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Julius Malema - An Interesting Article

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After a fascinating conversation with a Zimbabwean living in Capetown, I did some reading and found two articles worth 'educating yourself' over.

Realising that, due to the racist rantings of ANCYL Leader J.M. - myself (a hardworking white south african) and my new friend (a hardworking zimbabwean) BOTH feel the same: as if we don't belong. Despite the fact that the SA Govt has granted her legal residency, and that I am a third generation South African with a passport and I'd document that state - SOUTH AFRICAN. Apparently I am NOT African at all. Apparently my friend is not African enough...despite the fact that BOTH of us (and Mr Malema as well) were born and bred on the continent of Africa.

Now, instead of being derogatory (I try to refrain from that avenue) I am *trying* to understand what J.M's motives are. I must say, I am battling to do so. He seems to want good things for 'his' people. I just don't understand why we *all* are not his people, we are African. Could he not pick up the slack where Madiba let go? Could he not channel his seemingly gifted ability to make headlines by fighting for positive change and 'hope'? Without ostracising portions of the population? Without breeding fear and inciting violence, condoning the murder of our very important providers- farmers? I sometimes think that he is not in it for 'the people' but perhaps,... He is in it for the glory. Read on, these articles are interesting and offer new insight into this complex public figure. I personally hope and pray that he amasses positive change for ALL South Africans:

" Pointing to the clause that says "The national wealth of the country....shall be restored to the people", he demands the nationalization of the mines. Pointing to the clause which says that the land "shall be re-divided among those who work it", he demands the expropriation without compensation of both white-owned farmland and the mines. He is, of course, careful never to quote the Freedom Charter's first line, "South Africa belongs to all who live in it, black and white"
Quote: RW Johnson "Making sense of Julius Malema"

Here is the full article entitled:
"Making sense of Julius Malema"
By RW Johnson written, 28 June 2011.
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Also, the wikipedia article about Julius Malema, for your perusal -
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