Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Heaven on the Rocks Review

Well done Lisa!!
"A mere 2 minute drive from Gateway Theatre of Shopping, 5 minutes from the King Shaka International Airport and a short scenic coastal drive from Durban North, Heaven on the Rocks is easily accessible to anyone on the East Coast. Nestled in the heart of Umhlanga, within easy reach of the Coastal Hotels and minutes from the coast's lush landscaped beaches and walkways, smell the sea air as you ascend the wide wooden stairway, to the tranquil beauty clinic above. Let yourself sink into the capable hands of Lisa Anna as she treats you to the pampering of your choice. An affordable way to give yourself the boost you need, to be well balanced and healthy person in today's harsh times. Reflexology, Massage, Nail care – you name it. Lisa Anna is the lady to call, her old world charm and warm character leave you relaxed and nurtured, the undemanding atmosphere felt at Heaven on the Rocks is not easily created – experience it for yourself"
Sandy Bigara

Sunday, 20 June 2010

36 Weeks

I am now 36 weeks pregnant.
I had Savanna at 37wk3d so it could be any time from next Saturday - mid July. I am tired, stretched out into a shape that defies logic and, as of Tueday last week - craving every kind of chocolate pudding that Woolies has to offer. I have done so well with my weight - I have actually lost kgs instead of putting on any. Am hoping to keep it that way. I hope...but I'm hungry.
Sandy Bigara

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Soccer World Cup and the SA Flag...

I was driving to church to drop off the invites to my baby shower this morning, when I had the most amazing experience. As I drove down the road I passed so many cars decorated with flags, banners, stickers, rear view window flag 'sox' and other colourful Soccer World Cup décor. I was quite suddenly amazed at our flag.


Let's think about it a bit. When the flag first came out back in the day, as a country we thought "cool it's like the rainbow man…" followed by "how come our colour isn't as big as that colour…" (There are always 'trolls' who like to rain on our parade and mention the small things to bring out negativity…) but, as I drove down Northumberland Cr almost every house in the street had erected flag poles, with large brightly coloured SA flags blowing in the morning breeze.

I suddenly thought about it all a lot more…


The person/committee responsible for designing/approving our flag seemed to hit our country on the mark. Yes, we have problems – who doesn't? But one thing is true – we are a colourful, dynamic, hearty, humorous, outrageous, loud and proud people.


The SA flag is bright - but I think that the wild colour is directly in line with the people that live here. With stress on the word "wild" we can be out of control, we can embarrass ourselves and our country with our lack of restraint 'touch me on my studio' 'white tendencies' 'bloody agent' to name but a few.

The SA flag is fragmented – this is a puzzle-piece-flag, different shapes, sizes and yes, fragmented, just like the people that live here. We are a broken nation. Every single class, race and culture is still reeling from the effects of our forefathers. There is not one group that has not been tragically affected. Mindsets, reactions, upbringing, inbred feelings are all a part of the "new struggle" we are a butterfly in a cocoon trying to break free from the bonds of history. A fragmented people: Those who were repressed – there is the healing of wounds and the act of constant forgiveness. Those who were witness to the oppression – there is the sadness and ever present guilt that forms the glue between our life experiences. Those who oppressed – there is sadness at the lack of understanding or the anger at not being in a position of power any longer. Those who continue to oppress – there is the self righteousness that comes from ignorance. Those who choose to hate/not forgive/not forget, those who stir up racial hatred in any direction, those who light the smouldering fire of resentment and xenophobia in others – there is an anger that nothing but radical conversion can correct.

The SA flag is all on one page – we can learn a lesson from our flag, there is no colour bleed, no one shape or colour pushes itself onto another shape or colour. Tolerance, understanding and giving one-another space, we need to learn from our flag.

The SA flag is NOT unified – The flag is great as it is, it is great in its diversity. It is inspiring in its wildness, its crazily South African flavour that no one class or culture group can claim. It is a wonderful bright fragmented result of Africa. Just like the rest of us.


Viva South Africa.



http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Vanuatu - closely resembles our flag

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Tuva - closely resembles our flag



A Networking Kinda Thing

Well, I am sitting here really happy.
It seems that our hard work is finally starting to pay off.
Facebook has been a real blessing for us and for our business. Not only have we met up with so many precious old friends; but it has served as such a great business platform for easy messaging, sharing of Images, Ideas, Notes and most importantly, for Networking. The addictive blue and white netrowking site has come under much scrutiny but it does have it's perks - if it used properly.
Well, have a nice evening people. I am off to dream of the pina colada's that I will enjoy one day when baby Kelsey is finally out of the Mother-Ship!
Take care,
Sandy Bigara

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Some Lovely Photos of our Actors!

I am so happy with the stunning photos of our live show, that we recieved from Colin Bouwer (thank you so much!)
Please visit www.pawpawsa.wordpress.com click on the (gallery **new**) tab.
Sandy Bigara

A Girl for us!

After keeping us in suspense for 34 weeks we now know for sure that we are having another little Girl! We are very pleased! Can't wait to meet our little Kelsey Jean xx
Sandy Bigara

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Love my life. Tired and over-worked but I wouldn't trade it! Follow your dreams people, it's a hard fight but well worth the risks. Life is for LIVING. I dont say TGIF I say WFAW! (What? Friday again?? Wow!!) It's a cool place to be :)
Take Care,
Sandy Bigara

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Hello Again

Well, I am soon officially on maternity leave… I am hoping this will clear up my hectic schedule so that I can finally blog again.


I have been so fortunate since I last wrote a blog for this uh…blog. My husband has joined my company and we're soaring to new heights, my little girl is 2 now and quite a dramatic handful (she is awesome!) and my shows have entertained nearly 200 thousand children. Yes. No typo. I still get a little weird thinking about the sheer volume!


I am nearing 34 weeks pregnant now and I'm starting to look like the preggy photo's from my last pregnancy : ) I will post a picture or two from my recent preggy shoot with Kim Swan Photography – I think they are awesome, I have a talent photographer for a friend!


I spend most of my time writing absolute nonsense on facebook – it is entertaining…I very happily found an old CD that I had lost quite some time (and two house moves) ago, it is a dance/trance album that I did in 2007. I have posted some of the material on www.myspace.com/sandybigaradance go have a listen. My favourite is Speed Trip. It really encapsulates my hectic life at the moment.


Well, I hope to get back into the groove of things and write a little bit every now and then.


Take care,


Sandy Bigara