Thursday, 28 February 2008

My Baby is Growing!

Wow, last night I charged our batteries, stood on the scale and weighed my baby.
At one week old she had lost .5kg and weighed in at 3kg. Now 5 weeks later she weighs in at a hefty 4.9kg! wow!
Then I brought out the trusty measuring tape and measured her from crown to foot - she's grown from 50cm at birth to 67cm! I am in shock, She is the longest baby ever! Her nickname is Padda (frog) and Monkey Girl, very apt...

So far she has been an amazing baby. She is so friendly and engaging and makes my days fly by. She only cries when she is hungry (if I don't notice her niggling beforehand)and sleeps almost through the night! Last night was the best yet she slept from 9pm right through til 4:30am! I was so stoked!

Sav's GodMother, Cristine Dyer is her third fave person on earth... its the sweetest thing, whenever Cris holds Sav, Sav puts her hands under her chin and her elbows out on either side - all cute - and falls asleep on Cris's chest. Oh yes, on occasion she does "ask" Cris for milk... in the most slobbery, sucky way imaginable - it leaves us in hysterics! My child, the chancer.

Francis has been amazing, I really have to say that he has made all of this "do-able" by helping me in every way. He works so very hard, he leaves for work at 7:15 every morning and often gets home after 6pm exhausted, but, he never ever says no if I ask him to help me with Sav. He will change a pooh nappy at 4am if I ask him to, he carries her when we shop, changes her clothes, snuggles with her, soothes her when she cries, tucks her into bed, loves her and has become a loving and able Father to her. Every so often he will set up a bottle or two in the fridge and gives me "the night off" so that I can sleep through, he still gets up and goes to work with little sleep behind him, so that I can feel refreshed. What a star. Big love to you Franco.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Savanna's Birth Story WITH PICTURES NOW!

Me in early labour

Me a few hours later, I still supposedly had 8hrs to go but delivered an hour later!

We had just been handed our daughter...I was in instant Mommy mode...

This is Savanna when she was 6hours old

One week old Sav having her first tub-bath... usually baths with her Mum. She loved it, gurgling and being all coy ...

This is Sav in Papparazzi mode... "no, no, get my good side..."

Sav at 2 months... cuuute!

My waters broke at 11:15 during the day, while I was on Gmail Chat. I had just told my friend Kim Swan that I was READY when…yup. The baby heard me!

I happened to have a gynae appointment at 12:15, my husband raced home on his motorbike and we left for the hospital, where it was decided that I was in labour and that my waters HAD broken!

My Husband and I went back home, packed our bags, went to the shops and bought some snacks.

We got to my room at about 1.45 by 2.00pm in the afternoon I had my first contraction, they weren't sore and I chatted and sent phone messages. My Doula, Annie Skea stayed with me a while and then popped home to change. I sat around and even had a snooze while waiting for the contractions to get stronger. They started getting strong and painful by about 6pm and I SMS’d Annie who came back to the Hospital. By 8pm we moved down to the Active birthing Unit where I danced and sang until I was 5 cm dilated, by then I was getting a bit sore (I had to bend down over the side of the Jacuzzi when I had a contraction) when the contractions got very strong I sat down on a exercise ball and rested my head on the side of the bed. They checked to see if I was 5cm yet and found that I was 6cm! I got into the Jacuzzi then and stayed there from 10pm till about 1:00am when I decided that I needed to push!

An hour later my daughter Savanna Rae was born, she would have been out quicker but She couldn’t get past the opening (her head was too big and mommy was not stretchy enough!) she came out with her eyes open and talking! (well, gurgling and looking around)

I had no pain relief, and it was an amazing experience!! I felt the presence of God the entire time, my Doula told me that in the height of contractions when I should have been screaming and swearing, I was calmly praying and saying "Thank you Jesus, Thank you for my baby" pretty cool!! I would do it again. The only complaint is these blinking episiotomy stitches!!

Thank you LORD for an awesome birth, and for being so near to me throughout.