Tuesday, 17 May 2011

SA Election Day Musings

After a relatively quiet night, we woke early 18th May so that my Husband could go and work at the Voting Station. Sitting in bed having coffee and chatting with my 3 year old - I felt like rambling a blog piece: Humour me. I'm inspired and typing too quickly...

For the sake of clarity I will refer to 'African's' as Black and to the 'Non-Africans' as White/Asian/Indian/Coloured, and by Coloured I mean all other race groups not mentioned, even other African's..

Let it be clear - I WANT South Africa to prosper - I want equal opportunity for all who have submitted their CV's for jobs, I want all people to feel welcome and hopeful, I want service delivery for the poorest parts of the country...and the richest. I want balance.

"VOTE FOR CHANGE today. Move the DA into power so that our province (KZN) loses it's label as one of the 'worst run provinces' We DESERVE the 'Rainbow Nation' of Madiba's dreams, not the 'Africa for Africans' of the ANC's hoping..."

While Madiba headed the ANC we were filled with hope for a better South Africa for ALL of us.
Since the Mbeki fiasco and subsequebt cover-up's, and now the Zuma/Malema drama (Ancestors want the ANC in power, If you vote for any other party your vote will be torn up, the ANC vote will make God happy etc) something tragic has happened:
We are all White/Asian/Indian/Coloured made to feel like parasites, feeding off of what is *actually* the 'African's' wealth and infrastructure. We have to *prove* our BBEE status, and we're seeing more companies waxing lyrical about 'skills development' when the reality is that we're scared to just *do our jobs and run our businesses* we are being forced to give away percentages of companies that we have built. Life isn't fair. Making a percentage of a population (and visitors - xenophobic violence is also common) feel unwanted, disliked and disregarded is not key to a happy flourishing economy...

In the South Africa of today we are *not* equal, there is extreme poverty and devastation of basic human rights everywhere. There is also the devastation of an entire White/Asian/Indian/Coloured nation's pride.

White people especially, are constantly told/shown/reminded that we are the lowest form of life here, we are held responsible and punished for our lineage. The other 'colour groups' were considered 'Black' by the apartheid govt. they suffered alongside the 'Black' nation...and yet, now as we have heard through print media last year - they are no longer 'black' but 'white' - How is *this* fair? It simply shows the heart motive of our leadership: Africa for Africans (the rest of us are now 'blankes verbode' as in the past)

Yes, the power in the business sector is still held by a white majority - this is because the people in business have been there for years and have worked very hard to grow companies and services. It is going to take time to even things out, but it is improper to expect this inequality: A White/Asian/Indian/Coloured man who started out as the tea boy, worked his way up the corporate ladder for 20yrs to a good position, should be replaced by someone with a degree and no experience. Change should start now - but in real time. Let *everybody* start at the bottom and work their way up. Hand outs create problems - if a position is too easily won, the contender does not learn perseverance and experience. It weakens the company/industry.

Anyway, it worries me to now hear of companies that are not actively engaged in costly 'Skills Development' being referred to as 'Untransformed' and being threatened with exclusion from tenders or contracts. This kind of radical speech and accompanying Slogans, Mottos and Labels is a very very dangerous ground, it breeds contempt, anger and 'crowd mentality' - Let businesses do what they can, as they can and if the want to. Stop pressuring us!

VOTE today. VOTE wisely. VOTE for a Rainbow Nation with good service delivery and Freedom for ALL.

Sandy Bigara
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