Thursday, 15 July 2010

A Contented Blog Post

I am content with my lot.
That is a good thing.
I spent most of my life wondering if I had missed out on something...
but when you look around you, and you realise that your lines have indeed fallen in pleasant places, it is so encouraging.
Friends and family - I am blessed to know you all.
Sandy Bigara

Saturday, 10 July 2010

A Wow Thing...

Now some of you might hold very different beliefs, and that is fine. I am a Christian...immensely flawed and far from perfect but every now and then God speaks to me in the most beautiful and tangible ways. It is VERY cool :-) This is an example of something wonderful that I experienced today. This is an experience that I have shared with my Doula Annie Skea from Cheryl's Gentle Births - it spans from 2008 - 2010.
2008/January - Sandy and Savanna

When I was pregnant with Savanna, God put into my heart the desire to give Annie Skea a scripture. One that would show her that what she was doing was blessed and condoned by God. I prayed and nothing came about. After I gave birth to Savanna I decided that I was going to do a painting for Annie to thank her. I lay in the bath and started to sing one of my most precious Aria's (Light Opera) one that I performed in 2006. As I lay in the bath singing, I stopped on a word. I stopped on another word – and then I started to laugh. God had used an old song to remind me of the perfect scripture for Annie!

Matthew 11:28

"Come unto Him all ye that labour, come unto Him ye that are heavy laden, and He will give you rest"

2010/July - Sandy and Kelsey

While waiting for Kelsey to be born, I had a problem with my hips being sore and they were tortioned about 2inches out from each other. This caused a little bit of discomfort and false labour etc. There was also the problem of Kelsey being on the wrong side…I wanted to know that I would be looked after during labour and I was needing reassurance. Annie sms'd me one night and reminded me of how active the Spirit of God had been in my last labour and it encouraged me so much.

On the 10th July I decided on a whim to buy myself a Bible. One in particular stood out, and I bought it right there. It is a devotional Bible with daily scriptures. I wasn't going to read it until I had had Kelsey but I was really urged to start straight away. I lay down and read the 10th July Scriptures: Isaiah 40 – Isaiah 44 then did the devotional.

I underlined a scripture while reading and didn't think any more of it. This was at about 12:30 midday.

At 18:00 I was sitting outside and started to sing again… (The same opera piece that I haven't sung since that night in the bath) I didn't think anything of it.

When I walked into my house I laughed and said to my husband "…isn't it funny - I think I found the same scripture that I put on Annie's painting today while I read… and I sang the same song outside…"

I then was urged strongly by God to share this with Annie.

As I opened the new Bible I realised that it couldn't be the same scripture as this one was in Isaiah…not Matthew and the words were different. But as I sat and read the underlined scripture – really puzzled, I started to laugh…The verse that I underlined was actually the second verse of the same opera, and not the first verse as with Annie's Scripture!

I had no idea that the opera was made up of scriptures from the Old AND new Testament!

Isaiah 40:11

"He shall feed his flock like a shepherd, and He shall gather the lambs (young) in his arms, and He will give them rest. And gently lead those that are with (delivering) young"

God really has encouraged me – I am NOT alone. He WILL be there and I am amazed that He used scriptures from such a special Opera, at the RELEVANT time, to touch two people – myself and Annie. God is amazing.

Sandy Bigara