Monday, 27 October 2008

Two Bits of news



Robert's Secret

Movie Debut – Experimental Recording 2008


Sylvia              D'Laine Bok

Jervaine          Rylan De Esclana

Ruyana           Roxanne Porter

David               Brian Khumalo

Robert             Francis Bigara

James mc'C   Marc Sadler

Mindy Parker  Tylisha Sadler


Kimswanphotography (tentative)

Blaise Walker Photography

Paw Paw Productions SA


The Bigara Music Studio


And secondly, MY BABY CAN TALK!! At 9.5months she says Mama, Daddy, Gangan, Yum, Up and DoTah (don't touch) She shows me where her daddy is by pointing him out to me or taking me to him (crawling to him wherever he is!) She is such a funny bunny, she stayed with my mum this weekend and came back making the strangest noises (we have had comments from strangers and friends already) I only just realized that my Mum was doing "farm animals" with her and she's making animal noises… kinda like a moo-pig-chicken noise! Haha She also has a new facial expression – I have NEVER seen her do it before and now she does it all day, to anyone who looks at her! She crinkles her nose and shows her gums. I realized that my Mum does that expression when she smiles and makes faces at Savanna! Ha ha ha – little copycat!


Ok. Gotta go sleep now.


Sands x

Friday, 24 October 2008

Meet The Cast!

Introducing the cast of Stop!


Roxanne Porter a super talented dynamite of a girl! She effortlessly conveys our message of Safety to the adoring crowds of children. Roxanne is 21 years old, from Durban. If you need a female actress or MC for evening gigs, School Events, Sports Days or Fund Raisers, please call 0722273075 or email us at


Brian Khumalo a surprise star! Brian clawed his way to success after going through TWO rounds of auditions to land the role of STOP. He is clear, precise and has become the backbone of the team... If you are needing an MC or Facilitator for any weekend or evening gigs, such as 21st's or Corporate Events then please call 0722273075 or email us at


Rylen De Esclana our very own John Travolta! Rylen has been with PPPSA since it's conception in 2007, his dedication and energy are only overshadowed by his immense talent as a singer, dancer and actor. This man is going places! If you are needing an MC or Facilitator for any evening or weekend functions, Beauty Pageants or Shows please call 0722273075 or email us at


PPPSA is so pleased to welcome such talent into the Durban Drama and Entertainment scene, the three actors will be joined by D'laine Bok in December for the filming of the short film "Robert's Secret" in Durban.


Good Luck Guys!


x The Paw Paw Team


Being Mum

If you see writing in BLUE right click on it and select "Open in new Window or New Tab" to see what i'm going on about!
Well, it seems as though life is slowing down a tad...not.
Hubby is home again, still on leave, and did a Sofline Pastel Accredited Trainer course this week (yup - he got out of his sick-bed and went!)
On monday night my Vivacious Voice class had there course end showcase, I played the keyboard for them all, and I even got to play my set of new songs for the audience - got a good reception !!
My Show Production company Paw Paw Productions SA had it's second week, successfully whew! We have reached just under 10 thousand children now in two weeks!! They are loving the show, the music, dancing etc and learning something about road safety too, its super cool. It was also the first week that I stepped back and allowed my actors to actually run their own show. Today I didn't even go along, just made sure they left on time etc. Oh ya how cool is this... the Durban Metro Police Officer Deb Bekker gave me her bright blue eyeshadow! lol! too cool, I told her she looked hot with it cos it made her blue uniform look she gave it to me - love it! I gots me a policemans make up! ; ) hee hee!
I went back to my the Bigara Music School this week it was cool to see the kids again, we were even moaned at for making a noise! we do try tho... our big year end concert is next saturday eek!
Savanna rae is up and about almost walking and climbing EVERYTHING in sight. I have had to pull her off the TV unit a few times lol
Cristine's baby is due for induction this space there will DEF be some pics!
We're off to the berg tomorrow morning for a church outreach with our home group from Hillside Church, we're taking some stunning banners that we made and I am leading the music side of things on Sunday, Saturday is going to be a hang out and chill out time. Hoping to go for a horse ride too!
oh yes DIET IS WORKING!!!!!

ok well, i'm bored and stiff from typing... keep well
Sands x

Saturday, 11 October 2008

The Times of our lives

We have had a rough couple of months, my husband has had one bad thing
after the other happen to him, to the point where I SMS my friends
with a prayer request and they are shocked into silence and say
It has felt like we are under attack, like we are surrounded on all
sides and for some reason, God is allowing this to happen (I firmly
believe that He is not unaware of ANY thing that happens to us and
allows things to happen from time to time) we have experienced this
kind of thing only once before, where we were battered and bruised but
pushed through, believing and praying like crazy, the months following
were some of the most blessed and prosperous times of our lives. So
who knows?

On Monday 29th (the day before the day of my saddest post ever
written) my Husband had a triple cardiac ablation operation – it was a
4hr op. The following morning when I called to arrange fetching him I
was glibly told by a delightful nurse that He was staying for a while
longer! I nearly lost it. I went in at 10am anyway and despite strict
visiting rules, he was the only one in the over-flow room so I got to
stay for a long time. Eventually the doc arrived and as he breezed in
he said
"now don't think that he's going home any time soon…" but after a few
sentences with me, I showed him straight up that I knew exactly what
had to be done for him, that I had the doctors personal and hospital
numbers and that I had a heart monitor that I would use to monitor him
constantly for the remainder of the week. He took one look at my stern
face and said
"Ok, so I guess he is going home today then, pick him up at 6pm"
So saying, Savanna and I had hi-jinx and adventures around Sandton for
the next 5hrs! We went driving, exploring or "Splorrin" as we say it.
We "Splorred" a couple malls spent considerable time swearing at the
GAUTENG road map. Found SPAR and got snacks etc. Just as we were on
the brink of boredom it was time to fetch Franc!

Warning the following might be disturbing:
I got Gastro…as I was helping franc get discharged. Let's just say I
know every loo in Sunning hill Hospital. The timing was amazing.

We then spent a great week up in JHB with Pat and Martin who blessed
us so much (spiritually and physically) it was like being bathed,
We were supposed to go sightseeing (museums and stuff) but ended up
just resting and spending time together. We sent a bit of money
getting a nice outfit each, bought some great CD's and a vocal pedal
for my birthday gift.
Our drive back home was fun; we laughed, chatted, sang and carried on
like loonies all the way home on Friday.

Just as things were getting better, on Monday, Franc went back to work
and an issue occurred which sees him at home on paid leave for a while
until all is sorted out. In a way – it's been a blessing cos he's home
;o) but it's also been hard for him because he is a man, and because
he actually loves going in to work.

We had one week of semi-normality and then yesterday, Saturday, Franc
started rumbling in his chest, followed by the most blood I've ever
seen come out of a person's mouth and nose, by the time he was
admitted to hospital he had thrown up, coughed up and blown out over 1
litre of blood. I am quite angry now : let me know what you think of
this: we took Francis – coughing up a cup of blood to the medicross
(with the blood in a container) they looked at it, saw him and sent
him home with antibiotics saying that he had a "chest cold" and even
gave him expectorant!
If we had waited even one more hour at home after that, Franc would
have been close to death or dead. I am going to go in and cause a
scene there on Monday.
He did NOT have a chest cold, the blood from his body was so thin
(anticoagulant meds after the op) that the blood was simply running
out of his body into his lungs through the skin of his lungs. He was
in essence drowning in blood.
Let me know what you think: please

All through this I have remained calm. I even spoke to my mom who
assured me last night that I would feel the emotion soon, but in truth
I was so calm. I had some tears on Saturday when Kimmi called but
after that I was relaxed. I had such faith that everything would be
ok. I was amazed at the support, encouragement, scripture, prayers,
love and dedication of my friends and church ministers, you guys were
my strength through this time.
THANK YOU. Names: Caty who sped from hillcrest to glenwood to support
me, My Mom and Dad who were there waiting for the ambulance – Mom
thank you for staying with Francis when I wasn't there yet - while
they moved him from the ambulance into the ICU, Jo for helping me get
him admitted and for the support, Paula for the 100's you have spent
SMSing updates to all our friends, my Friends - for the prayers and
Well, my child is calling "Daddy, Daddy!" from her cot so I guess
that's me for now! Hopefully I will be fetching Francis this
afternoon. Here's hoping for an UNEVENTFUL rest of year!

Sands x

Monday, 6 October 2008

NEW Hi-Jacking tactics

Please be careful and warn everyone you know!

We all hear about these incidents and hope it never happens to anyone we know, however the latest styles used by would be hi-jackers are far more horrific than ever before

Because of the new gun laws and stricter rules regarding ammunition, Hijackers have turned their attention to using Pool Acid, this acid is kept in a syringe or even a small plastic and then used to blind daze and disorientate the driver of the vehicle, it also assists them with getting away from the scene more readily.
Please do not wind down your windows ,even a small bit at any intersections whatsoever.

Please see below attached report from Discovery Health

Lets be carefull out there


Deirdre' Viljoen

Junior Forensic Investigator

Investigating Unit
012 843 0043
082 470 8458
0866 182 879

Attached Report

Gavin Osmond (one of our engineers at
Discovery) was involved in an attempted hi-jacking on Wednesday night in Rivonia, where a young perfectly nice-looking white guy convinced him into winding down his window at a robot, informed him that he wanted his car and then threw ACID IN HIS FACE!!! Gavin's face was burned extensively and the membranes have been burned off his eyes. He was temporarily blind for a few hours. He is undergoing daily treatments and it will be several months before his eyes recover properly.

DO NOT WIND DOWN YOUR WINDOW FOR ANYONE!!! - Tell your friends and family to be careful.