Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Update as promised...

It's by no means a short novel but here it is... my little update, as I think of things I'll post them.
Savanna Rae Grace is growing growing growing! I can hardly keep up with her these days, she moves at the speed of sound.
She is too cute - one nice thing about Franc being home (job hunting like a neo-hominid man) is that he is spending hours of great quality time with Sav.
She just adores him, wrinkling her nose at him, kissing his forehead, practically stagediving out of my arms to crawl all over him, packing the dishwasher with him, playing in the laundry while he works there. It's awesome.
We have made a big decision, we have found ourselves at a cross roads regarding our home bond, we had the option of moving in with family - a great escape if needed. But we woke up on Saturday and knew that we were going to trade in our gorgeous Opel Astra Essentia for a cheaper larger car (will suit my business needs better then the Opel) and would help with bond payments. Well, we decide to drive out at about 2pm and had a look around... well, we looked around one place. Nissan, I walked from the front to the back of the showroom with a distinct car in mind...and there it was! It was immaculate, the right price and was a Peugeot 306 1.6L station wagon - nice for family trips and for moving gear and equipment to shows ; )
Well, we ended up dealing with Kobus Kruger and it seemed like we would be able to get our price and everything. On Sunday we decided to have another look around seeing as we had only seen the one showroom, well, the only other cars in that price range were little banged up Corsa Lights.
We went in Monday and did the prelim paperwork, took the 16hundred for a spin and loved it. God is good.
Oh yes - I HAVE LOST 8KGS in 8WEEKS ; )
Sands x

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Father and Daughter

Thought you'd all agree to the STRIKING resemblance...
will type up an update soon - got lots to share xx
much love


S. Doherty-Bigara
Paw Paw Productions
Cell: +27 72 227 3075
Fax: 0865115166
a/h :  031 700 5114
Mail: PO Box 1161

"Education through drama, action, dance and laughter"

Just remembering...

Savanna was two weeks old. Johannesburg for a week of training... wow.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Granny Joan is 80!

Just thought I would share this BEAUTIFUL photograph of my Gran at her 80th. Taken by my Aunt Terri ~ Happy Birthday Gran!

Thursday, 6 November 2008


Cristine had her baby girl Ashlyn Kate Dyer! Yay! What a birth Story... as soon as Cris posts it I will post a ink - I heard a little bit about it and MAN that woman is a machine!
Keep well,
Sands x

Monday, 27 October 2008

Two Bits of news



Robert's Secret

Movie Debut – Experimental Recording 2008


Sylvia              D'Laine Bok

Jervaine          Rylan De Esclana

Ruyana           Roxanne Porter

David               Brian Khumalo

Robert             Francis Bigara

James mc'C   Marc Sadler

Mindy Parker  Tylisha Sadler


Kimswanphotography (tentative)

Blaise Walker Photography

Paw Paw Productions SA


The Bigara Music Studio


And secondly, MY BABY CAN TALK!! At 9.5months she says Mama, Daddy, Gangan, Yum, Up and DoTah (don't touch) She shows me where her daddy is by pointing him out to me or taking me to him (crawling to him wherever he is!) She is such a funny bunny, she stayed with my mum this weekend and came back making the strangest noises (we have had comments from strangers and friends already) I only just realized that my Mum was doing "farm animals" with her and she's making animal noises… kinda like a moo-pig-chicken noise! Haha She also has a new facial expression – I have NEVER seen her do it before and now she does it all day, to anyone who looks at her! She crinkles her nose and shows her gums. I realized that my Mum does that expression when she smiles and makes faces at Savanna! Ha ha ha – little copycat!


Ok. Gotta go sleep now.


Sands x

Friday, 24 October 2008

Meet The Cast!

Introducing the cast of Stop!


Roxanne Porter a super talented dynamite of a girl! She effortlessly conveys our message of Safety to the adoring crowds of children. Roxanne is 21 years old, from Durban. If you need a female actress or MC for evening gigs, School Events, Sports Days or Fund Raisers, please call 0722273075 or email us at admin.pawpaw@gmail.com


Brian Khumalo a surprise star! Brian clawed his way to success after going through TWO rounds of auditions to land the role of STOP. He is clear, precise and has become the backbone of the team... If you are needing an MC or Facilitator for any weekend or evening gigs, such as 21st's or Corporate Events then please call 0722273075 or email us at admin.pawpaw@gmail.com


Rylen De Esclana our very own John Travolta! Rylen has been with PPPSA since it's conception in 2007, his dedication and energy are only overshadowed by his immense talent as a singer, dancer and actor. This man is going places! If you are needing an MC or Facilitator for any evening or weekend functions, Beauty Pageants or Shows please call 0722273075 or email us at admin.pawpaw@gmail.com


PPPSA is so pleased to welcome such talent into the Durban Drama and Entertainment scene, the three actors will be joined by D'laine Bok in December for the filming of the short film "Robert's Secret" in Durban.


Good Luck Guys!


x The Paw Paw Team


Being Mum

If you see writing in BLUE right click on it and select "Open in new Window or New Tab" to see what i'm going on about!
Well, it seems as though life is slowing down a tad...not.
Hubby is home again, still on leave, and did a Sofline Pastel Accredited Trainer course this week (yup - he got out of his sick-bed and went!)
On monday night my Vivacious Voice class had there course end showcase, I played the keyboard for them all, and I even got to play my set of new songs for the audience - got a good reception !!
My Show Production company Paw Paw Productions SA had it's second week, successfully whew! We have reached just under 10 thousand children now in two weeks!! They are loving the show, the music, dancing etc and learning something about road safety too, its super cool. It was also the first week that I stepped back and allowed my actors to actually run their own show. Today I didn't even go along, just made sure they left on time etc. Oh ya how cool is this... the Durban Metro Police Officer Deb Bekker gave me her bright blue eyeshadow! lol! too cool, I told her she looked hot with it cos it made her blue uniform look wicked...so she gave it to me - love it! I gots me a policemans make up! ; ) hee hee!
I went back to my the Bigara Music School this week it was cool to see the kids again, we were even moaned at for making a noise! we do try tho... our big year end concert is next saturday eek!
Savanna rae is up and about almost walking and climbing EVERYTHING in sight. I have had to pull her off the TV unit a few times lol
Cristine's baby is due for induction soon.........watch this space there will DEF be some pics!
We're off to the berg tomorrow morning for a church outreach with our home group from Hillside Church, we're taking some stunning banners that we made and I am leading the music side of things on Sunday, Saturday is going to be a hang out and chill out time. Hoping to go for a horse ride too!
oh yes DIET IS WORKING!!!!!

ok well, i'm bored and stiff from typing... keep well
Sands x

Saturday, 11 October 2008

The Times of our lives

We have had a rough couple of months, my husband has had one bad thing
after the other happen to him, to the point where I SMS my friends
with a prayer request and they are shocked into silence and say
It has felt like we are under attack, like we are surrounded on all
sides and for some reason, God is allowing this to happen (I firmly
believe that He is not unaware of ANY thing that happens to us and
allows things to happen from time to time) we have experienced this
kind of thing only once before, where we were battered and bruised but
pushed through, believing and praying like crazy, the months following
were some of the most blessed and prosperous times of our lives. So
who knows?

On Monday 29th (the day before the day of my saddest post ever
written) my Husband had a triple cardiac ablation operation – it was a
4hr op. The following morning when I called to arrange fetching him I
was glibly told by a delightful nurse that He was staying for a while
longer! I nearly lost it. I went in at 10am anyway and despite strict
visiting rules, he was the only one in the over-flow room so I got to
stay for a long time. Eventually the doc arrived and as he breezed in
he said
"now don't think that he's going home any time soon…" but after a few
sentences with me, I showed him straight up that I knew exactly what
had to be done for him, that I had the doctors personal and hospital
numbers and that I had a heart monitor that I would use to monitor him
constantly for the remainder of the week. He took one look at my stern
face and said
"Ok, so I guess he is going home today then, pick him up at 6pm"
So saying, Savanna and I had hi-jinx and adventures around Sandton for
the next 5hrs! We went driving, exploring or "Splorrin" as we say it.
We "Splorred" a couple malls spent considerable time swearing at the
GAUTENG road map. Found SPAR and got snacks etc. Just as we were on
the brink of boredom it was time to fetch Franc!

Warning the following might be disturbing:
I got Gastro…as I was helping franc get discharged. Let's just say I
know every loo in Sunning hill Hospital. The timing was amazing.

We then spent a great week up in JHB with Pat and Martin who blessed
us so much (spiritually and physically) it was like being bathed,
We were supposed to go sightseeing (museums and stuff) but ended up
just resting and spending time together. We sent a bit of money
getting a nice outfit each, bought some great CD's and a vocal pedal
for my birthday gift.
Our drive back home was fun; we laughed, chatted, sang and carried on
like loonies all the way home on Friday.

Just as things were getting better, on Monday, Franc went back to work
and an issue occurred which sees him at home on paid leave for a while
until all is sorted out. In a way – it's been a blessing cos he's home
;o) but it's also been hard for him because he is a man, and because
he actually loves going in to work.

We had one week of semi-normality and then yesterday, Saturday, Franc
started rumbling in his chest, followed by the most blood I've ever
seen come out of a person's mouth and nose, by the time he was
admitted to hospital he had thrown up, coughed up and blown out over 1
litre of blood. I am quite angry now : let me know what you think of
this: we took Francis – coughing up a cup of blood to the medicross
(with the blood in a container) they looked at it, saw him and sent
him home with antibiotics saying that he had a "chest cold" and even
gave him expectorant!
If we had waited even one more hour at home after that, Franc would
have been close to death or dead. I am going to go in and cause a
scene there on Monday.
He did NOT have a chest cold, the blood from his body was so thin
(anticoagulant meds after the op) that the blood was simply running
out of his body into his lungs through the skin of his lungs. He was
in essence drowning in blood.
Let me know what you think: please admin.pawpaw@gmail.com

All through this I have remained calm. I even spoke to my mom who
assured me last night that I would feel the emotion soon, but in truth
I was so calm. I had some tears on Saturday when Kimmi called but
after that I was relaxed. I had such faith that everything would be
ok. I was amazed at the support, encouragement, scripture, prayers,
love and dedication of my friends and church ministers, you guys were
my strength through this time.
THANK YOU. Names: Caty who sped from hillcrest to glenwood to support
me, My Mom and Dad who were there waiting for the ambulance – Mom
thank you for staying with Francis when I wasn't there yet - while
they moved him from the ambulance into the ICU, Jo for helping me get
him admitted and for the support, Paula for the 100's you have spent
SMSing updates to all our friends, my Friends - for the prayers and
Well, my child is calling "Daddy, Daddy!" from her cot so I guess
that's me for now! Hopefully I will be fetching Francis this
afternoon. Here's hoping for an UNEVENTFUL rest of year!

Sands x

Monday, 6 October 2008

NEW Hi-Jacking tactics

Please be careful and warn everyone you know!

We all hear about these incidents and hope it never happens to anyone we know, however the latest styles used by would be hi-jackers are far more horrific than ever before

Because of the new gun laws and stricter rules regarding ammunition, Hijackers have turned their attention to using Pool Acid, this acid is kept in a syringe or even a small plastic and then used to blind daze and disorientate the driver of the vehicle, it also assists them with getting away from the scene more readily.
Please do not wind down your windows ,even a small bit at any intersections whatsoever.

Please see below attached report from Discovery Health

Lets be carefull out there


Deirdre' Viljoen

Junior Forensic Investigator

Investigating Unit
012 843 0043
082 470 8458
0866 182 879

Attached Report

Gavin Osmond (one of our engineers at
Discovery) was involved in an attempted hi-jacking on Wednesday night in Rivonia, where a young perfectly nice-looking white guy convinced him into winding down his window at a robot, informed him that he wanted his car and then threw ACID IN HIS FACE!!! Gavin's face was burned extensively and the membranes have been burned off his eyes. He was temporarily blind for a few hours. He is undergoing daily treatments and it will be several months before his eyes recover properly.

DO NOT WIND DOWN YOUR WINDOW FOR ANYONE!!! - Tell your friends and family to be careful.


Monday, 29 September 2008

Heart Op

Francis went imto theater at 6pm last night - they found three problems so he ended up with three ablations. They also found another problem which hopefully has been fixed.
I am not coping so well, I have the flu which is making me groggy, snotty, exhausted and emotional, I am having a reaction to ciggy smoke and my throat is so swolen that my necklace feels too tight...in other words I am not coping. I am not a super heroine who can stand passively by and not show any emotion, I called Francis to check on him and ended up blubbing into the phone. sigh. I just want to go home with my family, sleep in my bed and be looked after till I feel better. Instead I am 600km from home, I have a demanding baby, a very heartsick hubby and no hope of being looked after!
Sands x

I haven't laughed so hard in days...

For a really interesting read (this lady is a great blogger and her humour is great) http://www.alittlepregnant.com/ her name is Julie and I stumbled across the blog by mistake - its a gem.
Sands x

Sunday, 28 September 2008

My Polly-Anna Glad List

After reading Cris' blog I was inspired to try this out - I have had the crappest year in history (apart from giving birth to my gorgeous baby girl) I have had to deal with stretch marks, Haemorrhoids (over-share) from birthing, post birth dramatic weight gain, my husband being n a horrific accident, having two operations in two weeks, having to be a "single" mom because hub is too sore to help much9has been mush better lately), having to wake up all night to see if he's still alive because of his heart condition, coming up to Joburg for his heart Operation (today) and then helping him recover from that and gain the full use of his legs (he still can't walk properly) and build up his confidence again. 


So it's understandable that I have found myself becoming increasingly pessimistic, depressed and lethargic. My gym membership has become non-existent since the op and although the new Blood type diet is helping I am still battling with my weight and feeling really saddened that I am so much bigger than ever before. 

So saying, I am going to try and find a few things to be thankful for:


  1. I have a beautiful home, I love living in it.
  2. My businesses are flourishing and earning an income – whew!
  3. I am being allowed to raise my baby the way I have always wanted to –  to be a hands-on at-home mom.
  4. I am still very much in love with my husband, my best friend.
  5. I have a wonderful little girl who has learned how to make me laugh and does so daily. Clapping with me, blowing me kisses and saying "pop pop!" because it makes me giggle.
  6. I have a good maid who loves my baby and is a good helper.
  7. My dogs are only partially insane this year.
  8. I have great friends – people who are around me supporting me all the time – always a phone call, field's hill or driveway away from me when I need them.
  9. I've published my books this year – a lifelong dream.
  10. I've set up my studio at home – filled with instruments, sound equipment – heaven in a room.
  11. I've found my art style and have painted some of my best pieces since having Sav.
  12. I am happy that my post pregnancy floppy dead hag hair is giving way to normal shining hair again!


That's the best I can do. I tried and it feels nice. Sigh. I'm hoping for more things to add to this list.


Sands x


Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Savanna Crawled!

I am a proud Mum. My baby looked at me, rolled onto her knees and crawled to me...Great to know that her first proper crawl was towards me, with a wet grin and laughter like soapy bubbles!

My other firm favourite is that whenever Sav is finished her nap and wants me to come to the room and fetch her she calls out "Ma mum, Ma Mum!" and when I poke my head around the door and smile she gives me a big wet toothless grin and says one last "mu-ma" love it! She is trying to talk - copying words that I say, following commands and understanding things like "uh uh sav thats not allowed!" She smiles and moves away from the thing that is out of bounds. If I tell her that her Dadda is coming she looks all around for him. If I tell her that "Octavia is here" she starts wiggling and looking for her at the back door. My clever thing.

One last thing - last night She came with Franc to fetch me from a Class in Glenwood and when she climbed into my arms (out of the arms of a student) she just sighed and pulled my head forwards, resting her forehead on mine and closing her eyes...then she pulled back and smiled at me running her fingers down the centre of my face.


Sands x

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

8 Months Today!

My baby Girl is 8 Months Old today! I still can't believe it! Almost as long OUT as she was IN =)
The show went well last night, no forgotten lines, no botched wardrobe changes - yay - all in all a great night.
Got home after 10pm (again) so a little tired today.
Going to be phoning schools today to book my Puppet show so I'm hoping for bookings!
Sands x

Goodbye Corky

Well, the verdict is in.
After raising our fence, using poles which I sawed by hand, adding additional rope after he chewed through the first, second and third attempt at re-enforcing the fence...after adding a sheet of hardboard (a new canvass that is now destroyed ;( so that he couldn't see out (and jump) after the 6th escape and rampage, we have to take Corky to the SPCA.
We've given him as much time and effort as we dare, and at the cost of losing relationship with our neighbours: He has to go.

He is such a loving dog, a great (excellent) watchdog - I have slept better since having him here, and a very good friend to Skip and Oscar who love him dearly.

I must say, the dog food will last longer but we have really loved having the gorgeous brute living with us - no one can say that we haven't tried our best.
I can be brave, put on a silly face and say things like "strike three you're out!" but the truth is that I will miss him. He has the warmest eyes and I thought that at last...I had a dog with no issues.
Spoke too soon 'fence jumper'

I am also feeling so run down, I need a break. I have been burning the candle at both ends and feel like i'm teetering on the edge of doing something stupid like closing my business just for the sake of sanity. Sometimes I feel like I should just join the hamsters of the world and get onto the treadmill, sit at a PC, listen to East Coast Radio every day, get my pay packet at the end of the month. Lose out on the better part of my baby's day; and then I look around me at the business of my life, the creativity and flexibility that I have. I look at the three months of holiday that I get each year, the awesome people I work with. I get to lie in bed in the morning cuddling my girl till 8:30am I get to lie on the floor with her whenever I want, playing hide and seek with her, or clapping to her music with her. I can set up my equipment and play guitar all day, or set up and paint something huge. I get to write, create and use up my creative urges till I'm dry.

I need a holiday - that is for sure, but I also love my life. It really is a catch 22. egh. I need a hug.

Sands x

Cristines Baby Shower!

Well, it happened. It's kinda made it official - CRISTINE IS HAVING A BABY OMG!!
The party was one of the most beautiful I've ever been to - I cried a good couple times.
Cris - you are so blessed my friend, it's been amazing to see how God has opened doors for you and made a way for you and Ry to start your family.
I am waiting with so much excitement to meet my "unofficial" niece =)
Sands x

My First Puppet

Her name is Drucilla. She Scary.
Sands x

Monday, 15 September 2008

Sav's "New" Cot and Other Things...

Well, life has certainly taken a turn for the busier...
I have altered my childs cot (see pic) and lowered it a little so that
she can't climb out of it like she was doing...
I very happily and excitedly used a cash present to buy all of my
sound equipment for my acting team and a stunning sound set up for
myself to use at gigs and shows (yay!!)
My Paw Paw Show is taking off soon so I'm waiting for my three actors
to return their signed contracts and we're A-4-away! I have had an
incredibly tiring week - i've worked non-stop from 7am - 10pm daily
auditioning actors, running around doing final paperwork for the
tender, sitting in banks, purchasing equipment, running my music
school, and even had a fun rehearsal for a show i'm in on tuesday
night for my church - its called Sex, Gardening and God. It's fun so
far. Good laughs.
Now in the middle of this I've had to look after a very active 8 month
old, cook for my hub and I (i'm on a special Blood Type Diet) and have
some kind of relationship with both Hub and Bub, whew!

Anyway, I'm now on a new adventure - I have written a script (2007)
and I am in the process of pricing and making n entire cast of ...
puppets. I'm also in the recording studio doing all of the voices
(jamaican nogal) and putting the entire show onto CD. I'm hoping to
run teh show in the month of November - it will give us some extra
cash when we head off to Australia for our holiday in December.

Exciting times!

Sands x

PS. Oh ya - my X-tra dog, Corky, is a compulsive run-away thats how we
got him...he ran away from his previous owners... and as I arrived
home with a GINORMOUS branch in my boot for my special friend Kimmi's
birds I recieved this message " Your dog killed my birds =(" needless
to say I rolled down the hill, left the branch, paid my condolences,
shoved the murderous offender into my car and rolled back up the hill.
Sorry Swanses. Corky has had one strike. Two more and hes out.


S. Doherty-Bigara
Paw Paw Productions
Cell: +27 72 227 3075
Fax: 0865115166
a/h : 031 700 5114
Mail: PO Box 1161

"Education through drama, action, dance and laughter"

The thing with flan is...

Ok so i'm going to make the flan.
It's in the name of Science.

Sands x

Monday, 8 September 2008

The AB Blood Type Diet



Weight loss:







(Bran Flakes allowed 1 bowl p/day)


Weight Gain:


Kidney beans

Lima Beans





Meats Poultry Seafood


Rainbow Trout



(Small portions of Chicken, mince allowed 2x per week)



















Dairy Eggs Oils Fats

Cottage Cheese


Goat Cheese



Olive Oil

Fat free Milk







Ice Cream


Full Cream Milk

Nuts seeds


Peanut Butter



Poppy Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds

Tahini (Halva)


Sunflower seeds


Soy Beans

Green lentils




Kidney Bean

Lima Bean


Oat bran


Rice Bran

Puffed Rice




Corn Flakes

Breads muffins

Brown Rice Bread

Fin Crisp

Rice Cakes

100% Rye bread

Rye Crisps

Rye Vita

Soy Flour Bread



Corn Muffins

Grains pasta

Oat Flour

Rice Flour

Rye Flour

Basmati Rice

White/Brown/Wild Rice




Barley Flour

Artichoke Pasta

Noodles (soba)

Vegetables fruit







Baby marrow















Black Olives



Mung Sprouts







Juices and fluids

Glass of warm water with ½ lemon daily

Cabbage Juice

Carrot Juice

Celery Juice

Black Cherry Juice

Cranberry Juice

Grape Juice

Papaya Juice



Spices condiments


Sweet chilli


Robertson's spices




Almond Extract

Anise (liquorice)











Worcestershire Sauce


Coffee regular and decaf

Green tea


Black tea's


A discussion with Cris...

Well, I like the earth. I'll be sad to see it go Wednesday.
After a skype chat with Cristine I heard some rather interesting news... apparently, red is the new blue.
I know! I'm baffled as well.
Ok ok just go read cris's blog to find out what the heck i'm going on about.
Sands x

Heaven in a dish

1 x Tin Condensed Milk
1 x Tin Coconut Milk
5 x Eggs
Oven 180' for one hour in a dish standing in a water filled tray.
Voila! Flan amazing!!
Sands x

Thursday, 4 September 2008

My Latest Painting

This is my latest painting, I did it for Rachel B x
Sands x

Practice Practice!

I'm busy rehearsing at the moment for a gig in Durban North next Friday morning.
My Mom has signed me up to perform at her school in the Church theatre – amazing venue for shows and stuff, restaurant and latest sound equipment! I can’t wait to let loose with my Santa Fe Guit!! I’m rehearsing like mad and my fingers are swollen (yuck) but it’s worth it – you know when you are a busy person it helps to have a definite point to prepare for, otherwise your playing becomes lax.

Oh yesss!!!! Two of my books arrived from SPAIN today (scuuuze me) and So far only a few minor mistakes in the one book = ) I am a happy girl. I’m going to iron out the hiccups and then order a whole stack of books to sell here.

Savie is well on her way to crawling, today I put her on the carpet in my music rooms in Glenwood and she promptly got up onto all fours and started crawling…well half of her did. The right hand goes forward, then left hand, then right leg goes forward then…nothing. She hasn’t worked it out that far yet. The left leg just kinda droops, haha. I reckon she’ll be zooting around any day now. At this point she is pulling, rolling, sliding and moving around the entire lounge, getting her fingers in everything and even finding her way under the piano stool a couple times!
We have her toys in a basket now so that there is at least some order…she takes everything out of the box and I put it all back, that’s the order (repeat 100x) She has also decided that she prefers sleeping with her head near the window. No matter how often we turn her so she’s head-by-door she just climbs around and lies the way she wants to. I’m not fighting her, she obviously likes seeing the doorway.
Bath time is a real hoot – she loves her baths, sitting on her own playing with her banana toy and splashing like crazy – I love it. I sit in my chair and supervise while she sings, kicks, laughs and has a jol. I really am so blessed to have such an amicable baby. She is so good during lessons and only has a minor thrombosis once in a while.

Francis is doing well, he is growing stronger everyday. He is booked for his heart operation on the 29th September in Johannesburg. Nervous but expectant of good things.

Keep well all,
Sands x

Monday, 25 August 2008

See my Published books!


Yup...i've Self published four of my books - so far so good with four sales. lol. i'm thinking of publishing a scandalous memoire... nah. My life isn't scandalous enough. I know, i'll write a memoire of the Dyers life... they're pretty wild.

Sands x

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Fireblades and bikes in general...

They Say that a child is impressionable. Hitler said "Give me a child until he is 5 years old and he will be Nazi forever!" (or something like that, don't quote me or anything, I took bio and not history)
Needless to say, Dad made sure she saw and loved bikes before she could walk.
Sigh * Pity he crashed his to smithereens.
Sands x

Thinking things through...

Sometimes in life it pays to think things through and plan ahead.
Sands x

It has finally happened!

Well, I went ahead and did it. I published one of my books! I joined an online publishing company and published my short novella "The Princess and the Shepherd" on www.lulu.com so excited! It costs $12.30 and looks so cool. As soon as I have time on my hands I will get the cover looking better and republish it. I have another ook - it was a trilogy but i'm joining the third bok to the second and making it a two part - it's called Thorngate.
Sands x

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Weight Loss

Hey all, don't think I've forgotten about my Weight Loss Diary! I have now gone off Bread (as in yeasty bread) I can eat Rye bread, Provitas, Ryvitas etc, I have also gone off Sugar, I only have Fructose now. It has made all the difference! I have energy for longer and my weight isn't so erratic. Yay. I am hoping to erase my water retension history!
Gym has taken a back seat since Franc's accident but i'm sure all will get back to normal as soon as he is back at work from month end.
Sands x

My Myspace Page

click here to hear my songs on myspace
Sands x

Automated Response PART:TWO

A conversation between my husband and "victoria" on skype lol!
[2008/08/09 04:43:21 PM]
Victoria says: Hellowing! :)
[2008/08/09 04:45:09 PM]
Francis Doherty-Bigara says: Hello
[2008/08/09 04:45:16 PM]
Victoria says: Nice to meet You! My name is Victoria, i'm 22 years old pretty woman from New Orleans, that love chatting with interesting people. How can I see Your photos?
[2008/08/09 04:45:53 PM]
Francis Doherty-Bigara says: That was quite a quick response, is it automated?
[2008/08/09 04:45:59 PM]
Victoria says: oh... sorry... my daddy comming soon... see you later! you can see my videos and live messages at my site http://imacomputa.com/vicky I'll meet you when comming back :*
[2008/08/09 04:46:10 PM]
Francis Doherty-Bigara says: thought as much
Sands x

A Baby Choir for Hire...

Needing singing babies?
Call Kim Swan and Sandy Bigara at (+27)555BABYSING.
Our babies do Swing, Jazz, Folk Rock and Gospel. All in harmony, all the time.
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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

The video that made my day...

I just found a video that made my day – it involves two VERY pregnant ladies, lets call them “Kim” and “Sandy” it is filmed on a very shaky cell phone camera, at a dodgy KFC in the heart of South Africa. It shows “Sandy” Boep and all, walking into the KFC and a crowd of girls aged 13 suddenly screaming out loud that they’d seen “Kim” and the screaming, hysterics and calls for “Kim’s autograph” accompanied by images of a confused and stoked “Kim” made the gag all the more worth it = )


Yes, it was rigged. I sneaked in ahead of Kim and got the crowd (all ex-pupils on a sleep over) to act like Kim was a superstar. I am still smiling at the looks on our faces and those HUGE tums!


Sav has been a miserable baby today, all drama and moans urgh. I persevere.


Sands x

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Tears in the night and a little dog called Tiny…

The picture says it all, my life in a small selection of megapixels.


After chatting to my sleep deprived darling friend Kimmi (http://www.kim-happy-day.blogspot.com) I realised that the power really is in the hands of our children (0 – 21) to keep us up at night. I hope that somewhere between 3 and 12years we will have some respite before the night clubbing starts and we (the mothers) lose sleep again, I mean, who else will be sitting up at 11pm high on coffee to yell "where the hell have you been??" but us mums? Reurgh.


It seems little Chloe is not wanting her bottle, Sav played the "let's waste formula…again!" game over a day or so and it was

a. highly annoying

b. highly annoying


c. a little worrying

From what I can see, Kimmi is worried and quite possibly annoyed ; ) babies. ergh.

She came right - but who knows for how long, in the meantime I am glad that at least one sleep deprived mommy is up with me at night. Kimmi – let's be constructive and send each other mint scented love bubbles while we're up respectively. That way we'll never run out of love bubbles! Wait, check that idea – what if a love bubble wakes me up in the middle of the night? with my luck at the moment it would miss my cheek, break my nose and bring out a love bubble allergy…


Ok, the dog named tiny, When Sav was four months old I bought her the Tiny Love DVD Magiq ( I swore them in a previous post) well, after dealing with a really helpful Mandy at Dejon Distributions I am now the owner of two microchips and a new Tiny the Dog DVD companion toy. Whew.


Much love to all out there, Francis is doing ok after his accident and TWO operations.



Sands x

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

funny vid

SANDY - The past three weeks

20th July

On Friday 18th July Francis had a very bad Motorbike accident. He was travelling up Sparks rd and swerved to miss a car that crossed the road infront of him. He ramped his Yamaha R6 up an anthill and launched it 2m in the air, it travelled approx 10m airborn and summersaulting until it hit an elecrical box on the side of the road. His bike was broken in two and Francis came to land about 2m from the bike on his back.
He has a broken collarbone, multiple grazes, bruising and soft tissue damage to his back and legs. His Femur Tip (ball joint at the top of his left leg) is fractured and may need to be replaced. His pelvis is damaged, with his leg pushed up into the pelvic girdle. On Monday he is going in for a CTG scan and then the Specialist (one of the best) will plan for his reconstructive operation on Tuesday. He will be hospitalised for at least two weeks and it will take a few months for him to walk properly. He wont be able to drive for a while.

24th July
This morning much to my dismay, Francis was moved from General Ward to the High Care facility. He was having trouble with excessive sweats, nausea and a rapid resting heart rate. I was very upset at first but after speaking with the Nursing Sister I was reassured that he was doing much better and was being monitored very closely.
I went in this evening to see him and he was in a great mood, they had changed his drip to another brand and had taken him off the morphine (he was having a reaction to it we think) these changes made a huge difference.
I had the opportunity of meeting up with Jo there, she was on her way out and Francis was really encouraged after seeing her - thanks Jo - go mammabear!
I took one look at him and said "right ...dinner time" he wasnt interested, so in the wily way of a seasoned wife, i started chatting while breaking up his sandwidges and feeding them to him bit by bit. after a fun chat about our dogs (or something) I said "all done!" and he was shocked. Then I looked at him again and decided that the "Raiders of the lost ark" look was really so 1976 and promptly ordered a razor, hot water and a towel. By the time I left, he was smiling, his sheets and bedding were all straight and tucked in nicely, he was full of food, clean shaven and smelling like fresh deodorant. Job done!
Now, the only serious part is this: His heart rate is not normal at this point, it isnt bad enough to warrant huge concern but if it doesnt stabilize over night they will be calling in a cardio specialist. His resting pulse rate goes from 97 to 160 and back down again while he is lying quietly. We have had so much prayer and support - it has made everything seem do-able.

Some Thanks:
Maryanne (and Phil) - thank you precious lady for your call from the States - it made me smile - I'm so sorry i missed it!
Cris - thanks for your vote of confidence xx mwa mwa
Kim - for the food, the tea, running to my house in time for the ugly cry and the constant calls and support xoxoxoxox
Rach - for being so willing to assist me 24/7 you star
Jo - for being so flexible (visit, no visit, visit...) and supportive of us, and for being brave while your son is so ill.
Shan - for being there, and for checking up on me. moomoobaabaa.
Kara and Bill - for your sweet email =)
Gran - for letting Sav and I sleep in your bed. For the love and encouragement xxx
Grandmere - for your phonecall, the support was appreciated.
Vee and John - thank you for your phone calls and email =)
Trace - thanks for looking after sav while i visited Franc tonight x
Our Homegroup and Paula&Blaise - for the calls, prayers and visits, you keep us inspired to get there!!
Terri - for rescuing us with bottles, nappies, formula and baby gadgets at the trauma rooms! For feeding me and allowing me to sleep like the dead in your comfy spare bed! hughug
My Mom - I could not have coped without you - I know that you are behind Francis and I 200% and I'm so grateful for you. I love you.
Thank you for babysitting, driving around, rescuing me and for letting me just be in your home. Francis sends his love and thanks as well.

Basically every person on this list has either visited Francis, spoken to me in person or called me, some of you have even babysat, and opened your homes to me, you've fed me and encouraged me - it has helped me to be strong for Francis. Thank you again =)
Lets, hope that my gorgeous Hubby gets up and going soon. I will keep you all posted as things develop.

3rd August
Well, my husband is back home – after a hellish two weeks sans-husband, I have him on my couch and in my home! It is so nice to see him when I want to – laugh with him, hug him and annoy him again = )
He was in general ward for 4 days,
theatre 1 day,
back to general ward for 1 day
and then into ICU-High Care for 3 days
and back to general ward for 5days.
Not cool.

After the operation where the surgeon joined 6 pieces of femur together with big gigantuan screws Franc returned to general ward only to discover that his heart wouldn't slow down – his resting rate would go from 60 – 160 and back again for no reason. After they moved him to high care they put him onto meds, and monitored him 24/7 to try and establish what was wrong with him.
The diagnosis – Supraventricular Tachycardial Arrythmia. In short – Top of heart beats quicker than it should. Blood does not get pumped efficiently and Franc is left exhausted, weak and living a less-than perfect life.
He is on Hexarone now and in two weeks he sees the Cardiologist. He might have to go to JHB for an electro operation – electrocuting the heart muscle.
We are not taking this lying down though – we are sending him to Dr Kiepiel a homeopath who will diagnose him and treat him holistically

6th August
Well, last Thursday I fetched a weak but happy husband from the hospital and brought him (slowly) home. He was very emotional and exhausted, frustrated and optimistic (that's Franc!)

On Friday I decided to go with my gut feeling and started treating him with homeopathic meds - natural medicine. He responded immediately (as in he went of the prescription painkillers and was recovering more every hour) so i decided to call Dr K a homeopath in Kloof (she is the best in SA and there is a three month waiting list) I really felt that she would be able to help him. I called on Friday and spoke to the receptionist, told her a little of our story. She told me that the soonest appointment would be in September! I just gave her all of the times that suit us and left it there – within 15 minutes she received a phone call from a client who was cancelling! The open appointment was for this Monday at 10:30 (the time that I said would suit us best!!) She was so amazed at this that she bumped us up to the top of the waiting list and called us saying "this is too strange, has never happened before – the appointment MUST be for you!"
Saturday was a great day for Franc – my private music students came for their lessons and he had a great time telling them all his story, then My Mom and Dad popped in to bring us a milktart and some brownies, followed by a visit by Jo and Shan =0)
Sunday was quiet and restful – ie. Mommy worked and Dad and Baby slept ;0)
So, on Monday we headed off to see the doctor and spent an hour and a half there with franc hooked up to an Quantum machine (It diagnoses and regulates the body condition) and throughout Monday Francis was much better, Monday evening after our guests left Franc went through an awful detox process – he was very ill for about 4hrs.
Tuesday morning we went in to the hospital to have his staples removed and I told the doctor about Francs collarbone sticking up at a funny angle – he did an examination and booked franc right there for an operation this morning at 9am! So now, my gorgeous bionic man has four steel screws in his hip and a steel screw/plate in his shoulder to hold his collarbone together.
I have just spoken to him and he is slurring but confident it was a good op. He said something about me being his nurse - so I'm both scared and curious at this point ;0)
So, after hours of crying, intense stress, a crying and broken husband, two weeks of missed work for both of us (it's hurting the pocket now!) and a 6 month old baby in tow, we are seeing the light at the end of a very long dark tunnel.

Keep well and thanks again for the support

Sands x