in print! So honoured and proud to have been able to read the whole story!"
Belinda Hellerle
A Cut Above The Rest – Designer Wedding and Corporate Stationary

"Captivating from the very first word, by chapter two couldn't put it down… I'M LOVING IT! It's really easy reading and I'm hooked!"
Leilani-Jeannette Truter
The Animal Anti-Cruelty League

Sandy Bigara


Saturday, 6 August 2011

My Advice Email Address

Firstly to those who have already contacted me via Facebook inbox - I will answer shortly a maximum of THREE cases per article.
Apologies for the incorrect email adress for my new advice column:
If you would like my opinion or advice on any subject please email myadvice@hotmail.co.za
And please remember I will NOT use your real name or the names of any people you mention in your email to me - I will change names.
Your privacy will be respected.
Thanks and have a GREAT day!
Sandy Bigara
PS Find me on Facebook <- let's connect!

Friday, 5 August 2011

My Advice - New Column

I am a married mother of two who has survived incredibly difficulties; I have always found myself on a couch somewhere sipping cappuccinos and giving advice.
This is not my day job (I am a theatre producer) but it would be fun to see where this goes. I am an encourager so let me hear about your troubles! I can't promise to publish every letter but I will answer as many as I can weekly.
I studied practical ministry and did two years of counselling - if I can't help you I will at least point you to someone who can!
If you would like my advice - email me at myadvice@hotmail.com I will not reveal names or identities of yourself, or the people mentioned in your emails. Your privacy will be respected.

Have a great day!

Sandy Bigara

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Friday Night @ Vmacs Roadhouse in Pinetown

Sandy Bigara with Raiken English and Keith Naidoo opening for TONI ROWLAND.
Our Broadcast: This Week! Sandy Bigara will be opening for Toni Rowland @ Vmacs Roadhouse. Friday 5 Aug, 19h00, R50pp, 95 Goodwood Road, Mahogany Ridge, Pinetown. Awesome venue, awesome music. Keith Naidoo on electric guitar, Raiken English on acoustic guitar & Masanga extraordinaire on sound. GUARENTEED TO ROCK!
There will be drink available. Awesome venue!
Sandy Bigara

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Work Blogs and Show Dates

Hi guys,


Please check out our work related blogs – www.pawpawsa.wordpress.com and www.thetalentfactory.wordpress.com we're currently having a ball doing our AACL road show across KZN Durban, and are reaching about 3000 - 4000 children a week with our messages about Animal Safety – awesome! We also have other shows lined up that are making us drool with anticipation, …cant wait to share them with you!


  • I am performing this Friday night 5th August at VMACS ROADHOUSE www.vmacs.co.za at 8pm, R50 pp there will be drinks available – the venue is gorgeous and has a great vibe.


  • Then on the 14th August Sunday night – we will be @ Zack Attack www.zacks.co.za with Steve Fataar of The Flames and Avatar fame for a nice gig. I will be playing with Raiken English and Keith Naidoo… Hope to see you there.


Have a great day and steer clear of condescending trolls who wear pointy shoes.





Sandy Bigara



Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Dear Anonymous

This response is to a troll who harassed me over a Fashion post about Pointy Shoes. As a result I changed my commenting permissions and in the end, the troll revealed their name and apologised.


Dear Anonymous,

Seeing as I know first-hand what a mission it is to actually post a comment on blogger - I commend your effort. Choosing a profile, typing a comment, reading and re-typing a blasted captcha all so that you could have your say.

Good on you.

Your comment:
"You obviously have no idea of what is aesthetically pleasing, or any sense of style. This comes through in both your inane drivel, and your appalling fashion sense."

Just love it. So succinct.

Unfortunately, there are a few issues with your comment. As an artist, designer and woman. I have a very clear understanding of what is aesthetically pleasing or not - the gag reflex that rises in my throat each time I look at one of these elongated elvin rejects is sign enough that they are, in fact, NOT aesthetically pleasing. One day when you finally give your 6 pairs away you will receive hate-mail from the poor guys who find that they, in turn, cannot turn around comfortably in narrow passageways while at work.

Style is that which leaves the wearer looking 'Trendy' and 'Attractive' (please re-read the gag-reflex portion of the above paragraph) Now, most women like to enjoy having their men look 'attractive' - these shoes are not fulfilling this purpose. I have yet to hear of ONE woman who actually likes these shoes. Imagine trying to slow dance? May as well just step on up and dance it all out while riding the boats. Also, there should be guidelines - short legged med with paunches wearing skinny work pants and elf boots look utterly ridiculous.

Inane drivel - fortunately for me I happen
to know the specific monetary value of my 'drivel' I happen to be paid quite well to write 'drivel'. Per A4 page Times New Roman 12pt 1 1/2line spacing I am paid quite handsomely, and have received numerous compliments about my humour and character. So if my free and fun expression upsets you, the just slap a little swastika on your long elf shoes and start a campaign. Do it. Email me a picture of it.

Fashion sense - you got me there. I am anti-fashion. The fashion industry while filled with hardworking designers and promoters is a business - no more no less - a business. Profit is the bottom line. There have been countless 'Fashionable Pieces' in history that have been utterly ridiculous. I'm too bored with this rebuttal to quote any.

Anyway, if you wish to respond, include your name Anonymous. That way we can mention you in person when we laugh at your ridiculous obsession with pointy little elfin boots.

Sandy Bigara