Sunday, 29 July 2007

Our baby!

Our baby was gorgeous!

It was posing like it was on the beach and at one point chewed it's hand. I was totally in love from word go!

Sands xx

The Strange Attachment to Pets...

Sandy Doherty-Bigara- Monday, 9 Jul
Exerpt taken from my pregnancy chats:

Hey there! My ultrasound app is on Friday 20th - very very excited - i just want to see my little bean again! the last time was a rushed emergency appointment so we couldn't really enjoy looking at he/she. my tum is getting bigger every day! I finally found another very cool lady cynthia who's tums is just like mine :)

I'm laughing to myself - i'm lying on my back on the couch typing on my laptop - the nice thing about my tum is it holds the laptop in place! It doesn't slide down :) Well, the curry fixation remains but ended up in second place to...PIZZA! oh my hat. my darling husband is so cute - he's always happy to go along with pregnancy cravings cos he always gets a share :) my little pet hamster died last night - she was such a cutie (the hamster, 6 birds, two fish tanks and two dogs were a sign that children were sorely needed...) we came home early from church and she was dying, I got to hold her poor thing.

Isn't it wierd how we become so attached to pets? I cried for an hour afterwards cos I didn't want my dogs to die of old age one day (they're 8 months old...hormones to blame??)

Sands xx

RIP Budgie and Hamster

Sandy Doherty-Bigara - Wednesday, 11 Jul
Exerpt taken from my pregnancy chats:

Hey there! You won't believe it! I came back from my friends house last night and my favourite budgie fell dead off her perch!! I was so shocked. I feel like the local morgue assistant.. our back garden is looking like a little graveyard!
First our hamster Crumpet and now Blublu??

Shame, she was cute too - I had 4 budgies. oh well. less noise :) I can't wait till next Friday’s appointment, its all so new still - I just want to see my little bean so badly! It'll be nice to know that everything is still going well. Today was my first day with no nausea! Amen sista :) AND... I ate vegetables last night!!
I haven't been able to even look at veggies for about 6 weeks now. I made the most wicked soup ever, with fresh white bread...yum. I felt so guilty my poor hubby told me that he's been sneaking out of bed to eat raw carrots at 2 in the morning :(
I knew it was time to feed the man some veg!

I've been so bored today - I'm producing the music for a childrens musical in September, 47 tracks eek. And today I sat for three hours doing all the vocal recordings - songs like winni the pooh -SCREAM. I'm so over these songs already and still have three months of rehearsals to go (ay ay ay) anyway...

Sands xx

Eating WAY too much

Sandy Doherty-Bigara fri 13 july
Exerpt taken from my pregnancy chats:

Yesterday was baaaad as far as food goes. I went to a restaurant with the old ladies (mom gran and aunt) and ordered a welsh rarebit (its a toasted bread with banana and bacon on top with a thick cheese sauce over it - then grilled till it's crispy yum!!) The waitress was winking her eye at me and smiling - when they brought the plate there was like three times as much as usual on the plate!!
I couldn't finish it all ( i tried tho ;) only afterwards the waitress told me that she knew me because i went there so often last year, and she told the kitchen staff that i was back and pregnant! so the chef made a triple order as a gift.
i nearly popped! After that we went to another restaurant and I had a huge scone with creamand jam. this thing was massive, like 10cm across! as long as my hand! I nearly died. My hub ate the left overs later at home :)
I got home and had some bread and then made a big pot of soup. Needless to say I was so uncomfortable last night, felt like a balloon. oh ya, we got all nesty and attacked our spare room throwing out so much stuff! now at least we can get inside it to start setting up for baby!

Sands xx

That Spider Adventure

Sandy Doherty-Bigara sat 14 july
Exerpt taken from my pregnancy chats:

Hey there, i'm feeling so terrible- I decided to cook cottage pie - mince with mashed potato on top grilled in the oven. Only problem is - I made chips the other day and one must've fallen under the grill cos the kitchen is filled with wierd smelling potato smoke! ugh. Hope I can eat dinner now :(
on a lighter note: I have had the best weekend ever! last night we went to my mad friend Cristine and her hub Ryans house up in the mountains - Botha's Hill (really cold!!)
we had a HUGE dinner and way to many choc brownies and then played some video games, I lost -shamefully - and blamed the pregnant porridge brains... well, we were all sitting around and in true africa style a HUGE spider came into the house. This thing was like half as long as my finger and covered in a fine blue fur, with red feet! we laughed cos it looked like a spiderman tarantula! well, you can imagine the drama of getting this thing out of the house!
I had my camera with me and i filmed the whole thing, it is possibly the funniest thing i've ever seen! Four adults screaming like babies. My friend Cristine threw it out of a plastic container and then thought that it landed back on her so she ran screaming back into the house, my pants fell down around my ankles (post-dinner unzipped...)her hubby fell over backwards and my man was as far away fromt the ''spider'' as he could be. it's so funny!
And then today I was a VIP guest at one of the hugest airshows in Africa, my dad is a pilot and airplane mechanic and owns an aviation business. It was so nice being spoiled with hectic catering and loads of free drinks (orange juice for me i'm afraid) I saw fighter jets screaming overhead and 747's flying so low I could see the pilot! My hub could't come so we were given VIP passes for tomorrow too :)
I even managed to eat a lamb bredie (soft yummy lamb with a thick juicy tomato based sauce - eaten by the cape-coloured people - a stunning dish.

Sands xx

Poor Little Tilapia

Sandy Doherty-Bigara - Saturday, 28 Jul
Exerpt taken from my pregnancy chats:

My friend Janelle told me that she ate a tasty tilapia... Poor little tilapia... let me tell you the story.......
once upon a time,... ok ok. i'll just tell it.

My hubb and I (when just married) had a fish tank and every few weeks we'de go to this forest place where there is a river and a lake to catch small shrimp and guppies to feed to our big fish as a treat. Well one week we came home and emptied the shrimpies etc into the tank and after a bit we noticed a reeeeeeeally wierd lookin one.

Seriously - it was just eyeballs and a tail. too cute :)
We didn't know what kind of fish it was and it was half the size of a finger nail so we thought - well if it survives we'll keep it. um,...ya. Lenny the fish grew to about two full hand lengths and just as wide, he turned out to be a red breasted Namibian Tillapia. He was GORGEOUS!
He was covered in Gold and green scales with a bright red tum and he was smarter than most dogs. He even played hide and seek in his big tank - he'd hide a blue marble (his fave) and then 'look' for it for ages. When he found it he'd act all surprised and swim around like a king with it sticking out of his mouth :) he also knew us by face and when we came home he'd go nuts all excited to see us. cute.

One day - I nearly freaked. He jumped out of the tank while we were out. we were gone for a few hours and when we came back he wasn't there. I just screamed and shut my eyes cos I didn't wanna see him dead. He was on the other side of the room on the floor STILL ALIVE! He lost almost all of his scales and looked like a hiroshima victim for a few months shame! apparently they can survive out of water for ages because they jump from pool to pool so have to flop around till they find one. He didn't find one in our lounge ;)
I loved that fish - he was a legend. we had to sell him though and he's now living in a sanctuary and doing well he's about 5kgs now! Ja, shame on you all my fish killin' friends !! :) oh yes, facebook.... just go to and sign up - it's really quick and then search for me Sandy Margetts Doherty-Bigara - i'll come up and you can see all of my photos of my house dogs etc. it is such fun! much better than myspace :) ok gotta go . bye!!!!

Sands xx

Friday, 6 July 2007


We have what you would call, a monkey infestation…they come when you are least expecting it and raid gardens, houses and kitchens while you hover petrified in your room…at least that’s what happens at other people houses...

At our home we are well equipped with anti-monkey apparel – namely: Fish tank gravel, some small stones, a knobkerrie (walking stick) and a school whistle. You see, monkeys are clever little imps and if you make your home an uncomfortable place to be then they will eventually start finding lesser prepared individuals to unleash their impish destructiveness upon…

This is how it usually goes…we hear a screeching monkey or hear the sound of rubbish bin lids clashing to the floor followed by the bellowing of our miniature Maltese/French and the psychotic screams of our fox terrier as they scramble to “catch-a-monkeys!”
My husband usually follows onto our porch running like a warrior with his wooden knobkerrie and a pocketful of gravel – the monkeys know him by now, and usually head off in every direction climbing trees, bushes, walls, flinging themselves into fresh air only to come crashing down into the nature reserve next door. He then slings a hand full of the small gravel at the wall or at a tree – the sound of the gravel frightens them and they disappear like smoke. We’ve had some really great laughs.

The Juvie (teen) monkeys are the best, they are so lanky and still don’t have any courage – they follow the whole monkey-see monkey-do adage and follow such predictable patterns of escape that if we were not law abiding citizens we could probably get rid of the lot in an hour of pot shooting!
The mothers and babies are sweet but possibly the most dangerous – mom’s don’t even think to attack if their young are in danger.
The big males are the most annoying, they think themselves to be gods of a sort and parade around looking back over their shoulders as though we are riffraff! I’ve found that the only way for me to get rid of them is to blow my whistle – the sound is very shrill and they don’t like the noise. If I try to throw things at them or run with the knobkerrie then they chase me!

So anyway, for now when they arrive in legions (usually when my husband is just gone out – don’t tell me they don’t watch us!) I just shut all the windows and blow my whistle at them from the back door. They must think I’m one hell’uv’a soprano ;)

Oh yes, and it's only two weeks to go till we have our second ultrasound - very excited to see our little bean again - hopefully it wont be sleeping this time :)

For now,

Sands xx