Saturday, 9 July 2011

SAPS Greenwood Park Police Station - An Honest Critique

Yes, this is an article about a Police Station. Read on and pass it on, it was a very interesting visit...

We, as a family, are delving into the possibility of immigration. In order to do so we are having to frequent places like Home Affairs in Umgeni rd and... You guessed it. Police Stations...

Now, I existed within rather turbulent 1990's (with a few family issues not of my doing) We had need of Police assistance a few times... Now, I have no real concrete memory of all of the events. But as a result I am always nervous around Police officers or Police Stations. Silly really. The Police helped us. But still, the fear is there nonetheless. Now in 2011, we are constantly hearing horror stories of Police brutality, of corruption etc. in the upper echelons of the Police rank... which does nothing for my little irrational phobia of the men in blue.

On Friday (after avoiding it successfully for at least 6 weeks) we went in to the Greenwood Park Police Station SAPS. As we approached I was so nervous, but hid it well via incessant chatting... My first impression was an auditory "Mmph!" of pleasant surprise - beautiful red brick buildings set in a green and neat garden setting! We walked into the first room, high ceilings, yellow wooden floors - finger printing - and were made to feel so comfortable. So comfy in fact, that our one conversation went like his:


Officer: Mr Bigara, have you ever stolen anything?

Sandy: Yes, he has.

Officer: *awkward silence*

Sandy: He stole my heart ten years ago.

Francis: Never getting it back! *laughs*

Officer: Now that's no crime!!

All: *Cue laughter*


So, I can say, I was much happier.

We then had to make a payment of R117 cash. Exact amount only. We had R200 in 2 R100 notes... The lady in finance thought we were mentally insane when we came back with "Car Guard Coins" and, giggling like idiots, managed to scrape together R116.74 - She said it was fine (whew) and we giggled our way back to finger printing. We were treated with respect.

After prints we needed to get about 16 or so documents certified and get some affidavits drawn up. We made our way into the general enquiries room and were met by the friendly Constable Erick Zenzele Chonco. Now Const. Choncho was patient, friendly, assisted us properly and even found us a pen(that worked). By the time we had verified everything, stamped everything, written out two affidavits and chatted up a storm, getting good advice - we had also met some of the other officers on duty - all were friendly and made us feel so very welcome.

By the time we made our way back to the car we were relaxed, happy and were even waved off by the efficient Const. Chonco.

As a person who has spent 15 years in fear of the SAPS and Police Stations - I must extend my hand and say "THANK YOU" for taking time to help two bumbling artists who didn't *really* know what they were doing. Your hard work and attention to detail made sure that we got everything done properly, your kindness left us literally stunned and so pleased.

Thank you to all who helped us. More Police Stations could learn a lesson from Greenwood Park - you guys are fantastic and we commend your work.

Pop in to have a look at their website:

Have a great day!

Sandy Bigara
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