Saturday, 22 January 2011

Monologue of a Grownup - Child Prostitute

Something I wrote while reading about Child Prostitution globally, broke my heart.
How can man be so evil? So carnal? I pray that this sick practice stops. 
I pray that these precious children find escape:
"It's a Game to them you know.

They do not think of the little ones, the lost and the lonely.

They see the Dollars, the Rands… Yen and Euros.

It's all a game to them you know.


They don't hear us cry, they don't see us longing for our children, brothers, and mothers, family… they see the fast cars they can buy, they see the bribery, the corruption and it's all a game to them.


It's not a game to us, we are finished.

We are employed by a terrible fear that stops us from stepping out and finding hope again.


We are afraid to say anything.

We are afraid of them, the big men, the men who make us cry, the men who threaten us.


We are afraid.

We are afraid.


They made me do terrible things, they made me break my heart into a thousand pieces… I don't think I will ever find the whole of my heart again. My insides, my mind, my heart, look like a road sign that has been shot through with many bullet holes, damaged. Broken but still me, you know. Still me.


I used to scream my name inside my head, my real name. As loudly as I could imagine it. But to everyone else I was Neecie. One day I'll be Denise again.


When I was about 19 I had a little baby girl… I called her Sophia after my Mother. They took her away, the cops took her and gave her to her father in Richards bay. I have missed three birthdays so far, three years that I can never get back.


I'm working hard now to be a model citizen and mom! I'm working at a hair dressers and I stay with a group of ladies who are like me, full of holes. We are trying, it is hard but we try every day.


I wish I had never left my house that day to visit the mall. I wish I hadn't taken the drive in the car, wish I had never seen that room, the drugs, the men, the fights, the moneyI would be a different person. I would be 100% ME."


Let's put an end to Human Trafficking.


Sandy Bigara

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  1. Just came accross your post.

    I hv loved it.
    Keep it up


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