Monday, 31 March 2008

The Day That I B****slapped The Pill Back To Schering Where It Belongs…

It all started innocently, a lovely young lady, full of love and joy gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Two and a half months later she was handed a shiny foil pack, numbers, days, pills and colours filled the sheet and it glowed with the hope of NOT falling pregnant again for at least another two years…

The first day went well, no changed occurred and life continued as usual. The girl was her normal self, smiling, laughing thinking rationally and all seemed to be going well. At about day 5 things started to go pear shaped as the girl started feeling irrational emotions and temper flared its ugly head time and time again…

By day 7 a haggard, unkempt creature loped into the kitchen, stared around with red blood shot eyes at the world beyond her tiled domain. The gleam of the assortment of available weapons called to her (aren’t kitchens dangerous? damn!) and she contemplated the assault on all and sundry who walked within her earshot (It was the wife…in the kitchen…with the carving knife)

It was at this point that this dark and dangerous creature realised that her transformation had taken on the sinister form of a small. White. Pill.

That night at church as she ranted before God asking him why she felt so awful, she realised with full clarity that the Melodine Pill was altering her personality and yes,...even possibly her genetic make-up. She had to do away with the drug, she had to do the unpopular option and get a Mirena Device fitted. From the moment of her deciding she felt the darkness lift from her mind and soul, her husband looked on in shocked surprise as she started, falteringly, to laugh again.

Well, today is the first day of my pill-less existence. Bring on the Mirena.

Sands x aka the-monster-in-the-kitchen

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Happy EastUr...

Oh Heck! Consumer-ism Wins Again...

Monday, 24 March 2008

My own little smiley...

Savanna Rae - the incessant cuteness...

This is my binkyboo with her mommies glasses on...I laughed so hard i cried!

This is my husband Francis and baby Sav having an afternoon nap... I love them so very much. Sav looks so much like her daddy.

This is my girly all dressed up for Carmen and Murrays wedding. Her shoe-socks caused quite a stir...

A close-up of the famous shoes. Too cute!!

We had an awesome weekend, it was a four day weekend and we saw people we loved on each of the four days!

On Friday morning we rushed up to the midlands for the weddng rehearsal, on the way we bought a cheese pie and a coke to share. We ended up having brunch with Ry and Cris (Big thanks to Ry for helping us carry our stuff! Good job're doing a great job mate) we had scones and waffles yum....

Saturday we had an easy day, we went couch shopping and then headed up to the wedding, it was a stunning one! We had great company at our table and spent the night eating good food and laughing with special friends - big love to lee, mark and the super cool okes at table 5!

Sunday we slept in (I tried but had a headache and a stroppy baba) and then we set about doing as little as possible... that is until 9am when we shot off to waterfall for our annual family breakfast... more eating laughing and good company ;) Word up to Guy, Claire and the gorgeous people at our end of the tuin... My husband and i did a sing-song for everyone and we ate the best breakfast ever... we only left at 1:30 and even though we were exhausted we still drove around looking at houses on show. We saw two nice properties and it left us dreaming and redesigning all afternoon...sigh. oh well.

We decided to take the night off because we had had such a busy weekend - so we had prpoer family time ie. Francis sanded sown the porch gables and varnished them... varnished the dog kennel, his shirt, the porch and his only nice pair of pants. While I watched series and spent time with my child.

We then decided to have a braai - gas braai - and had chicken, boerie, a huge stuffed butterbut, chips and home made chocolate icecream! It was the first time all long weekend that we actually just did normal family stuff - it was nice :)

Monday (today) we lay in again and then spent the day taking it easy, we sat like little monkeys playing wit Google Earth and saw everything from our home to the place in Madrid where I stayed in 99.

The Swans popped in to bring me a stunning formula stacked-cup system and they stayed for a while, our home looks like a bomb's hit it but I AM ON HOLIDAY.

Right now I am relaxing on the couch, Franc is at his mom's visiting. Sav is sleeping on my lap and we are going to have grilled chicken and rolls for dinner.

hope you all had a blessed Easter - Our challenge to you all this year is this :

Don't wait for traditional festivals to remember what God has done for us everyday.

Sands x

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

The day I walked Gateway Theater of Shopping...Twice.

Today was a bit of an upside down day... the weather this morning was awful, cold, dripping rain and windy. My Husband turned soulfull eyes at me and I just knew that he was NOT riding his motorbike all the way to Durban North (a long way from where we live) and that it meant a long drive for me this morning and again tonight.
After a discussion involving nearly hurt feelings and action planning we left late with a bottle of milk, a grumpy baby, a chatty wife and a tired Franc.
After arriving at Franc's work I took Sav in and she was immediately plucked from my arms by many willing and broody aunties... after cooing and networking nicely it all became a bit much for baby Sav and she burst into tears... I have a question to ask - we live in modern SA.. why is it so obvious that people JUST DON'T BRUSH THEIR TEETH ANYMORE! The general rule is to brush in the morning and floss, brush after lunch if possible, brush when you get home from work and again after dinner, and once before bed and a floss. If you do this your breath never smells! But, it is becoming obvious that people only brush once or twice a day - it's just not kosher people! My child has manners but even she calls a time-out after a few minutes of gale-force plaque infested airwaves.
Back to the blog... (I do tend to lose the plot) 
I ended up at Gateway Theater of Shopping in Umhlanga Rocks (My sister Tracy and I used to call is Gatte wag - like in afrikaans...) I ate a tasty Mac Burger and then found my way into the paid parking.
My pink-clad child decided that life was just too much to handle, she grisled, moaned and played 'diva' all the way through the shopping mall.
I had to get her some winter goodies from Ackermans (while bottle feeding her AND pushing the pram) - she has the most divine wardrobe but has not got any winter stuff so... a handful of hoodies, jumpers, fleece jackets, socks, cords, shirts and pajamas later, we were on our way.
(Also got Cristines Maternity bag and a gorgeous feeding blankie... now to fill it with goodies eeeeeeeee)
Oh wait, let me back track.
We first went to the Voda shop, followed by Sheet Street and THEN  on to Ackermans... After paying my bill I went to Hyper Clothing, I got Sav some facecloths, a hat, and then got myself some long sleeved shirts and a hoody... After THAT I went to Mr Price home and exchanged my "wrong sized" shoes for another Hoody and a small black jacket for Sav that says in bright pink "CHICKS ROCK" cute.
By now I was pretty bogged down and staggering from side to side due to the immense amount of shopping bags, baby, pram, baby bag etc. and I was showing signs of wear-and-tear... I ended up back at sheet street where I bought a queen size feather duvet -WOW- followed by a now teeter-tottering journey over to the Voda Shop to buy a sim card for the hubby... that didn't happen... wobbled downstairs in the elevator, got a pie, ran into a friend, got into the car (packing it was a joke and it had reached a sweaty 28degrees C) and sped off helter-skelter leaving a trail of pie crumbs behind me....
And now I am sitting blissfully on my couch. My child has put out two pooh nappies and has has a nice lunch ;) sigh.
Sands x 


Sandy Doherty-Bigara
Glenwood, Durban.

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Monday, 17 March 2008

My late night cuddle...

You have an MMS message!

This is my little Savanina and I late tonight. I had just fed her and we were having our burp/cuddle time. She is so sweet. Good night x


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Friday, 14 March 2008

The Day That I Saw That Mail-to-blog Works...

I'm being very curious, cute and inquisitive... I want to see if this whole mail-to-blog thing works... apparently you have to go to "email" on your dashboard, select the middle word for your personalised mail to blog thang and send... 
lets see. 

Cris's Blog

Seeing as Blogger wont allow me to add links... this is Cristines Page. So Waah Blogspotter!


I've added pictures to my Birth Story post.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Saturday, 8 March 2008

UPDATE: My Baby Is Growing

As of this week Savanna is 61cm long and weighs 5.5kg!

She is only 7 weeks old, the average measurements for a 12 week old baby is 63cm long 5.8kg.

I'm having to hold her in a sitting position, with her long legs hanging down over my thighs! She is too gorgeous, for some reason I am unable to post pictures on my blog, as soon as I can I will add pictures to the new posts.

If anyone has had this problem please tell me how to sort it out!

The Day On The Couch With My Aunt

My aunt Terri and her hunk Leigh...

On an unspecified day this week (I can’t be bothered to work out which day it was – I’m at home on maternity leave… I only know it’s weekend cos my husband is around ;) ) my beloved Aunt came to visit.

A more world-wise and wonderful lady you won’t meet in a hurry, she is the only person to ever say to me “Hurry up and finish feeding that baby… I feel a cuddle coming on!”
She has travelled the world, has sms’d me from the steps of the Taj Mahal, has fleed before tidal waves, and has even explored the dark underworld of Pinetown to visit her favourite niece (my sister is exempt because she is my aunts godchild ;) and my mother failed to provide us with another sibling to harass… anyway I’m not losing the plot I promise!... back to the blog…)

She arrived looking somewhat steamy - the temperature was at least 30 degrees C and the humidity added a further 8 degrees to that! She dived through my kitchen door into the air-conditioned sanctuary of my bohemian lounge. We yacked for ages, can’t tell you what we spoke about but I’m sure it was deeply philosophical and had nothing whatsoever to do with family gossip 

Oh yes, I was sorely disappointed – I ran to the SPAR to get something nice for us to gorge ourselves on and as I was lovingly transporting a double chocolate and caramel swissroll to the pay counter, my Aunt showing spectacular psychic ability sent me a message saying “Don’t buy anything for me I’m on day 8 of a 10 day detox…I’m being good!” I stood with a long face and slowly replaced the cake on the shelf, now you have to understand, I am breastfeeding a little giant at the moment and that swiss cake had a purpose and a destiny – to move from my willing mouth straight to my hips.! Terri ruined that destiny, hope she can live with herself! Oh well, I’ll be able to fit into my size 36’s for a while then 

Well, the last little bit of info re my fab aunt has to do with conscientiously watching the time…
I have a bright yellow clock in my lounge, and since the birth of my child I have watched it for meal times and departure times etc. and when my Aunt informed me that she had to leave after 2pm I looked at the clock and saw that it was 13:50 so we stepped up the conversation and kept an eye on the time… at 14:10 we stood up, said our goodbyes and she left in a swirl of pearls and perfume.
It was only at about 16:00 that I looked at the clock and realised that it was broken – it said 14:45. So I still don’t really know what time my aunt actually left, or how long it took for the clock to move from 13:50 – 14:10 might have been an hour! Not that either blonde beauty noticed haha. I messaged her to tell her and she laughed – she arrived in Umhlanga exactly on time.

Well, Terri you made it into my blog  Thanks for being a lovely lady.
Big Love to Terri xx

Sands x

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

That day on the couch where I realised that "I am still alive"

Well, I am sitting here, my little bundle of Joy, Savanna Rae Grace is lying sleeping next to me.
I have just eaten a light lunch and today I started my first ever workout via video.
It was very funny, I have the "Ball and Band" workout video and my lounge is not the biggest... so there was a lot of repositioning so that my feet weren't half up the wall during sit ups and my ass not in my childs pram during squats... the forementioned ass is burning due to "just another 8 more...1...2..."

Oh! now, anyone who has ever done one of these workouts will know, you feel all proud when you buy it, you see visions of yourself in spandex moving along at the speed of light... then when the time comes you ind yourself in ill fitting green pants, a bright pink strappy top with your boobs popping out the top, brown hiking boots(they fit right) orange/brown socks (the white ones are dirty) wheezing and puffing while the maid sits and watches...
it's not pretty, but it's sincere. appreciate that. (in the middle of a tummy benchpress thing that had me balancing ontop of the ball, ass up, shoes up, face red - I looked out of the french doors and both my dogs were watching me. I could hear them swearing WTF?? I laughed and fell off the ball)

Thank God for Cristine! I have had the privilege of chatting with my most precious friend in the whole world, on Skype. It is such a blessing having a close female friend who can chat about anything with you! big love and hugs Crisscross.

Well, that was my boring but consistent blog post. I may not have much to say but I WILL SAY IT DAMMIT!

Sands x