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Kick Start Diet - 7 Day Journal

Day 1
SOUP AND FRUIT: Eat any fruit except bananas because they are high in kilojoules. Eat as much as you want. If you do not want soup for breakfast, have a fruit salad instead.


So we've started the Kick-Start Diet. Its day 1 and we're 6 hours in. I'm hungry. Which Irritates me because I've eaten two big bowls of soup and its only 1:20 :( Pathetic. We passed through Hillcrest now and I jumped for joy at the new McCafe that's opened, instantly tasting the Big Mac that I wanted to buy... but, Soup it is for me.

You see, the thing is, when I am pregnant I lose weight rapidly, I end up at 78kgs the day after I give birth but within 4 months of having the baby I'm back at 85kg!! It is awful. My Doctor, after hearing what I eat can't understand why I put the weight on. So, I have joined a Dance Class, I have stopped all wheat and sugar and now I am trying this Kick Start Soup Diet.

We visited Francis' Grandmere and we all had a small slice of Banana bread... nearly did me in! but, we had an energetic swim followed by an hours walk so it was altogether a great visit.

(Height: 1.74cm / 5.11)

Big Mac
Kit Kat
Nando's Lemon n Herb Pita
Romans BBQ Pizza

1 hour brisk walk pushing Savanna in a pram.




Day 2
SOUP AND VEGIES, NO FRUIT: Eat as much fresh, raw or lightly steamed veggies as you like. Leafy greens are great but avoid peas, corn and beans as they are high in sugar. Reward yourself at night with a jacket potato, a little butter or better still, some yoghurt.


After a solid night's sleep we woke up to the usual routine of nappies, dummies, breastfeeds and nonsense... after two cups of coffee I put our steamed vegetables packet into the microwave, feeling a little green-around-the-gills (wanting a nice gooey cereal not vegetables for breakfast) I put them on and waited... suddenly my Husband Francis felt so ill (hypoglycaemic reaction to the lack of carbohydrates) and came stumbling into the kitchen, he pulled the big bag of grapes out and I jumped on him shouting 'no!!! it's Vegetables only today!!' This didn't go down so well but he bravely munched on a fresh carrot and Googled Hypoglycaemia... and off we went to church. I am craving chicken. All kinds of chicken.

It was incredibly hot today, we had 0 energy for exercising and don't have a gym contract. So...we slept on the couch. Went visiting later and got home after 8pm. Enjoyed our Jacket Potatoes with a little bit of cheese and Ina Paarman's Honey & Mustard :)

A little concerned about the lack of "toilet" going on, to be expected I suppose, but all the same I'm having some bran and yoghurt tomorrow.


Date Balls


Both of us have not had a no.2 today.




Day 3
SOUP, VEGIES AND FRUIT: Eat all you want but no potatoes.


We woke up after another quiet (but HOT) night. Franc is feeling better, I feel like I'm retaining water. Still no sign of the elusive No.2 :/ No wonder I've gained weight, all the soup, veggies and fruit are still in there!!

Going to have a nice fruit breakfast and then I'm going to make another pot of soup... Halfway through chop-chop-chop Pinnkie Mtshali arrived! We chatted and laughed while I whittled away at 1kg of Carrot... The second batch of soup tastes nicer than the first!

By the afternoon I had a stiff shoulder and a migraine, started to feel terribly flaky and had 3 Rye vita Crisp Breads with a little cheese at about 6pm which seemed to settle me nicely. Sewed my Gold/Green Cabaret dress. Day 3...get thee behind me!

+600g since day 2
Total loss: 400g

Playing with Savanna and sewing a Dress from scratch... i.e. not much.




Day 4
SOUP AND BANANA SMOOTHIES: Make a banana smoothie with low-fat or skim milk because it is a great source of potassium. Have a maximum of three large bananas per day.


Today was nice :) lots of energy and felt 'light'
It was Banana Smoothie day, Day 4. The day where most people quit. Well, we didn't quit! We pushed through and are more determined to see this to the end.

The detoxing experience has been really hard, Day 1 was a battle of the Mind, Day 2 was a battle of the Body and Day 3 was a battle of the Will. I must say, my weight loss (on the scale) has not been as drastic as I'd hoped, but I'm fitting into pants that were too tight last week so I have lost cm. I have fluctuated quite a bit on the scale, at one point it showed that I'd lost over 1.4kg?? But I am sticking with the morning weigh-in for my reference.  

After sewing all day I dressed happily and skipped off to dance class :) I felt great and usually I fade by 1hr in, this time my MIND not BODY got tired on the last dance of the night! almost 2hrs of Intermediate dancing! GO SANDS!! woot woot!

Total loss: 700g

Dance Class with Belinda Hellerle.




Day 5
SOUP, BEEF AND TOMATOES: Eat a piece of lean beef or a skinless breast of chicken no bigger than a deck of cards with six luscious tomatoes. Vegetarians can substitute tofu. These quantities are per day. You can go easy on the soup today.


After a good night's sleep I have woken up ravenous but still feeling awesome! the entire 1.6kg seems to have come off my back first (the rolls are much smaller!)  

Got a nice day planned, Pinnkie is coming over to do some business calling and Belinda Hellerle is coming over to give me an Over locker and new Sewing Machine! (I have been desperately wanting an over locker for 8 years!) then I have a hair appointment followed by more sewing and time with Francis and the Children :) Happy Day!

Amazing to note that I have now, according to the morning weigh-in, lost 1.6kgs! woot woot!

Total loss: 1.6kg

1hour rehearsal for DandyLion




Day 6
SOUP, BEEF AND VEGIES: Eat plenty of beef (or skinless chicken or fish) and veggies today. Again, vegetarians can substitute tofu. You might not need soup as much but your body will tell you. No potatoes.


Today was another headache day, My thinning body cheered my mood and I have decided that since I did a body measure prior to the diet, I will include my new measurements at the end of this week…


I really found it hard to continue today. It's as if the momentum has slowed down and I am keen to just eat as I used to – even though I have been shocked to realise that I don't need as many Carbs as I thought I did… I am going to eat differently from now on.


We went to Wilson's Wharf for lunch – had meat n veg, followed by a boat ride.


Total loss: 1.4kg


Walking at the Wharf




Day 7
SOUP, BROWN RICE, VEGGIES AND FRUIT JUICE: You might need more soup today.




This was the hardest day> So close to the finish line, it's become so easy that it is possible to just skip this day and move forward.


I feel more in control of my body now than & days ago, I have felt so many emotions, I have had to push through many many "quit now!" internal orders. We have lost cm and are really feeling great.


For dinner I took one skinless Chicken breast, lightly fried it in 1 tsp olive oil, added Ina Paarman's chicken spice and some Basil Pesto. I poured a tin of roughly chopped tomatoes over it. I steamed mixed veggies – broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, green beans and snap peas and drizzled mint and sweet chilli in a hot water base over them – divine! No oil or butter! It was a refreshing dinner and we only managed to eat half of our portions!



Total loss: 1.8kg


-1cm on thighs

-4cm on hips

-7cm on waist

-3cm under bust

-7cm around bust

-1cm on arms

Not bad!


I would recommend this diet if you are on holiday or have a non-stressful position. The food groups that you tackle at each step do weird things to you – they bring on migraines, tiredness, unsteadiness, elation, exhaustion, you battle to speak some days! Words just won't come through! I found that by the end of Day 4 the banana smoothie day I felt so good, it was my best day. So much so that we are going to have banana smoothie days every now and then!


Another thing that I chanted to myself every time I felt like failing… "It's a SOUP diet not a STARVATION diet!...EAT. MORE. SOUP!"
Sandy Bigara

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