Friday, 7 January 2011

When Dreams Become Arrogance

I'm sitting at the Doctor's rooms post-Dentist visit, and thought it would be a great opportunity to blog : )

I was just wondering... when do we cross the line? we are encouraged from pre-school to College to 'dream big' 'live large' 'go big or go home' 'reach for the stars' but when does dreaming big turn into arrogance? for instance, I sing; I was given a personal tour of the ICC in 2007 by the security manager, as he showed me the different function rooms ending with the new Indoor Show Arena, I half jokingly said to him "I will sing here one day" his reply was "Of course you will, if you work hard and believe it, it will happen. I will see you here" - I was touched by his response to my verbalized dream, grateful that he didn't shoot me down into a deep sar-chasm. And now, in 2011, it looks like I might sing there at an expo... it would be awesome.

Now, in jest-ish, messaging my old friend Jenny Clarkson (arguably the most incredible classical pianist I have ever performed with) who lives in Sydney, I said that when we move there the two of us should perform at the Sydney Opera House. Is that too much 'dream'? is that too high? is it arrogance or deep wish? i'm not sure, the lines get blurred. I only know this - without dreams that seem impossible, without grasping feeble fingers at wisps of 'i hope' can we move and drive ourselves towards completion.

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Sandy Bigara
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