Friday, 3 December 2010

Diary of a 24hr Facebook Detox

The alarm (why did I choose this particular tune?? Sounds like a freaky carnival anthem) has signaled that I am now not allowed to go onto Facebook for 24hrs of Social Networking Detox. This is going to be easy.
This is ridiculous! I have at least 5 notification's (thanks Blackberry) and am not allowed to check! I have a migraine and have baked fish and veggies.

3 minutes of hell. I am now baking Brownies. This is not good for my diet.

SABC3???? I have not watched tv for the past 18weeks. I realise why!! SABC TV is the shytest thing,...TV.
Top Billing - kill me now. Chatting with Kim via sms and Pinnkie via bbm. Wow, I miss trawling walls and stalking all of you guys :(.

Bath time, because i'm not Facebooking I am playing with my daughter. I am 'child' and she is 'mum' special time together :) She's offered to clean my "bumbum" ...and I have declined. I'm now in timeout for bad behaviour!

Bed time. Francis has tried to get me to cheat. Wernich has intercepted this cheating tactic and intervened... I will and CAN do this!!

Kelsey is doing her usual "I don't believe in sleep" jag. We're tired and can't sleep because she cries and demands attention every 30-40mins. Usually Facebook helps me to stay awake. I'm standing up rocking the crib falling asleep.
Wanna cry. Wanna Facebook about it :/

Up again rocking Kelsey to sleep. Have no idea whats happening in the world (ok I lie because I've read News24 cover to digital cover as well as People Magazine online)

I've put my phone on Franc's side of the bed. Just thinking of how many people have connected with me privately :) nice. Pinnkie, Kim and Bronwyn - BBM and SMS 'like the 'old days'...

Grumpy Savanna and tired Franc have left for school and stressed mommy and grumpy Kelsey are left behind. This is usually when I catch up on notification's and generally be a silly munky. But,...i'll stay away. Cos' I can can can!  
I tried on my Cabaret dresses yesterday (OMG my ass is bigger!!) and I have some weight to lose before opening night 26th January! Looking forward to sequinning and beading them up so I can be a flashy Diva!

Just been thinking of how Facebook has changed the way an entire generation thinks, instead of internalising an experience and appreciating it in the moment - we have all confessed that we immediately get a 'perfect status' that we could post. We never thought like this before, is this really an addiction (Kelsey is crappin' nappy next to me...hard being philosophical while your nose is being viciously pooh-attacked by the vilest fecal matter known to man...) anyway, it definitely is an addiction (Facebook, not the pooh) to quote Bronwyn 'just got my fix' why do we feel gratification? (I can tell you, having witty friends who post hysterical comments helps - I have never laughed so much as on Facebook) There must be an endorphine release. Facebook is Chocolate. Therefore, Facebook makes your bum look fat. Case closed.

Watching Kelsey eat her foot...this is great :/ sooooo awesome and fun. Bleh.

Sister Sheila called, our plan of action with Night Stalker us this: (helpmejesus)
3am feed
6am feed
8am porridge
9am feed
12pm veggies, carrot, sweet potato, butternut
1pm feed
3pm porridge
5pm formula bottle
6:30 feed
repeat x 1258643289652 !!!!!

Porridge is done, Kelsey is happy. I'm feeling stressed and anxious about working from home with a baby and no maid...

Kelsey won't feed :/ Sister Sheila says she might have a virus - she's had ugly nappies today...(remember the napalm nappy from earlier?)

I have steamed: Carrot, Sweet Potato and Butternut for one week - freezing them for each days use ;) Kleva = Me :)

Kelsey has eaten a whole stack of veggies... might have to make more :/. This child has hollow legs! At 4 months she's as long, if the top of her head is level with my shoulder her feet are at my knees! How did she EVER fit inside me??! Ama-Zing. I'm bored and slightly curious about Facebook...maybe just...a...peek...NO! I CAN do this! **sigh**

Francs home from the evil world of SARS (not the international virus!...the tax man you silly billy!) We all fell asleep - love working from home!

OMG!!! Wikileaks!!! Evil American bastards!!

I am SO close to the end of my Facebook Fast :) :) :) I have had a few "we miss you" messages through bbm, sms, email and through the sexy portal of Francis (you sneaky people have tried to break through my detox you munky's!!) The truth is this - I miss you all too. Even the wierd guy in my friends list who sends me Al Quaida stuff - Amed, hold on to the dream bro! (not) I'm close to my goal. I did it. So wah!.

We have a possible show to watch tonight @ The Courtyard, Franc is finding out the details.......... :)

Sheryl is here!! We've all eaten 2min noodles and its time for Kelsey's porridge, bottle, bath, bed... Finished dressing Sheryl for her 60's do... Getting dressed for the show.

Kelsey bathed, fed and dressed. Savanna's bathing in Kelsey's baby bath...

Yay!! I made it! Facebook time :)

Sandy Bigara

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