Friday, 17 September 2010

Kim Swan Photography KZN

Very proud of my friend and associate Kim Swan – She is doing wonders making it on her own as a freelance Photographer. Please click on the link to see her Website and her Photo Blog. She also has a Facebook Fan Page…AND she is the photographer for Java Junkie Magazine! Kim is here to stay and her work is testimony to that fact!

Have a wonderful day,

Sandy Bigara

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The Wedding of Awesomness : )

This was the blessed experience that I mentioned:


Two weeks before the 3rd of September 2010 I held a secret meeting with a saddened Groom whose Fiancé was spiralling into wedded "un-bliss"… Due to unresolved issues and time/budget constraints the happy couple were resigned to merely "getting hitched on paper" and not experiencing the joy of a real wedding.


After our hush hush meeting we had 14 days to organise a wedding…a SECRET wedding. The dress. The food. The venue. The décor. The music. The family. All had to be organised in less than two weeks!


With little sleep, many pin stabbed fingers and after driving all over Durban for fabric and catering, we managed to pull it off! The wedding was awesome! A Paw Paw Productions SA first : )


4 days before the wedding date, all invitations had gone out and everything was secured and ready… I phoned the groom and said – let's tell her and just stop the misery!! SO I had the pleasure of saying the VERY TV line… "Hi there, do you know why I'm calling?...well, my name is Sandy and I am your WEDDING PLANNER… just confirming that EVERYTHING is ready for Friday…can you come for a dress fitting?" The response of "Are there camera's?? is this real??" made me cry…


Glad we could help guys, may your union be blessed.


Take Care,



Sandy Bigara