Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Damien Strydom: Profile and Introduction


I have found a 'Fashionista' from the City of Gold who is happy to ramble on about fashion occasionally :) yay!

I decided to introduce him with an interview - he is young, vibrant and seems to really have his eyes and heart set on taking the fashion scene by storm. He has an unusual style and his Motto is "Be Yourself No Matter What They Say" (yes, I know its a Phil Collins song but it says it all!! Be yourself!!)

So here it is: Watch this space for Damien's Ramblings when and if he feels like it!

1. Let's get the ball rolling! What is your name?

"Hi There I'm Damien Strydom."

2. Tell us, what is your FAVE accessory and why?

"So many! Eyeliner is probably the best. It can make you look amazing in seconds without fuss and mess. Plus it's small so can fit anywhere really."

3. Awesome tip! I can't LIVE without my eyeliner! Ok, so... Your fave restaurant?

"In Johannesburg there is a local pizza/pasta restaurant called 'Pizza Luna' it is based in Sandton. It's extremely healthy and so delicious! They use the freshest toppings and the most delicious bases! Plus 2 Large Pizza's For R105.00! The service there is amazing!"

4. Yay for great food! And now,... where are you based?

"In Johannesburg, West Rand. But still have Durban Blood!"

5. Where is your dream holiday and why?

"Tough choice! Probably New York City. I really enjoy seeing all the energy in Time Square during the day. The fashion is another reason. I would love to go during NYC fashion week. Also to grab a hot dog on the side of the road seems pretty impressive. I would die to go and watch a Broadway Show. I've always watched the Broadway Shows on TV since I was young... And of course to go and dine in The Statue Of Liberty at night time and overlook the city."

6. For all of our readers,... Fashion tip of the week??

"Black Blazers (mostly shoulder padded) with black studded leggings are a must have.
This compliments your figure while making you look like a million dollar bill.
Add a white or black top underneath - mostly white - so you can add some chunky necklaces (colourful of course!) to brighten up your look.
Add a pair of heels that either match the black or colour of the jewellery. Or if your prefer add a pair of flats, or studded/jewelled flops.
With this look you can run errands during the day or hit the town with this look at night.
Remember to be yourself! You have to love what you see in the mirror!"

Thanks Damien!

Damien is part of the alternative youth scene in South Africa and will give us all a good idea of emerging fashions and places to shop! He will be on the prowl doing undercover critiques of Fashion Boutiques everywhere... And I'm sure that a restaurant critique or two will creep in somewhere *insert evil laugh* looking forward to some fun reading!

Welcome Damien!

Ta xxx

Sandy Bigara

PS. If YOU would like to write for 'sandyramblings' I'm looking for a Durban 'Fashionista' and a Durban 'Music Scene Queen'... Leaves me to do all the yummy FOOD stuff *sigh* :)

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