Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Spog Weni Flem Festival 2011 - Tickets, Info & More

There is something happening up the North Coast... Muso's are stirring, hoping, waiting to hear if they are 'in'... If you haven't heard about it... well, where have you BEEN?


Spog Weni.

Spog Weni Flem.

Spog Weni Flem Festival.

Let it roll off your tongue, you won't forget it. I hope to see/hear LOTS of people supporting and motivating this - we need more platforms like these for our artists! Well done to Maryse Goodwin and Byron Love!
One fun fact: If you want to see MELANIE LOWE and KINGS AND QUEEN performing, then go to the group and motivate!!


Music Festival:
Spog Weni Flem Festival 2011

06 October at 14:00
09 October at 14:00

"By the Way"
18km Inland from Ballito
(Kwazulu Natal)


(Some of the artists appearing at the festival)
Axel Batsch
Krystle Temmerman
Rob Warren Band
Rowan Stuart
*Approvals are being announced LIVE on the Facebook Group wall. Very exciting!

The following quote is taken from the Facebook Group that has 1353 members ...and growing every day.
"Spog Weni Flem Festival was born and created to host a platform for our home grown talented Bands and Musicians, after months of location hunting, local North Coast muso Byron Love showed me a venue that totally took my breath away and I knew there and then I wanted to share with all, and that is where Spog Weni Flem Festival was born. The meaning behind the Festival name is "Spog Weni" - Comes from the days many years ago when there was a railway line and all the sugar cane farmers sent their cane from the different farms for transport to the Sugar Mills. So the actual word Spog Weni means junction. Hence a place of "Meeting"

When I asked the following questions:
Toilets? Food? Family friendly? Day/Night performances? Amatikiti? I got these fantastic answers:

- Yes, toilets will be there.
- There will be food stalls and a crafters market.
- The Festival is definitely family friendly!
- There are day-time and night-time performances.
- Please check out www.tickets.overtone.co.za or the Overtone website for tickets and prices. See you there!

Sounds good to me!

Will *you* be going?

Take care,

Sandy Bigara
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