Monday, 24 January 2011

The New Toasted KFC Twister… Is It A Con?

It was with much excitement that I learned (via the blinking box we call the TV) that KFC was reinventing the Twister. The advert showed a grilled, firm taco, crispy chicken strips as thick as my forearm and bright green lettuce practically pouncing onto the pile of gooey chicken and heaven all rolled into one…


The truth however, was a little less than appealing. *We decided to give this glorious new Taco a try, our first attempt was at the Sherwood KFC. I opened my rolled up packet to find a soft, squelchy, oozing, blackened Taco filled with not one but two damp, toughened chicken 'strips' a clump of soggy shredded brown/grey lettuce (it had obviously committed 'Hari Kiri' because it could never, ever look like the lettuce in the advert) and so much "Secret Sauce" that I all but gagged my way through it.


Our next attempt at the new grilled Twister was in KFC Broadway, Durban North. Same thing. Next stop KFC Umhlanga Rocks drive, Durban North side. Same thing. My personal worst was KFC Northway near the Zenex Garage. If you would like to gouge your eyes out in frustration, while thinking of 100 ways to skewer an idiotic teller then go there. Really.


Finally after much soul searching we tried the KFC in Hillcrest. Thank you Hillcrest KFC. I ate the soft, black, taco and left with a broken heart. The meat was great, I passed on having lettuce, and the Taco itself was gross. I now have the Sprinkle Pops only...with fruit chutney.


*Please note this was before my diet!


Sandy Bigara

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