Sunday, 6 March 2011

Being Worth It

As women we tend to do the same thing…all of us are guilty of it at some point or other – we think that we are NOT WORTH IT. Whatever "It" may be, a car, new shoes, that diet you've been putting off, finding a new partner after a breakup. We have all done it.

I have written a Novel – it is nearly ready to go to print, I just need to raise the funds to do so – it has been a BIG "Am I Worth It" experience, to put aside the hours necessary to edit and ready this book has been a constant source of stress for me. Never mind the chance that it might actually make it out there and be a success! (I hyperventilate just thinking about it being in libraries and book stores…) But I have slowly realised that I AM WORTH IT!

A friend of mine had the life changing experience recently of starting to date again after a long stint of single life. After a deep soul search she adventured out there and met someone with whom she is having a great deal of fun, it is great to see! SHE IS WORTH IT!

Why do we do it? Why do we put our needs last? As mothers we are the worst culprits! For example: I arrived home from a family trip and in the car I said
"Wow I am so thirsty and I need the loo!" (overshare  - get over it) and about an hour later my husband said:
"Have you had a drink?"
My answer?
"NO, not yet, no loo either"
Husbands reply was:
"Why not??"
My reply:
"Well, I have made lunch, fed baby K, changed baby K, played with Sav and now she's also settled for a nap…now I can drink and go potty"
I could have easily had a drink and gone to the loo as we got home. I AM WORTH IT.

Even something like dieting and exercise…we put it aside in favour of "duties" like being at home with the kids (when our partners are perfectly capable of looking after the kiddies for one night a week) and often feel guilty for being out of the house! WE ARE WORTH the effort that it takes to look good.

Do you do this? Do you think you are NOT worth it?

I am going to try VERY hard to allow blessings into my life, to take the love and care offered to me, to exercise and eat right for my body, to take time in the bath to read a book, to have that nap, to have the last cappuccino sachet…


Sandy Bigara xx

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