Thursday, 27 January 2011

Third Time's The Charm - Another Short Story

They say "third times the charm" but as Lindsey waited at the airport she knew that this time it was for real.

The first time she had left him standing before hundreds of people, and missed her wedding, was because she panicked and ran. The second time he was left by himself, alone and humiliated while his mother shook her head and his Father said "I told you so, Martha". She had simply not been ready. This time however she was more ready than she had ever been.

Thomas had made things a little more difficult for her this time. He was waiting for her in Gauteng and she was to meet him on a specific street corner where they had bumped into each other five years ago. She held up her cell phone, a week ago he had typed in the details - the number house to meet in front of (she had no memory of the location) and the number of his new cell phone. She hadn't really had a chance to look at them and still could not get used to his new number, it just wouldn't stick in her head.

Her flight left at two and she had to meet him at four o'clock so that he could drive them to their third and final wedding.

He had shown her trust by making this wedding as wonderful as the last two. As she waited her stomach turned with excitement. This time tomorrow she would be married! The rules for today where this: He would only wait until five o'clock and then he would leave.

The wedding would be called off and their relationship would finally be over, he would go on their honeymoon alone and that would be the end. She did not know where he was staying, and as she checked her phone to see if the battery was charged, she made a mental note to learn all the details as soon as she was on the plane. With her arm held out dangling her cell phone she rummaged through her carrier bag. Suddenly she was bumped quite roughly from behind. Her cell phone went flying through the air and skidded across the second storey deck that she was standing on; it shot off the edge and went plummeting downwards. It hit one of the jutting supports and shattered before falling with a splash into the giant aquarium which dominated the foyer below. Her heart stopped for a minute. She didn't know all of the facts. She couldn't remember his number. What if something went wrong and she couldn't reach him? He would leave and they would be over for good. She leant on the railing and gasped for air. Her heart felt as if it was being pulled through a mangle!
She straightened out and walked slowly towards the departure line and waited, thinking only of him and their life together. She was sure she would be able to find the street corner, she remembered which shopping mall it was near and that there was a pre-school across the road. She started to dream of the beautiful children they would have, the Christmases and birthdays they would spend together. There was no other man for her.

As she reached the front of the line she felt her bag move and spun around to see her zipper hanging open. She looked inside the bag and knew instantly, her wallet was gone along with her drivers licence and credit cards. This was the second horrible thing to happen to her, She felt drained and stared ahead slack-jawed. As she reached her queue for flight 333 there was uproar from the crowd around her. She looked up to the flight display board and thought, "third time's the charm"

Next to each flight number red words taunted her:


It Moved - Another Short Short Story

Ah yes, I remember now…

It moved, and I'm scared to touch it.

It is alive, and it knows I'm watching.

The warm light shimmers on its tiny wriggling body. I stare, slack-jawed at its details, adjusting Daddy's magnifying glass in my small hand, to get a better view. My big blue eyes follow the jagged edge of its little quivering broken wing, shining golden and translucent. I feel really awful you know, because to my right, about an arms length away in the furry brown carpet, is its other wing. I think I picked it up a bit too roughly and now it can't fly anymore. I'm sure It can still fly in circles though.

I think I am going to move it to where I can see it better. I'll take some of Mommy's writing paper here, and slide it under the little thing and carry it, slowly to the porch and into the sunshine. I am amazed at how brilliantly I can see every detail outside in the natural light.

I notice a bright spot of light in the view of the magnifying glass.

I have an idea… I have decided that I will have a 'Broadway Show' and the thing is my Broadway Star! I move the beam of white light over the thing and it really knows that it's on stage! It squirms and dances under the bright beam like a dancer in sequins. Then suddenly, a bright flash, and the thing is gone. There is just a fine black smudge and some steaming ash – I think it disappeared, it vanished clean away! It's not even under the paper!

So the thing wasn't a dancer after all, it was a magician!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The House - A Short Story That Took Me By Surprise

The house we had rented was so sweet, two sets of white French doors, pale paisley furniture and lots of flowers. It felt like home within ten minutes. So much so that we didn't ever want to leave! Our precious daughters, the one who was three years old, and the other six months, seemed to really fit in and played for hours in the garden. My Husband was relaxed for the first time in months.

We had been there for quite some time, a very long extended holiday, the house was surrounded by real African feld – shrubs, grass and red hard, dry, sand risen here and there with ant hills. There was no manicured garden, the feld reached all the way to the French doors.

Our white suburban station-wagon was parked a little way from the house, partially obscured from view by the low lying acacia trees. Behind it was the pile of light brown boxes filled with our belongings. We were starting to pack up.

The house and it's small section of surrounding African bush were, in turn, surrounded by a very high fence, electrified so that nothing wild could get in, and nothing tame could get out. We had heard the grunting roars of the local lions and had often seen a little family of warthog scuttling along the boundary of the property. When a herd of elephant stood precariously near to the fence, we were very grateful for it's ever-clicking sturdy presence. The house, garden and fence were the only structures for many kilometres. The only occupants here were the four of us. No maid. No gardeners. Just us. It was wonderful!

Everything had gone according to plan until this morning, we were standing around the kitchen deciding what to have for breakfast, when a news item caught our attention, the blaring trumpets signalling an important news break made us stop and focus on the blue screen.
"There have been some disturbing developments across the globe. Reports now in, of strange sightings above the cities and suburbs of Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town. Further news to follow" The footage being shown was filmed on shaky cellular phones and depicted strange oval shaped aircraft over the cities. We shivered and checked the calendar – April 9th, definitely not April fools. Switching over to the international news channel we saw similar footage and reports from the USA, Canada and the UK.
"We have had reports of the first attacks…"
"There seems to be no mercy shown…"
"The attacks are being performed by 'civilians'…"
"Attacks and casualties have reached a record high…52 reported deaths and 100 reported missing…since the top of the hour in Glasgow…"

By this stage we started really packing. We were grateful to be in the middle of nowhere. If these 'things' that looked like us were attacking in the cities, then we were in the best possible place. We wanted to be packed and ready for anything.
"From our recent correspondence it seems that these 'beings' are attacking only women and female children…"
Ok, these reports had our full attention. I felt a shiver go down my spine.

"While still alive…horrific…shred…shredde…shredded…"
The female reporter stammered to a halt as we heard in the background the sound of twisting metal. She stood up. Eyes white with terror, ripped her microphone from her lapel, and ran off screen. We heard a terrible shriek followed by another twisting tearing metallic sound; and the screen went to grey fuzz and hiss. We turned to the other stations and watched in horror as each in turn faded to black.

I stood for a while not quite sure what was actually happening, my husband walked over to the radio and turned the dial. The green luminescent light shone. After he spent a good few minutes trying to find one station that was live on air, we listened to the hushed voice of the radio announcer:
"…are no more stations live it seems… I am reporting from my basement. I repeat, from my basement. At my last word from sources there seems to be an unprecedented attack on all females and female children globally. There is NO mercy shown to these individuals….the most horrific murders…brutal. I wish all who are still alive much hope, much speed and mercy. These beings look like every man,or, woman, they appear to be normal until they start to kill. Please. Hide." Click.

My husband sat down on the couch and looked at me in bleak despair.
"What are we going to do? There's nowhere for you and the girls to hide."
I felt the bile rise in my throat as I realised my fate, and the fate of my precious daughters.
"What if they don't come here? We're far from anywhere. Maybe…"
"Still,… it's possible. And I'm not letting them get you. If they take you and the girls they'll have to go through me first."
I ran towards him, and we held each other fast, knowing it might be the last time.

About an hour later I walked across the living room floor; after making sure the girls were sleeping soundly, we'd settled them for their regular nap, not wanting to alarm them. I smiled at my husband and stepped out of the right hand set of French doors. I started towards the car, when I noticed a beautiful African lady walking towards me from around the back bumper of my station-wagon, she was unsmiling. Suddenly at her right was another woman, followed by another. All three were looking straight at me, moving steadily towards the house. I stopped and my blood ran cold. How did they get in here? We hadn't opened the access gate and the fence was of such a high voltage… it was then that I noticed the fence clicking. I called out to them,
"What are you here for huh? What are you here for?!"
They stared at me while their pace never slackened, and the first lady said in a monotone voice echoed by the others,
"We're here to talk to you. Here to talk to you. Talk to you."
There was so much cold, hard threat in their words, that I started to back off towards the house. My legs felt like jelly and I felt frantically behind me for the French doors. I backed into the house as the first lady walked through the other open set of French doors, and we found ourselves all standing in the lounge…too close for comfort.
I turned and raced to my husband who was standing near the door where our children slept soundly. His face was pale as death but set in stone. He was resolute. I ran and stood next to him locking my arms around him. The first lady stepped forward and the others advanced simultaneously, three sets of harsh eyes locked with mine…
Let me know what you think...
Sandy Bigara

Monday, 24 January 2011

The New Toasted KFC Twister… Is It A Con?

It was with much excitement that I learned (via the blinking box we call the TV) that KFC was reinventing the Twister. The advert showed a grilled, firm taco, crispy chicken strips as thick as my forearm and bright green lettuce practically pouncing onto the pile of gooey chicken and heaven all rolled into one…


The truth however, was a little less than appealing. *We decided to give this glorious new Taco a try, our first attempt was at the Sherwood KFC. I opened my rolled up packet to find a soft, squelchy, oozing, blackened Taco filled with not one but two damp, toughened chicken 'strips' a clump of soggy shredded brown/grey lettuce (it had obviously committed 'Hari Kiri' because it could never, ever look like the lettuce in the advert) and so much "Secret Sauce" that I all but gagged my way through it.


Our next attempt at the new grilled Twister was in KFC Broadway, Durban North. Same thing. Next stop KFC Umhlanga Rocks drive, Durban North side. Same thing. My personal worst was KFC Northway near the Zenex Garage. If you would like to gouge your eyes out in frustration, while thinking of 100 ways to skewer an idiotic teller then go there. Really.


Finally after much soul searching we tried the KFC in Hillcrest. Thank you Hillcrest KFC. I ate the soft, black, taco and left with a broken heart. The meat was great, I passed on having lettuce, and the Taco itself was gross. I now have the Sprinkle Pops only...with fruit chutney.


*Please note this was before my diet!


Sandy Bigara

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Monologue of a Grownup - Child Prostitute

Something I wrote while reading about Child Prostitution globally, broke my heart.
How can man be so evil? So carnal? I pray that this sick practice stops. 
I pray that these precious children find escape:
"It's a Game to them you know.

They do not think of the little ones, the lost and the lonely.

They see the Dollars, the Rands… Yen and Euros.

It's all a game to them you know.


They don't hear us cry, they don't see us longing for our children, brothers, and mothers, family… they see the fast cars they can buy, they see the bribery, the corruption and it's all a game to them.


It's not a game to us, we are finished.

We are employed by a terrible fear that stops us from stepping out and finding hope again.


We are afraid to say anything.

We are afraid of them, the big men, the men who make us cry, the men who threaten us.


We are afraid.

We are afraid.


They made me do terrible things, they made me break my heart into a thousand pieces… I don't think I will ever find the whole of my heart again. My insides, my mind, my heart, look like a road sign that has been shot through with many bullet holes, damaged. Broken but still me, you know. Still me.


I used to scream my name inside my head, my real name. As loudly as I could imagine it. But to everyone else I was Neecie. One day I'll be Denise again.


When I was about 19 I had a little baby girl… I called her Sophia after my Mother. They took her away, the cops took her and gave her to her father in Richards bay. I have missed three birthdays so far, three years that I can never get back.


I'm working hard now to be a model citizen and mom! I'm working at a hair dressers and I stay with a group of ladies who are like me, full of holes. We are trying, it is hard but we try every day.


I wish I had never left my house that day to visit the mall. I wish I hadn't taken the drive in the car, wish I had never seen that room, the drugs, the men, the fights, the moneyI would be a different person. I would be 100% ME."


Let's put an end to Human Trafficking.


Sandy Bigara

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Kick Start Diet - 7 Day Journal

Day 1
SOUP AND FRUIT: Eat any fruit except bananas because they are high in kilojoules. Eat as much as you want. If you do not want soup for breakfast, have a fruit salad instead.


So we've started the Kick-Start Diet. Its day 1 and we're 6 hours in. I'm hungry. Which Irritates me because I've eaten two big bowls of soup and its only 1:20 :( Pathetic. We passed through Hillcrest now and I jumped for joy at the new McCafe that's opened, instantly tasting the Big Mac that I wanted to buy... but, Soup it is for me.

You see, the thing is, when I am pregnant I lose weight rapidly, I end up at 78kgs the day after I give birth but within 4 months of having the baby I'm back at 85kg!! It is awful. My Doctor, after hearing what I eat can't understand why I put the weight on. So, I have joined a Dance Class, I have stopped all wheat and sugar and now I am trying this Kick Start Soup Diet.

We visited Francis' Grandmere and we all had a small slice of Banana bread... nearly did me in! but, we had an energetic swim followed by an hours walk so it was altogether a great visit.

(Height: 1.74cm / 5.11)

Big Mac
Kit Kat
Nando's Lemon n Herb Pita
Romans BBQ Pizza

1 hour brisk walk pushing Savanna in a pram.




Day 2
SOUP AND VEGIES, NO FRUIT: Eat as much fresh, raw or lightly steamed veggies as you like. Leafy greens are great but avoid peas, corn and beans as they are high in sugar. Reward yourself at night with a jacket potato, a little butter or better still, some yoghurt.


After a solid night's sleep we woke up to the usual routine of nappies, dummies, breastfeeds and nonsense... after two cups of coffee I put our steamed vegetables packet into the microwave, feeling a little green-around-the-gills (wanting a nice gooey cereal not vegetables for breakfast) I put them on and waited... suddenly my Husband Francis felt so ill (hypoglycaemic reaction to the lack of carbohydrates) and came stumbling into the kitchen, he pulled the big bag of grapes out and I jumped on him shouting 'no!!! it's Vegetables only today!!' This didn't go down so well but he bravely munched on a fresh carrot and Googled Hypoglycaemia... and off we went to church. I am craving chicken. All kinds of chicken.

It was incredibly hot today, we had 0 energy for exercising and don't have a gym contract. So...we slept on the couch. Went visiting later and got home after 8pm. Enjoyed our Jacket Potatoes with a little bit of cheese and Ina Paarman's Honey & Mustard :)

A little concerned about the lack of "toilet" going on, to be expected I suppose, but all the same I'm having some bran and yoghurt tomorrow.


Date Balls


Both of us have not had a no.2 today.




Day 3
SOUP, VEGIES AND FRUIT: Eat all you want but no potatoes.


We woke up after another quiet (but HOT) night. Franc is feeling better, I feel like I'm retaining water. Still no sign of the elusive No.2 :/ No wonder I've gained weight, all the soup, veggies and fruit are still in there!!

Going to have a nice fruit breakfast and then I'm going to make another pot of soup... Halfway through chop-chop-chop Pinnkie Mtshali arrived! We chatted and laughed while I whittled away at 1kg of Carrot... The second batch of soup tastes nicer than the first!

By the afternoon I had a stiff shoulder and a migraine, started to feel terribly flaky and had 3 Rye vita Crisp Breads with a little cheese at about 6pm which seemed to settle me nicely. Sewed my Gold/Green Cabaret dress. Day 3...get thee behind me!

+600g since day 2
Total loss: 400g

Playing with Savanna and sewing a Dress from scratch... i.e. not much.




Day 4
SOUP AND BANANA SMOOTHIES: Make a banana smoothie with low-fat or skim milk because it is a great source of potassium. Have a maximum of three large bananas per day.


Today was nice :) lots of energy and felt 'light'
It was Banana Smoothie day, Day 4. The day where most people quit. Well, we didn't quit! We pushed through and are more determined to see this to the end.

The detoxing experience has been really hard, Day 1 was a battle of the Mind, Day 2 was a battle of the Body and Day 3 was a battle of the Will. I must say, my weight loss (on the scale) has not been as drastic as I'd hoped, but I'm fitting into pants that were too tight last week so I have lost cm. I have fluctuated quite a bit on the scale, at one point it showed that I'd lost over 1.4kg?? But I am sticking with the morning weigh-in for my reference.  

After sewing all day I dressed happily and skipped off to dance class :) I felt great and usually I fade by 1hr in, this time my MIND not BODY got tired on the last dance of the night! almost 2hrs of Intermediate dancing! GO SANDS!! woot woot!

Total loss: 700g

Dance Class with Belinda Hellerle.




Day 5
SOUP, BEEF AND TOMATOES: Eat a piece of lean beef or a skinless breast of chicken no bigger than a deck of cards with six luscious tomatoes. Vegetarians can substitute tofu. These quantities are per day. You can go easy on the soup today.


After a good night's sleep I have woken up ravenous but still feeling awesome! the entire 1.6kg seems to have come off my back first (the rolls are much smaller!)  

Got a nice day planned, Pinnkie is coming over to do some business calling and Belinda Hellerle is coming over to give me an Over locker and new Sewing Machine! (I have been desperately wanting an over locker for 8 years!) then I have a hair appointment followed by more sewing and time with Francis and the Children :) Happy Day!

Amazing to note that I have now, according to the morning weigh-in, lost 1.6kgs! woot woot!

Total loss: 1.6kg

1hour rehearsal for DandyLion




Day 6
SOUP, BEEF AND VEGIES: Eat plenty of beef (or skinless chicken or fish) and veggies today. Again, vegetarians can substitute tofu. You might not need soup as much but your body will tell you. No potatoes.


Today was another headache day, My thinning body cheered my mood and I have decided that since I did a body measure prior to the diet, I will include my new measurements at the end of this week…


I really found it hard to continue today. It's as if the momentum has slowed down and I am keen to just eat as I used to – even though I have been shocked to realise that I don't need as many Carbs as I thought I did… I am going to eat differently from now on.


We went to Wilson's Wharf for lunch – had meat n veg, followed by a boat ride.


Total loss: 1.4kg


Walking at the Wharf




Day 7
SOUP, BROWN RICE, VEGGIES AND FRUIT JUICE: You might need more soup today.




This was the hardest day> So close to the finish line, it's become so easy that it is possible to just skip this day and move forward.


I feel more in control of my body now than & days ago, I have felt so many emotions, I have had to push through many many "quit now!" internal orders. We have lost cm and are really feeling great.


For dinner I took one skinless Chicken breast, lightly fried it in 1 tsp olive oil, added Ina Paarman's chicken spice and some Basil Pesto. I poured a tin of roughly chopped tomatoes over it. I steamed mixed veggies – broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, green beans and snap peas and drizzled mint and sweet chilli in a hot water base over them – divine! No oil or butter! It was a refreshing dinner and we only managed to eat half of our portions!



Total loss: 1.8kg


-1cm on thighs

-4cm on hips

-7cm on waist

-3cm under bust

-7cm around bust

-1cm on arms

Not bad!


I would recommend this diet if you are on holiday or have a non-stressful position. The food groups that you tackle at each step do weird things to you – they bring on migraines, tiredness, unsteadiness, elation, exhaustion, you battle to speak some days! Words just won't come through! I found that by the end of Day 4 the banana smoothie day I felt so good, it was my best day. So much so that we are going to have banana smoothie days every now and then!


Another thing that I chanted to myself every time I felt like failing… "It's a SOUP diet not a STARVATION diet!...EAT. MORE. SOUP!"
Sandy Bigara

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Out To Pasture : Do We Still Judge Spinsters?

I think that times may actually have changed. Am I right? You be the judge.


A century ago women were judged according to their "marriage-ability" You were a Spinster only if you were "unmarriageable" before you outgrew the two year window period of eligibility (heaven help you if there was a war on) then you were put out to pasture… don't you love it? Put out to pasture…let that roll around your tongue for a while…Put. Out. To. Pasture. Like cows. Like very old cows. It irks me to think of the countless lovely ladies who were denied the chance to have children, to find true love, all because they were:


a. Not wealthy (Dad was a poor drinking 'bliksem)

b. Not near to town (Making it difficult to meet available and willing men)

c. Uglier than a pickled blueberry (after a long soak in a barrel of vinegar)


Women who missed the time frame mark, and grew out of the ideal age group, were destined to spend their lives as: Governesses, old aged people's Assistants, Live-In Maids, Ladies in Waiting and other menial drivel. Ridiculous! Some brave ladies fought hard to establish themselves as Madams, as School Mistresses and Store Owners but these were few and far between. I like to think that if I had been denied married life (spending my life tied to some moustachioed snot bag, who droned on about the war, and how he fought hard in the trenches "to stem the tide of hideous gangrene that threatened to swipe out our glorious legion!…" blah bleh blah fwah fwah) I would have done one of two things:


  1. Nunnery – Living a life in a robe swinging a crucifix and creating illegal late night poetic groups and a social network called "FaceScroll" or "FaceParchment" not sure which.
  2. Wild Woman of the West – I would have been the stuff of legend. Climbing mountains while wearing pants, Riding Horses facing the front (stuff the blinking side-saddle crap) Playing competitive Poker and winning, and probably smoking ciggies that I rolled myself. Australia would have been the place for my woman's lib nonsense… my annoying asthma, religious views and many allergies aside of course…


Focussing again,…There were Coming Out parties (not the gay kind but the kind where you actually come out and start dating right there in the room, no pressure, I mean it's 1879 and the boys are heading off to fight the Spartans or some such…) There was Courting in the Parlour, Going Walking, Taking Tea with the Parents… all of which took time, you see, so the girl in question had to be at least 18  -19 to be considered "fresh enough" So, basically if you were nearing 25 you were starting to sag a bit and your figure looked a bit more like Mum's…near to 30 and you were old enough to BE his Mum… it was tough. I was a hearty 24 when I was married, I looked like me Mum and I was an 'old bride' by Victorian standards. I had my first child at 28, my second at 30 – Ancient by those same standards!


Now in 2010/11 things have changed. Single ladies who are 30ish are common, they are not in any hurry to marry the first John that asks, they are fun, young and still very much in demand. In my opinion I think that if you want children, you can have children safely until you are around 40 years old. There is still time. Don't rush anything. I personally believe that marriage is FOREVER. The D word does not have a place in our home. We are in it for life, "We will spend our lives together laughing at each other as we grow old and fall apart" – Robin Williams


I have been astounded at the amount of Divorce's of friends and family. Astounded. It seems that people don't know how to truly love and honour one another anymore. Laughter is gone, people are over worked, under paid, stressed, sad, lonely in marriage, bored, lacking good moral sense… it is a mess of broken children, weekend visits, tears, financial stress… I hope I never have to endure that kind of utter heartbreak and ruin of a purpose built relationship.


Back to my point, do we as a society still judge the single women harshly?

Do we look upon them as flawed or weird, or unattractive, or picky or past it?

Do we feel the same way about same aged men?

Have we changed that much in 100years?

I know I have. I think.



Sandy Bigara

Pink Stockings

This is a revised reposting of an article from The Twinkletoes Files… I had a laugh reading it and remembering...


"From the age of four my mother did what all Durban North mothers did and kitted me out in pink stockings, a black leotard, a pink waist band and too-tight leather pumps for my first day of ballet.


I walked with little trembling footsteps up the concrete pathway and into the dance room – the floor was shiny (back then – now it's the parking lot of an office park) at Minette De Klerk's Dance Academy, there was a big mirror on the left facing wall and the Barre ran along the right hand side and across the back before coming back down the left. We all sat in a circle and the teacher manipulated us into thinking that it was ok to run around on the tips of our toes…despite the agony (this was what we were 'looking forward too' as we could only do this when we were older) and I spent the next decade trying to achieve this goal.


As I recall, we spent most of that year skipping in a circle, and ended up doing an exam where we dressed up as little Bo peep or something and skipped in a circle holding a frilly umbrella. I have a photo of myself dressed as a clown, a maid, a sailor, a mermaid and a rainbow fairy. Good times. I still don't think that I ever successfully learned an entire dance. I merely relied on my good childhood friend Carol for the moves, I was always a split second behind the rest – you would only be able to pick it up in slow action replay….bwahahahah.


After ten years I accepted that I was too curvy, had size 8 shoes and just could not be bothered to "float like a feather" across the room anymore – so I took up Jazz dancing. Now that was what I liked, I think it was Jean Weirich-Wiggil who took our class, we had such a ball. I ended up with my International Bronze Levels for Jazz*


We did shows at cool theatres, we dressed up, we had cat fights, we judged each other, we laughed at the one whose boobs grew first and then laughed at the one whose boobs grew last. Good times. I was the latter.


I am now taking dancing lessons with Belinda Hellerle and her awesome Solo Adult Dance Class. Facebook me if you want to know more



Sandy Bigara

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Kick-Start Diet Watch This Space

I have been blogging my experience with the Kick-Start Diet (I will post it at the end with weight loss results) and so far I am on Day 4... 3 more to go.

This is a hectic experience and I warn you, if you have a busy work day i'm not sure if this diet is for you. I am in my last week of holidays and can't imagine going through this detox and diet while running around. It is hard. Mentally and physically taxing. I tried writing something witty earlier and I wrote "Throughout the day I have been through a lot, today has been a hard day through and through..." I stopped there.

Will post something from my past soon... just need to get my Modem up and running again...*cough* holiday dust *cough*

Sandy Bigara
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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Facebook Address

Hi all, my facebook address is incorrect in the article below, this is the correct link: Sorry for any inconvenience and Thank you for all the friend invites!

Take care,

Sandy Bigara
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Friday, 7 January 2011

When Dreams Become Arrogance

I'm sitting at the Doctor's rooms post-Dentist visit, and thought it would be a great opportunity to blog : )

I was just wondering... when do we cross the line? we are encouraged from pre-school to College to 'dream big' 'live large' 'go big or go home' 'reach for the stars' but when does dreaming big turn into arrogance? for instance, I sing; I was given a personal tour of the ICC in 2007 by the security manager, as he showed me the different function rooms ending with the new Indoor Show Arena, I half jokingly said to him "I will sing here one day" his reply was "Of course you will, if you work hard and believe it, it will happen. I will see you here" - I was touched by his response to my verbalized dream, grateful that he didn't shoot me down into a deep sar-chasm. And now, in 2011, it looks like I might sing there at an expo... it would be awesome.

Now, in jest-ish, messaging my old friend Jenny Clarkson (arguably the most incredible classical pianist I have ever performed with) who lives in Sydney, I said that when we move there the two of us should perform at the Sydney Opera House. Is that too much 'dream'? is that too high? is it arrogance or deep wish? i'm not sure, the lines get blurred. I only know this - without dreams that seem impossible, without grasping feeble fingers at wisps of 'i hope' can we move and drive ourselves towards completion.

What do you think? Find me on Facebook and tell me:

Sandy Bigara
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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Kick-Start Diet from Yahoo

Hi guys, I snurched this from Yahoo, give it a try. We are.

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"This is a short-term eating plan followed with a healthy diet may help people who are overweight to kick-start their weight loss.

Below you will find the recipe and seven-day eating plan for stage one of the Kick-Start Soup Diet.

The Kick-Start Soup Diet recipe
(Enough for one person for two days)

3 tomatoes
2 large cans of crushed tomatoes
2 cans of liquid stock (beef, chicken or vegetable)
2 cups of water
1 packet of vegetable or French onion dry soup powder
1 bunch spring onions
1 bunch of celery, including leaves
2 cups of green beans
3 green capsicums
1kg carrots
2 stock cubes (chicken, beef or vegie)

1. Chop all the vegies into small pieces and put them in a big pot with the remaining ingredients.
2. Add salt and pepper (not too much salt).
3. Boil rapidly for two minutes and simmer until it is nice and tender.
4. If you want it thinner add a bit more water.

Have as much of the soup as you want, whenever you want.

Seven-day eating plan
The quantities recommended are per day.
Avoid toast and cereal for breakfast while on this plan. Stick with the recommended foods for each day.
You should only follow this seven-day eating plan for a maximum of three times in six months.

Day one
SOUP AND FRUIT: Eat any fruit except bananas because they are high in kilojoules. Eat as much as you want. If you do not want soup for breakfast, have a fruit salad instead.

Day two
SOUP AND VEGIES, NO FRUIT: Eat as much fresh, raw or lightly steamed vegies as you like. Leafy greens are great but avoid peas, corn and beans as they are high in sugar. Reward yourself at night with a jacket potato, a little butter or better still, some yoghurt.

Day three
SOUP, VEGIES AND FRUIT: Eat all you want but no potatoes.

Day four
SOUP AND BANANA SMOOTHIES: Make a banana smoothie with low-fat or skim milk because it is a great source of potassium. Have a maximum of three large bananas per day.

Day five
SOUP, BEEF AND TOMATOES: Eat a piece of lean beef or a skinless breast of chicken no bigger than a deck of cards with six luscious tomatoes. Vegetarians can substitute tofu. These quantities are per day. You can go easy on the soup today.

Day six
SOUP, BEEF AND VEGIES: Eat plenty of beef (or skinless chicken or fish) and vegies today. Again, vegetarians can substitute tofu. You might not need soup as much but your body will tell you. No potatoes.

Day seven
SOUP, BROWN RICE, VEGIES AND FRUIT JUICE: You might need more soup today.

Remember: do not eat any bread, fried foods or oil on the seven-day plan.

While on the plan, do not have any soft drinks or alcohol.

You can drink unsweetened fruit juice or cranberry juice; black, green or herbal tea (you can have skim milk with black tea); coffee; skim milk and plenty of water - six to eight glasses a day.

Side effects
Because you're not consuming many carbohydrates, some may find the glucose in their bloodstream becomes too low, causing hypoglycaemia.

This can cause a range of symptoms, such as headache, sweatiness, anxiety, irritability and drowsiness.

Don't worry, it might sound awful but it's easily fixed.

Have a sandwich with whole-grain bread, a slice of low-fat cheese and a bit of ham but no butter or margarine. Vegetarians can try a low-fat cheese and tomato sandwich. But only have a maximum of one sandwich per day.

If these symptoms occur repeatedly consult your doctor.

What happens now?

By the end of the seven days you may have lost as much as 4-6kg, if you haven't put on those walking shoes and gone for a daily walk you won't have lost as much.

If you lose more than 6kg on stage one do not attempt the stage again for a few months. Go on to stage two.

You should only follow this seven-day eating plan for a maximum of three times in six months. Once you've reached this maximum take six months off the plan and follow the low-GI program.

Once you've completed the seven-day eating plan it is time to move on to stage two - a long-term, low-GI eating plan.

Before starting any new eating plan you should consult your doctor to see if it is right for you, particularly if you are taking any medication.

Stage two

While stage one of the Kick-Start Diet brings rapid weight loss, stage two begins where a lot of the carbohydrates you have been avoiding can slowly be returned to your diet.

Get information on stage two here:

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