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Profile: Michele Batchelder - African Artist

This is a profile on a incredibly talented local South African artist Michele Batchelder - her art is 'out of this world' and if I could fly to the Cape right now just to 'look' and 'feel' one of her paintings I would!! (I kick myself because I was in the Cape for two weeks and didn't know she was right within my grasp!)

The best alternative to actually going to her Gallery is to visit her site or facebook profile and gorge your eyes on her visual feast... Her art is fresh, whimsical, fun, tasteful, creative, flamboyant, poignant, and at times, a touch sad - she makes environmental commentary with some of her works.

I have thoroughly enjoyed looking through her artwork and I know that you will too.

Here are some of her contact details:


Email: for ATT: Michele


BLOUBERGRAND, 7441 Cape Town, South Africa

Facebook Profile:
Michele Batchelder

Facebook Fan Page:
Michele Batchelder - African Artist

Current News:

Friday July 8th 10:30am till late
Sunday July 10th 10:30am till 4:30 pm
Open from around 10am till late evening.

Atlantic Beach Golf Estate
Melkbosstrand, South Africa

Artists Exhibiting:

In support of:
The JUKANI WILDLIFE PREDATOR PARK fundraising effort. 10% of all sales will be donated to the fund. Visit to learn more about the park and see how you or your organisation can get involved in fundraising.

A Quick Look At The Artist:
The following are excerpts from her Biography, they capture her character so well:

"I am an artist, I have breathed art, dreamed art and done art since I was about 3yrs that is a long, long time. I was born in the desert of Namibia in August 1958, and some how still remember the millions of pink flamingos on the white beaches. I must have been about 18 months old then... Hey! I think the 'pink thing' must have started then... maybe... just thought of that now!..."

"...Most of my life was spent in KZN where at the age of 15 I began a 3 year Fine Art course, which I completed in 1976..."

"...Although I continued to paint and do all sorts of arty and crafty stuff, my career really only began after I had my two gorgeous kids... who are now 27 and 24.
Around 1989 life threw a few curved balls my way, and I was forced to either go out and find a 'job' or create my own income from what i knew i could do..."

"...I LOVE my job, wouldn't have it any other way! No traffic jams, usually no alarm clocks... but I still put in at least 12hrs or so a day, which is more than most people I know..."

"...Once i had started painting, and sold the first few little paintings I had done... and being the Virgo that I am, I decided that I had to create my very own distinctive style... something which was recognisable as my work. So I played and painted, and played some more and FINALLY purely by accident "it" happened!
Something I'd visualised since the age of 12.... I did it!..."

"...I think, being a true "born to be" artist means that your head works 24/7/365... you never really stop 'working'..."

"...I am totally inspired by the wide open spaces of the West Coast... (Cape) The stark landscapes which explode into colour in spring... the turquoise, aqua, cobalt, azure, etc. etc. etc. of the sea... The wind that transforms the shape and the direction of the growth of a tree! (they all look like they're heading!)..."

"...I have a Gallery... A small one on the beach... I have rented a stunning apartment, where I can gaze at the ocean, smell the salt air and have (almost) uninterrupted views of the sea..."

"...My patio is my studio... So summer is wonderful... winter a little fresh, but plans get made. I can gaze at the ocean and paint all day... way into the evening..."

"...I have also started teaching... different classes to all the existing ones around..."

Michelle encourages freedom and expression in her classes and has quite a waiting list. Contact her to find out more.

I hope that you 'friend' her on facebook, 'like' her page and encourage her! 'Local' is, in this case, extremely 'Lekker!'

Sandy Bigara
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