Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Dentist - Part I

Ok. So it's been what, like 6 years since I saw one. Hideous creatures Dentists. Sitting all day in their "offices" their "Doctors rooms" their "surgeries uDokutela" just waiting to inject, stab, maim and cripple us from the inside...

So, my kind Husband booked us in tandem, him first (how regal) followed by my shivering pitiful self. And so, armed with my Twilight novel (Second time) an Apple (best to make a good first impression) and my Blackberry (it's like my Teddy) I am now sitting in the waiting room (smells like Mothballs) and I am waiting my fate ... still waiting.

Leaving the house was an ordeal, my Maid was feeding Kelsey (Night Stalker) her porridge, and Savanna decided that the world would end if we went to the Dentist (now who would tell her something like that?!?) So, she started to flip her lid and do the purple-faced-red-eye-scream that all parents know and loathe. Francis in his manly wisdom, thought it proper to tell her this white lie - 'you might get an INJECTION' if you go' - this SHOULD put any sane child off...not Savanna, she yelled in fever pitch "I'll HAVE a JEKSHIN!! I'll HAVE one! Let me COME!!??!!"

Ag shame.
She don't know.
What a Dentist 'IS'

I'll let you know how it goes...Francis has just gone in.
Sweet Novicane.
He's cracking jokes.

Sandy Bigara
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