Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Lunar Eclipses And Their Effect On Babies

Well, well, well, ...tonight we decided to be legendary and wait up to see the Lunar eclipse (Like normal people who aren't exhausted parents of young children).
We ordered a Pizza and Coke, stayed up later (let the girls stay up an hour later) and then we sat in the cold watching the eclipse until we couldn't keep our eyes open. That was 3 hours ago.

I am currently sitting in my pink fluffy dressing gown at 1am, on the couch. While 11 month old Kelsey sings, burps, crawls and slingshot's around the lounge. This is the first time this has happened. Ever.
My dear husband, after battling out the 10:30pm-midnight titanic toddler/parent fight for sleep avoidance/deprivation with me as his bleary eyed assistant, has succumbed to the almighty sleep and left me, uh, holding the baby so to speak.

We have Shushed, Rocked, Wrapped, Fed, Smacked, Cuddled, Ignored, Medicated and Cried to try and get her to sleep. But it's not. Gunna. Happen.

"It looks like.... ..... .... ..... She's awake"
*Horatio put on sunglasses and places hand on hips*

Sorry, I am sitting at the tail end of an incredibly busy few days (I am completely and utterly exhausted) and I can see no conceivable way that I will be getting any sleep tonight.

It seems as though several forces are at play stopping Kelsey's sleep:
a. She has a sleeping issue (slept through for the first time at 10.5months)
b. She has acid reflux and it seems to be particularly bad tonight.
c. She has reached a big milestone (last two days) and is now tentatively walking.
d. She has had a speech breakthrough saying new words. Daddy, Dum, Mum, Nanna, Ottle, Grancie, NumNum.
e. There was an eclipse and she is now part werewolf (would explain the nasty wolverine poohs she's been leaving in her nappies)

All of these or one of these could be the cause. I just don't know, I'm too frikkin tired.

Nice eclipse though.

Sandy Bigara
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  1. She fell asleep at 2:30am... After playing for four hours. It was reflux... And it was the thrill of having Mommy all to herself...


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