Thursday, 17 March 2011

Food Crit : BOOST JUICE BAR @ Gateway

Ok, if you value your kidneys, heart, liver, lungs, brain (you get the jist) then BOOST Juice Bar at Gateway Umhlanga is the place for you.

Situated beneath the movie complex, placed just before the 'Circle of Shame' i.e. The other fastfood outlets to the left of the movies... BOOST Juice bar is a real experience.

All the fruit is freshly squeezed before your eyes, order the Energiser Juice (Fresh Juice with no added sugar) comprising of orange, strawberry, banana and an energiser pack, and you'll watch an eye popping load of whole peeled oranges whizz and juice to frothy heaven before your eyes. Yes, orange juice when it's not tampered with, is frothy. Divine.

The first time we bought from BOOST, I had the Tropical Storm R30 (Mango, Banana, Tropical Juice, coconut Milk, Mango yoghurt and Ice) I drank it so fast that I got a headache!! Worth it!! My husband ordered a plain orange juice, once we were over the shock of how many oranges were actually IN the drink, we thoroughly enjoyed every sip! Infact, Francis went BACK and ordered a Tropical Storm!

The second time we went to BOOST - I ordered the Energy Lift with an added Vitamin Pack, my husband ordered the Gym Junkie with a protein booster. Wow.

BOOST is similar to Kauwai but without the semi-religeous piety that comes with a Kauwai cup of juice. They have FUN making your drink, they tell you COOL STUFF about your drink if you ask them. You can CUSTOMISE your drink.

I warn you, You will become highly protective of your juice. If your friends are with you they will 99.9% probably ask "Can I taste yours?" And, you will say No. well, you'll probably say yes. They are THAT good.

Do your body a favour, don't buy some wheat filled cholesterol coated gastronomic suicide-in-a-bun. Get a BOOST.

Sandy Bigara
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