Tuesday, 10 January 2017

DIARY: First Day of School

Oh gosh. Already. Ok.

South African first-day-of-school photo deluge incoming!

Followed shortly by status posts warning about pedos.

Followed by warnings about posting photos of your child, their uniform, their school, and their drop off times. 

Followed by more emotionally motivated, badly taken photos, of mildy apprehensive crotchfruits in baggy uni's and too-big shoes.

"Thank goodness" we will all think smugly, as we scroll down our school coloured newsfeeds, "thank goodness OUR children don't look like these!"

Monday, 9 January 2017

HEALTH & FITNESS: Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Exercise

Exercises. You see a cool chart, I see the result: (numbered to match the numbers of the chart)

1) Dislocate kneecaps, feel wrist bones compressing into the hand bones. 

2) Dislocate pelvis and pubis bones.

3) Lower back spasm causing issues with leg movement whIle walking.

4) Shoulder spasm and spasm of the hips and sciatic area.

5) Entire lower back clicks and subluxiates from ribs to pelvis, cue sciatica and leg cramps. Also lying on the floor causes the back of the pelvis to move out of alignment - pain in coccyx and legs. Causes knees to move out of their place, causing foot cramps. 

#EDS #EDSAwareness Google "What is EDS?"

Thursday, 5 January 2017

DIARY: When I'm a Teenager Will I Hate You Mum?

"Mom, it's so weird that when I'm a teenager I'm going to treat you badly. It's sad because we're friends - but it's going to happen eventually."
"What will?"
"Well, I will be all mean to you all the time and you will make me embarrassed and stuff - why will I?"
"Well, let's just get one thing straight ok?"
"Pop culture tells you from the beginning that you will become nasty and mean and horrible towards me when you're a teenager right?"
"Yeah. It's everywhere"
"Well I will tell you now, you have a choice. You can choose to treat people well, or badly. You can choose to treat me badly now while you're 9, or when you are a teen."
"When you are a teenager your body is full of hormones and changes, and just like mommy gets PMS, you will sometimes feel grumpy. And if you say 'Mum I'm sorry, I'm so grumpy today' then I will probably make you a Milo, give you a cuddle and then give you heaps of space if you need it - and maybe even a chocolate."
"That sounds better to me..."
"...and if you make the decision to treat me badly.... Well, you're going to have a bad time."
"Well, do you know how hard it is to go out and have fun with your mates when you're broke? Or grounded and in trouble? And how much it sucks using the bus? It will be way better if I drop you off places etc and if you need money, or clothes and shoes I can help etc... But not if you're treating me badly. No way. Relationships and friendships don't work that way."
"So just remember, watch your mouth and attitude when dealing with your Mum. Because I'm the absolute best friend you will EVER have, I've got your back for the rest of my life, and if things go wrong you will ALWAYS be able to come straight to me."
"I like that better than the fighting thing..."
"I've known friends that never treated their mums badly. They were friends - actual good friends - with their mums and were happier. So let's leave it at that"

DIARY: Flying Roaches and the Leather Flip Flop

So something just happened. 

Sandy's point of view:
So Sav (almost 9) and I were hanging out in my room, snuggle time and time for and jokes and chilling. Suddenly I heard a click as a flying roach flew through the open window and wooden blinds... I thought it was a month. They're cute, right? So I was scared because it was a bit big and flying like a wasp on crack. 
Then it swooped over us and we both saw the body shape.   




Throwing sheets over our heads and then realising that it would land on us!!! 

I dove from the bed screaming for Francis to help.

He didn't.

I got out of the room and Sav slammed into me with the sheet still attached to her foot. All of the bedding and pillows were all over the place. I think Sav was connected to all of it somehow.

Francis ran away "looking for bug spray" while I pounced on it with my flip flop and dispatched of it forthwith.

Very regal.

Lots of cat moves. 

Managed to chuck the roach into the loo. 

Sheer horror. 

----    ----    ----    ----

Savanna's point of view:
I saw something big flying around the room. And I heard my mum jump out of the bed and scream.
So, I pulled the sheet over my head, and heard my mum open the door so I jumped out of the bed and my foot got tangled in the sheet! I pulled the sheet halfway across the room and my foot was caught in the pillow case as well... And I jumped out of the door and screamed.

My legs were shaking... A LOT!

Mom killed it.

Dad cowered in fear.

So did Kelsey.

...And me.

No more roaches please!!

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

BREAKING: Fiji Earthquake Tsunami Warning Issued

A 7.0 magnitude quake has hit Fiji. It was initially registered as being 7.2 but was downgraded.

The quake struck 10km deep, south west of the island nation of Fiji, approximately 227km away.

There is no threat to New Zealand

@NZcivildefence "There is no tsunami threat to New Zealand following the 7.2M earthquake south of Fiji at 10:53am NZ time." - Source: Twitter.

Photo source: www.easyvoyage.com 

Monday, 2 January 2017

SNAPCHAT: Doggo What!?

So we were bored.
We opened SnapChat and this cute dogger filter was there...
This happened.
(Warning: short clip)

DIET and LIFESTYLE: Sugar Free Sucks!

I am currently day 4 Sugar Free.
It's hell.
I come from a long line of diabetics, my Father and Grandmother both lost their legs due to diabetes and both died as a result of complications.
I like my feet.
I also eat a hell of a lot of sugar - I didn't realize it but I was increasing my sugar intake over time, only enjoying sweet things. I had made a huge effort to cut down on sugar in the year, but it slowly crept back up again.

I don't know if I will succeed but I have to give it a good go.

I am avoiding all added sugar (by me into coffees etc) and all sugary products (treats, sweets, puddings) but I am still eating regular food which does sometimes have added sugars. 
I am not looking for recipes. 
I am not looking for links to websites that will tell me what to do. 
Thanks though xx 

Day 1
This was Exhaustion day - I felt really tired and heavy the entire day, spent most of my time lying down.

Day 2
This was the Hallucination day - literally tasting condensed milk in my mouth and standing in front of the pantry gripping the door like some Revenant Vampirical Sugar Demon.

Day 3
This was Headache day - pounding headache in my skull and down my neck. I managed to get out of bed by lunch time and had a nice evening out with the family. Headache didn't go. Noticed that I was more alert when we got home. Like the fog had started to lift. Oh yes, I dropped a STACK of fluid retention. I kid you not - three loo trips per hour - for two hours - busting to go!

Day 4
This is Headache but no Cravings day - my head still feels like it's about to crack open. But I am feeling more energetic and thinking clearly (headache is not helping with this!) I am also as gumpy as fuck.
Still dropping fluids.
On the plus side, my right hand ring finger which has been all arthritic and stiff since August... is about 50% better. 50% less painful. More flexibility. I'm feeling hopeful!

They say the first week is the worst and that it's easy after that.
3 days to go...

In the meantime, I'm going to be grumpy and watch Netflix because I'm on holiday. Also, I will probably think a lot about the chocolate cupcakes I'm not baking and the Nutella I'm not licking off a spoon.

Sugar Free Sucks but it's worth it.

UPDATE: Still Day 4 - Headache is back and worse than before *crying emoji*

Worth a read:

SOCIAL MEDIA: Unfollowing the Racists

This is the year that I continue my unfollowing of people with backwards racist agendas. 

If you are black and stir up racist arguments on Facebook (under the guise of emancipation from "whiteness") even if I love you with all of my heart, I'm unfollowing. If it's really bad, I'm blocking. 

The concept of white vs black is a political and social engineering agenda being played out in Africa and in the USA/UK. 
A people united are a people that government cannot control. 
I will not take part. 
The ONLY way forward is in unity, understanding and tolerance. 

Let me tell you why.

I love and support and believe in ALL of my black brothers and sisters, and I won't let a few racist black people paint you all as weak, inferior or broken in some way, you are KINGS and QUEENS of Africa - you have major challenges to face (as some of you have told me) but you have to navigate through 2017+++ as black legends. There is no one who can do that but you. 

You are artists, businessmen, entrepreneurs, writers, bloggers, photographers, politicians, choreographers, videographers and more. You have Africa in your hands and a big challenge to go with it. 

Forget these brother and sister fools who make you feel angry and useless and inferior.
(I notice that a lot of them are considered to be higy successful, with ties to government...)  Because you are not useless, and you are not Inferior.  
No way.
You are unique, and powerful. 

I love you and believe in your efforts. 
I cheer your successes and I cry when you struggle. 

Start unfollowing people who spew hatred, anger, racial divide and frustration onto your timeline just to get comments and "debates"  

Visualise where you NEED to be and go for it. 

Don't let them steal your thunder.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

JANUARY LINEUP: Sandy Bigara Performances

4th January : 10am (Traditional Jazz & Classical) 
Busking: All that Jazz
Imperial Mall

6th January : 11am (Traditional Jazz & Classical) 
Busking: All that Jazz
Avoca Main Road

10 & 11th January : 1 - 3pm (Storytelling & Music/Drama Workshop)
The Rhythm Hut - Singa-Little-Longa

15th January : 4 - 7pm FREE (Host/MC, Stand Up Comedy, STARVIKING)
Gosford Regional Gallery

17th January (Djembe Drumming for Children) 
Djembe Drums with WOOSH Holiday care

18th January (Djembe Drumming for Children)
Djembe Drums with CHOOSH Holiday care

18th January : 10am (Children's Music and Entertainment)
Erina Fair - Summer Festival (Kids)

19th January ((Djembe Drumming for Children)
Djembe CHOOSH & WOOSH Holiday care

20th January : 11am (Children's Music and Entertainment)
Erina Fair - Summer Festival (Kids)

SHOWBIZ: Mariah Carey New Years Eve Disaster!

The most common commentary:
"Wow, pretty embarrassing! She wasn't even trying. Also what's with not being able to walk down the stair? She had to be held by 2 guys and carried down. She became too big of a diva. Mariah, just know there is competition left to right unless you want to become a washed up has-been." - Agnes Majeed

The least common commentary:
"Her monitors weren't working so she couldn't hear herself. You try singing without any audio feedback and not being able to hear yourself. It won't be pretty." - Adam Hempy


As a performer with over 20 years experience, it is horrifying how people with ZERO experience on stage, are suddenly accusing her of LIP SYNCHING... Um...

 I have to speak up, as a singer myself, She was set to sing live, there are always vocals playing faintly to help the singer track the songs progress (I have the same settings) the sound technician fucked up BADLY and she had zero monitors on stage - she couldn't hear anything, only the key of the music but not where it was in the song. 

You see how every now and then she is able to find where the song is due to the tracking vocals? - she tries to pick it up but really can't hear the music. 

It's a NIGHTMARE for singers. 

Horrid horrid. 

This kind of scenario is what makes me so nervous of events where I don't control the sound. It's why there is a strong chance that I will perform at my own independent shows almost like a club dj - with my sound desk set up near me. 

We can rehearse and work so hard for months leading up to a performance, only to have it all messed up by a sound or technical issue. 

Also, as a composer, with my electronica music, I choose to have multiple layers of my voice singing with me in the track, I create a "choir" with harmonies, doubled vocals etc. My on stage character is not 'human' and so she creates a host of vocals at once.

Will people have a hissy fit and accuse my creative style of being a lip synch? Utter rubbish. Let professional performers style their back tracks as they please. 

Mariah Carey was given an impossible task. To sing a medley on stage, with a roaring crowd and ZERO monitors. 

She couldn't hear the music. 

End of story.

(Picture Source: http://tvline.com)