Thursday, 22 November 2007

The Laptop/Lapdog Theory

The Laptop bag, the Lapdog... a match made in heaven!

Friday, 16 November 2007

Love is Still Love, Even in the 1300's

I've just read something beautiful - I hope that it touches you too...

I got it from Softpedia -

"Another mummy was discovered with a love poem written by a bereaved wife. The verse, written in about the same age with the Shakespearian story of Romeo and Julieta, also bears an amazing similarity to the Italian tragedy.

"You always said we would be living together, to die in the same day
However, why did you go to the heaven alone?
Why did you go alone leaving me and our child behind?
I cannot live without you anymore.
I hope I could be with you.
Please let me go with you.
My love to you, it is unforgettable in this world,
and my sorrow, it is without end."

It seems that the mummy belongs to a 32-year-old man, the second son of a nobleman involved in a revolt against the emperor. 13 letters and slippers woven from the wife's hair, were found near his mummy.

His widow probably fled with her children to the safety of her own family, fearing the imperial retribution."

Taken from:

Doesn't it just show you that love is always the same? From generation to generation. We think that we are original and "know" love... my heart is sad for this poor wife...

Sands xx

The Four Trucks on a Bridge Story

Ok, so my tum is getting bigger; and the thought of cutting hair off of a miniscule, black, highly strung Maltese/French poodle, is less appealing daily.
I opted for a hair cut ala Scissors and Suds in Pinetown, doggy parlour. I dropped off my drooling, shivering, stressed out poochie at 9:00am and headed off for some grocery shopping.

At about 10:20 I headed back to fetch said mutt, and observed a strange occurrence… The road leading to the parlour (Underwood Road) is straight and narrow...and goes over a river – via an even narrower bridge.
While I was mindlessly ambling around Knowles, there came four trucks travelling at dubiously high levels of speed (Add to this equation heavy rain, road works at the right side of the bridge, gravel, testosterone and bad time-management) and what do you get? That’s right kids – you get a “Op-ge-ferk’de Crash on a Narrow Bridge”

By the time I arrived to fetch Oscar there was:

“One road a-closing,
Two workers laughing,
Three drivers screaming,
Four trucks a-smoking, ‘
Five policemen shouting,
All traffic slowing,
Seven tow-trucks racing,
Eight gooolden riiiingsss….”
(Sorry Christmas is in my blood these days)

They were closing the road as I watched helplessly – I was about 50m from my dog at this point…I stuck my head out of the window and yelled at one of the men –
“Move that beacon please I need to park here!!..” pointing at the verge near the accident. He thankfully thought that I lived there…So lady muck parked right at the scene of the rhyme, I mean, crime, and walked like a maharaja past the accident, with my bright orange and pink ‘hearts’ umbrella, dodging glass and angry men to fetch my dog.

After paying up, one of the parlour ladies carried my Oscar all the way back to my car – I weaved my way through the twisted metal, oil, swearing and tears to my car.

What an adventure! Oh, and Oscar looks great 

Sands xx

Sunday, 11 November 2007

My Pretty Garden

Here are some nice pictures from my garden. I am just LOVING this season. Luckily I took the advice of Savanna's Gransie and planted some beautiful flowering plants. It has made all the difference.
These are our new Dianthus - I love them - They are planted in "Poppa's Garden" in the background here you can see my lovely wild fig tree. Love it!

I love this shot - it is a close up of one of the flowerbeds. Unfortunately minutes after taking this shot a troup of monkeys came through and ate the focal point of this picture... rrr. (See monkey posts)

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Our Babies Room – the Division in the House…

No, we’re not fighting… Francis is putting up a Divider, turning our Diningroom/Study into a third bedroom. And our tiny dark second room into a music studio/study. It’s so exciting because we want to have more than one little munchkin and the new room is spacious and light – it will fit a bunker set and two kids comfortably.

The house is filled with the sound of sawing and self praising comments like “ah, thank god it fits…good show” from my gorgeous hub and Skippi our mutt barking her head off.


(The partition is up and looks stunning! Our baby finally has a room! Will post a picture of the completed paritioning soon)
Tomorrow a nice guy called Joel (who we hope doesn’t work for a crime syndicate) will be coming in to fit and hang our new solid wooden doors. The ones we have now were subject to the previous owners’ abuse and are being sent to door heaven to rest in pieces. (The new doors are in now and it looks awesome!)

Well, we’re off to drop off a CD in Durban North now, I smell a rat and suspect the worst – My Baby Shower. See you on the flip side.

Sands xx

** My Suspisions were correct...I was pampered and spoilt... came home with a boot full of wonderful gifts :) **

The Issue with Cow Collecting…

I am a cow nut. I have a collection of over 40 stuffed cow toys, numerous cow ceramics, plates, cups, blankets, and now finally… I will teach my unborn child to love “Kooi” here is my latest purchase – her bib.
Don’t you love it?

Sands xx

That Day, on the Road, in my Blue Slippers…

Preggie brains are often the butt of many jokes – I’m usually the one laughing at myself… but this one takes the cake!

When I was about four months pregnant I had an early morning gig at school. I had to lead over 400 children in singing show pieces for a half and hour. We left home on time, and drove albeit casually to Westville where I drop my husband off at work each morning. As I was getting out of the car I looked down and noticed in horror that I was wearing my Hubba’s Blue fluffy slippers! I had to call in and tell them that I would be very late and why…

I was called “Slippers” by my HOD for the rest of the term…

Sands xx

The Problem With Bikes…

My Husband Francis and I are Bikers. In so much as he rides I scream. It’s fun.
Until little baby came along we were biking quite often and it was something we really enjoyed doing together.
(Left Mikey and Franc)
Unfortunately the time has come to sell “Mikey the Bikey” and we find ourselves at a crossroad… DO we trade him in and get a newer beefier version or do we simply sell, enjoy the extra R2000 a month in our pockets and one day get ourselves a beautiful bike that has not even been designed yet?...

At present Mikey is on the show room floor at Perry Yamaha in Umhlanga and we have test ridden two beauties – Yamaha R6 (Red and white) and the Honda CBR 600. Both were stunning and left us drooling.

Stay tuned.

Sands xx

Friday, 9 November 2007

The Blinking Dredded Christmas Season

WARNING: it is the end of the year, all teachers are at breaking point including myself, the following is an excerpt from a private mail that I sent to a friend. if I seem irrational and annoyed it's because I am SEVEN months pregnant and running around way too much.
This entry is for ALL the people in our lives who say "Teaching?? thats not stressful, you should try being in an office all day,...on facebook,...playing solitaire. THATS a real job"
Yeah, well this one's for you.

I lost the plot yesterday -
During a highly stressful, 'running out of time now' Christmas Play practice, in an outdoor open amphitheater; with gale force winds ripping my hair from my hair clips; and blowing the voices of the actors and three narrators onto the tennis courts; While choir children hollered and screamed at one another (they're supposed to be sitting quietly "but ma'am, you just can't even hear yourself over the wind! thats why we're shouting"...) a group of aftercare/homework centre children from senior primary came into the amphi and joined the fray...
They started making a HUGE noise while I was trying to work (At this point I had the entire cast on stage, the choir was running around the amphi and the grade 7 cast members were practically screaming in hysterical laughter after "drop kicking" the baby jesus like a rugby ball across the stage)

They joy of it was that there was a teacher there the whole time (I didn't see her with the aftercare kids) who, I think, just watched in tired 'end of term style' as they went ape for 30 min (until finally speaking up a minute from the bell)

I eventually stormed off-set and sat by myself.
I really won't be doing anything creative or imaginative again at School again in a hurry, there is NO support from staff - infact, I've been urged by a few teachers to quit the "silly christmas idea" because the children need to focus on work. (I am speaking on behalf of all music/drama teachers everywhere - this is not a school isolated occurance)

I am dumbfounded. How do they expect any major cultural growth/changes if they push academics/sport so hard?

I am hearing one message from HOD and principal and getting a completely different message from staff (from the general lack of support) I have to commend my HOD though, she has put up with a lot of nonsense from staff - she assured me that I would have a staff member helping at each practice but that has not been forthcoming. NOT her fault. urgh!

Also - the powers that be would not allow me to come into school early for practices because they didn't want to pay me for my time - the funny thing is that I finish work at 12:10 and all rehearsals have been from 12:10 - 12:30 each day for the past three weeks... who's the sucker here? ME. so they've got the hours out of me, with no support, no pay and high blood presure for my trouble.

I need a chocolate AND maternity leave for a year.

oh well, i've had my splurge.....thanks for listening :)

Sands xx

The Tracy Splurb

This is just a splurb, where I can :

Write about, love, swear, irritate, defame, glamorize, annoy, deride, empathize with and brag about my SISTER Tracy Margetts x enjoy

This is Tracy she's an usual animal. She enjoys Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain... no wait - that's a song.

She has a history of wierd creativity (late night candle-lit poetry readings, cooky photo-shoots, vine-swinging, VW-driving) and intermingled with love dramas and other shenanigans...her life is a book waiting to be written (if anyone can afford a Novelist/Ghost Writer : contact Tracy)


I've asked Tracy to send me some inspirational messages for all the women out there and all I got was... "Calling all single available men..." or something like that...

We'll wait and see what she sends on.