Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Update as promised...

It's by no means a short novel but here it is... my little update, as I think of things I'll post them.
Savanna Rae Grace is growing growing growing! I can hardly keep up with her these days, she moves at the speed of sound.
She is too cute - one nice thing about Franc being home (job hunting like a neo-hominid man) is that he is spending hours of great quality time with Sav.
She just adores him, wrinkling her nose at him, kissing his forehead, practically stagediving out of my arms to crawl all over him, packing the dishwasher with him, playing in the laundry while he works there. It's awesome.
We have made a big decision, we have found ourselves at a cross roads regarding our home bond, we had the option of moving in with family - a great escape if needed. But we woke up on Saturday and knew that we were going to trade in our gorgeous Opel Astra Essentia for a cheaper larger car (will suit my business needs better then the Opel) and would help with bond payments. Well, we decide to drive out at about 2pm and had a look around... well, we looked around one place. Nissan, I walked from the front to the back of the showroom with a distinct car in mind...and there it was! It was immaculate, the right price and was a Peugeot 306 1.6L station wagon - nice for family trips and for moving gear and equipment to shows ; )
Well, we ended up dealing with Kobus Kruger and it seemed like we would be able to get our price and everything. On Sunday we decided to have another look around seeing as we had only seen the one showroom, well, the only other cars in that price range were little banged up Corsa Lights.
We went in Monday and did the prelim paperwork, took the 16hundred for a spin and loved it. God is good.
Oh yes - I HAVE LOST 8KGS in 8WEEKS ; )
Sands x