Sunday, 28 October 2007

The Drama of Monkeys Continues...

We came home yesterday after a long day out, to find that we had had a visitor...or twenty. The heavy kitchen window was hanging WIDE open and our new bread packet was lying open on the kitchen counter covered in fang marks, and nail scratches... We found our other bread packet, empty, and lying on the porch at the front of the house.
My adorable and gorgeous hubby remarked - as only Sherlock Holmes and Poirot may remark "I think we've had a little visitor"
Biting back any acidic, female, pregnant, hormonal remarks I replied,
"yeeess, seems so...think it was a monkey?"
To which my darling man replied in all seriousness,
Case closed.
Despite a few crums here and there, and the fact that our two small dogs were actually IN the kitchen at the time of the invasion we got off lightly.
No dead pets.
No stinky-monkey pooh in the bed
No torn carpets, curtains or linen.
Such focussed little critters...
Where's my gun...
Sands xx

The Shame Faced Entry...

Well, I’m rather shame faced – it has been a while since my last splurge… I have been possibly the busiest pregnant lady on the planet. I have to be. It takes full and utter confidence in one’s busy-ness to write such a statement…

I am the head honcho of a production company called Paw Paw Productions SA, I have three amazing actors working on two original scripts at the moment.
“Gangsta’s Paradise – Bullying In Our Schools” and “Stop! Look left” – Road Safety Awareness.
In January we are launching out into the local school system travelling and teaching the kids using dance, drama and interactive stimuli. I’ve been running around buying props, pricing sound systems, getting microphones, and putting together the backing track for the shows. My Actors are Leeann Devlall, Catherine Keogh and Rylen De Esclana.

I am also the head honchorina of The Bigara Music School – I have about 45 students who study piano, keyboard, guitar, voice and theory of music with me every week. This Saturday (yesterday, they had their recital) I was in heaven and ran around organising everything for the big day. About 120 parents and grandparents arrived, the children were so cute! They were so prepared and excited.
The show consisted of:
A piano performance by Mr David Sprong,
Arecital performance by the students, including an item with 16 guitars, 1 violin, one pianist and a choir of talented singers,
Followed by a speech by my special guest speaker; Mrs Gillian Robinson. Principal of Oasis Pre Primary School (and my mom!)
We ended off with the Awards ceremony, with our other special guest; Mrs Joan Bottriell handing out the awards and prizes.
The crux of the days event was the awarding of the “Super Star of Tomorrow Trophy” and the “Robert E. Bottriell Memorial Floating Trophy For Excellence”
The Super Star Trophy went to Seni Sabela and the Memorial Floating Trophy went to Daniel Francis.

Next on my agenda is the Completely Calypso Carol that I have written, Scripted, Backing tracked and organised. It is a Carribean Christmas play – lots of fun, I am getting help from the school and so it has not been too traumatic for me – being 7 months pregnant and running around is not always easy! The show will open in about 4 weeks time eek!!

Finally, we have our little baby girl Savanna Rae on her way into our lives in January and we have not even begun to prepare!! So we’re going to be doing some household alterations for when she arrives J

Ok, gotta go. Work to do…

Sands xx