Monday, 20 December 2010

A Facebook Status Fairy Tail

On Facebook I decided to start a "Status Fairytale" by just writing the words "There once was a…" I typed it and left it to stew… this is the fairytale that unfolded – I think it is quite succinct!

Gotta love FB :P

There was once a...missing sock and no matter where Nicole looked she could not find it. It was a sock that belonged to a pair of very special favourite socks. The socks who lived in the sock drawer were so sad that the remaining sock would be banished from the land of sock drawer. The sock's sobs and tears could be heard and felt beyond the sock drawer all the way to Toy Box Land. Stinkerbell the somewhat smelly fairy came to the rescue.
"Come with me to missing Sock Island and together we will seek far and wide for the missing favourite sock…" and Stinkerbell sprinkled magic grated parmesan on Nicole, and together they went outside and took a cab to the airport. The magic parmesan worked like a dream and soon they were flying, because with SAA you need all the help you can get. This time, there were no overbooked flights, so the two of them got on the first flight out. The plane's engines roared to life and the pilot steered them past the Onetime plane's fallen engine, past the Onetime plane that was on fire, and positioned his plane at the start of the runway.
"Close your eyes" said Stinkerbell, as she took a swig on the tiny Gin & Tonic that cost her R30.
"Next time you open your eyes, we'll be somewhere else!"…

Unfortunately, that somewhere else turned out to be Heathrow which, due to the weather was closed, as were Gatwick, Luton and every other airport in the Northern Hemisphere. (Santa is used to the dodgy weather and flies by Reindeer who land... on roofs, not runways.) But sharp's the word and quick's the action, and with a sprinkle of magic parmesan, Stinkerbell whisked them back to the warmer climes of Nicole's darkened kitchen, having realised she had no idea where Sock Island was. But things then took a bit of a twist for, tucked away under a counter, stood the washing machine, and faintly, coming from behind the closed door, could be heard raucous cheering and merry-making. Nicole risked a peak through the closed door. To her shock she spied the missing sock ... and every missing sock she had ever lost, partying as if there were no tomorrow. They weren't worried about being banished; they would resist returning to the narrow, restricted world of the sock drawer to the last thread!

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